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hf ullmann is a brand of Langenscheidt. Company develops lavishly illustrated books, which are published in up to 15 languages and distributed in more than 60 countries. hf ullmann has headquarters in Potsdam and offices in Madrid and Paris, and represented internationally.
The titles include subjects such as knowledge, enjoyment, nature, environment, the eating, drinking, lifestyle, architecture, art and photography. hf ullmann offers to its reader the fascinating world of images with great content.

Introducing selected titles:

Designer Apartments, hf ullmann Designer Apartments by hf ullmann published in 2007. Today’s design and contemporary architecture are able to create great living environments for leisure and rest. Aesthetics integrate with pragmatic solutions. As a result, we end with exclusive designs in conditions of restricted space. This fully illustrated with wonderful photographs, oversized book (800 pages) included unique collection of apartments’ designs that can satisfy the most exclusive and demanding taste. This comprehensive source of information and practical solutions is for you, if you are panning to get an apartment that meet the top standards,. Sold in a stylish case, this deluxe edition also will be a great gift for any occasion.
Vivre dans une boite, et quelle boite ! L’architecture contemporaine et le design ont releve le defi de transformer les espaces de vie en un enironnment excitant qui soit a la fois une fenetre sur le monde et un lieu de repos et de loisirs. L’elegance rencontre alors la diversite et l’esthetique s’appuie sur des solutions pragmatiques pour offrir une remarquable symbiose entre espace urban et décor modern.

Design Destinations Worldwide,hf ullmannDesign Destinations Worldwide by Joachim Fischer published by hf ullmann in 2008 (in four languages). This deluxe edition depicts in essence the most exclusive places in the world. Fully illustrated with photographs of highest quality, it introduces readers the best clubs, finest spas, most splendid resorts, fascinating shops, coolest squares, and newest museums. Author Joachim Fischer invites you to Barcelona and Beirut, Berlin and Tokyo, Maldives and New York. He offers the best you can find and experience worldwide. Sold in a beautiful and stylish cardboard case, this book is a great gift item.
Le nec plus ultra de la thalassotherapie a Bangkok, le plus bel hotel des Maldives, le club le plus branche de Beyrouth, l’hotel new-yorkais le plus en vogue, l’incontournable boutique parisienne, le meilleur restaurant de Berlin, le tout nouveau musee de Tokyo, le lieu le plus cool de Barcelone: Design destinations Worldwide presente des destinations de reve et les lieu les plus apprecies de ce monde.

Animal Life, h f ullmannAnimal Life: An Intimate Journey Into the Animal World
by Heidi & Hans-Jurgen Koch (Text by Martin Rasper) published by h.f. ullmann in 2008. One of the first to formulate a sympathetic attitude to animals, the Persian religious leader Zarathustra took a vehement stand against the animal sacrifices customary in his days. Since then, all religions have propounded a creation in which man and animal have their place, even if the elevated role of the human race has been misused to treat animals as not living creatures. Alfred Brehm insisted on his right to feel emotions toward animals and show empathy to them. This fully-illustrated, deluxe edition authoritatively and accessibly describes the many facets of animal life and the complex relationship between humans and animals. This fabulous, coffee-table title could be a great addition to your home or office library, and enjoyable from both educational and entertaining points of view. Heidi and Hans-Jurgen Koch are the Award-winning internationally recognized animal photographers. Their work was published around the world in leading magazines such as Stern, Geo, National Geographic, and other. Martin Rasper is a geologist by training, and has made a name for himself with texts in which science and culture fearlessly encounter each other.

Thinkerrs Of the Jungle, hf ullmannThinkers of the Jungle: The Orangutan Report, Pictures, Facts, Background by Gerd Schuster, Willie Smits, Jay Ullal published by hf ullmann in 2008. Genetically, orangutans are about 97% identical with us. These animals are intelligent, thoughtful, and inventive; they also possess culture and a sense of beauty. This fully-illustrated with color photographs account explores an unusual portrait of orangutan, it supported by personal experiences of Dr. Willie Smith, one of the leading world authority on orangutan. The shocking message of this book: almost nothing is being done to protect these endangered creatures. Gerd Schuster is a science reporter for the German weekly, “Stern.” He worked for the Washington Post” in London, the Reuters news in Bonn, and “nature” in Munich. Willie Smits is a guardian of orangutan. He formed the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) which saved lives of more that 1500 of these creatures. Jay Ullal is photographer, who did legendary photographs and worked for “Constanze” (Hamburg) an “Stern.”

European Garden Design: From Classical Antiquity to the Present Day by Rolf Toman published by fh ullmann in 2008. Author see the garden as an idyllic place of peace, which symbolizes a paradise in its golden age, perfection, hopes and longings. Fully illustrated with fabulous photographs, this deluxe account is an educational and entertaining at the same time. This book explores all facets of Occidental gardens in depth range from contemporary to antiquity. Author focuses on the Arab gardens of Spain, the garden landscapes of the baroque period in Europe and of the Renaissance.

Botanica, ullmannBotanica: The Illustrated A-Z of Over 10,000 Garden Plants and How to Cultivate Them published by hf ullmann in 2004. This over-sized, greatly illustrated book is a comprehensive guide to more than 10,000 plants, representatives of all the major plant's groups. This guide includes three sections. 1st contains an information on gardening and growing plants and map with details on zones for the country. 2nd section is made up of the A to Z of the plants, and this is the most important part of the book. 3rd section is made of useful and interesting reference material. Based on contributions from international experts, this important book is a reliable companion for the botanist and the hobby gardener, it contains all the information necessary for successful gardening, including all aspects of it. The major plant groups included in this book: annuals and perennials, bulbs, corms and tubers, cacti and succulents, ferns, palms and cycads, fruit and nut trees, indoor plants, lawns and ground covers, orchids, shrubs, trees, vegetables and herbs.

Roses, hf ullmannBotanica Pocket Roses (Botanica's Pocket) published by HF ULLMANN (editor). This important for every gardener and nature lover book contains more than 2,000 descriptions of plants. Fully illustrated with color photographs, every description gives information on location, origins, blooming times, planting and more. This book is a fascinating guide in to the world of roses, both entertaining and educational at the same time.

Neoclassicism and Romantism: Architecture, Sculpture, paintingNeoclassicism and Romanticism: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting by Rolf Toman (Editor) and M. Bassler A. Bednorz, M. Bollen and F. Monheim (Photographs) published by ullmann & konemann in 2006. In the Neoclassical and Romantic periods, the fine arts were deeply rooted in the traditions of thought of the Modern Age. The social changes and Industrial Revolution affected the history of architecture in many ways. From this oversized, illustrated with fabulous photographs book you will learn about Neoclassical and Romantic architecture in Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, Holland and Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, in USA and Russia. Photographs are accompanied with text that offers a detailed explanation of movements and buildings, their history and interesting facts. Also, you will enjoy illustrations - photographs of Neoclassical sculptures and paintings accompanied with detailed information on sculptors and artists. Over 500 pages, this deluxe book is a great presentation of Neoclassical and Romanticism movements. It will be a great addition to every sophisticated reader’s library or a every demanding coffee table collection.

Baroque: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, hf ullmannBaroque: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting by Rolf Toman (Editor) and Achim Bednorz (Photos) published by ullmann & konemann in 2004. The metaphor of “the world as a stage” was prevalent throughout the baroque period. The fine arts and performing arts have served two clear functions. These arts were designed to impress and dazzle, while communicating their specific ideology. Baroque art trends to make a sensual appeal to the viewer with its illusionist devices and theatrical pathos, and the interplay of different forms. This important account offers the historical details on architecture in Italy from the early Baroque to the Early Neo-Classical Period, on Baroque architecture in Spain, Portugal, France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Eastern Europe. Reader will enjoy photographs of Baroque sculpture and painting, and text that will guide reader through art history. also, this book included a Glossary and Bibliography sections. Approximately 450 illustration with text offers an unforgettable journey through the history of Baroque period.

Gothic: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, hf UllmannGothic: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting by Rolf Toman (editor) and Achim Bednorz (photographer) published by ullmann & konemann in 2007. A work of the highest artistic achievement, the choir harmoniously integrated the elements and motifs we now consider as Gothic. The building of the choir should not be seen in isolation - it was part of political, social, and philosophical developments. Something solid is being removed from natural surrounding in Gothic architecture. Art history, which was just emerging as a discipline, quickly established that Gothic especially cathedral, was one of the original achievements of Germany’s arch-enemy of the time, France, even it has long history in Germany. No doubts, Gothic is a high point of European art. And this illustrated with stunning photographs and drawings edition explores the history of Gothic with all important details. Reader will find here the historical information on Gothic’s political and architectural background, on Gothic as a French export, on Gothic in Italy, England, Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Portugal... Book's contributors offer their characteristics of Gothic painting and sculpture and discuss its formal aspects.

Architecture Compact: Colour, hf ullmannArchitecture Compact: Colour by Barbara Linz published by hf ullmann 2010. Color has immediate effect and speaks to emotions. Color theory and the science of colors as the psychology of colors, are themes Western architecture has embraced since the 20th century. Color is a structural phenomenon. This book explores the most beautiful and important schemes in international architecture of the past decades. It presents 40 projects and focuses on the pragmatic aspect of buildings and relates it to design. Illustrated with color photographs, this volumes studies buildings with their materials, exploring subject of painted-on color and substantial color, and bring to the life the wide range aspects that define modern building.


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