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With more than 200 million books in print (which is more than 1,600 titles), For Dummies is the widely recognized and highly regarded references. Since 1991, For Dummies has helped millions make everything easier. Visit For Dummies website at www.dummies.com.

Introducingg selected titles:

US Constitution For Dummies, WileyUS Constitution for Dummies by Dr. Michael Arnheim published by Wiley in 2009. With this book you will learn to trace the evolution of the Constitution, discern what each of the 7 articles means, understand Constitutional amendments, and recognize the power of the US Supreme Court. Maybe you are afraid the Constitution isn’t really that interesting. It is a never-ending source of interesting debates and arguments! This book explains the Constitution simply and thoroughly, including the controversy it evokes, it covers the entire Constitution. This important book will walk you through the revered document - Constitution, explaining how articles and amendments came to be and how they have guided legislators. Dr. Michael Arnheim is a practicing barrister, mediator, and academic. Also he is the author of a text on British constitutional law. He consults with various US firms.

Home Buying For Dunnies, WileyHome Buying for Dummies (4th Ed.) by Eric Tyson, MBA and Ray Brown published by Wiley in 2009. With this educational book you will learn how to find the right homn today, how to obtain a mortgage and negotiate your best deal, how to improve your credit scor. If you concerned about market or have a fear, this guide will help you with time-tested advice and updated strategies on home-buying. This new edition included expanded coverage to help homebuyers take advantage of low home prices, understand the subprime mortgage crisis, obtain a mortgage, and much more Eric Tyson, MBA, is a financial counselor and the author of bestselling books on finance. Ray Brown is a real estate professional for more than 30 years.

QuickBooks 2009 For Dummies, WileyQuickBooks 2009 for Dummies by Stephen L Nelson, MBA, CPA, published by Wiley in 2009.Running a small business is one of the great things a person can do. With QuickBooks 2009, reader will learn to succeed in setting up and using QuickBooks; record sales receipts, create invoices and credit memos, and set up inventory items; record and pay bills, print checks, and process payroll; balance accounts and generate financial reports. This edition will help you to make business of bookkeeping easy, and gives you what you need to get going. Sometimes an environment is dangerous, but sometimes it gives you an opportunity to make tons of money… The purpose of this book is to make it easier for you to run or work in a small business. Stephen L. Nelson, MBA, CPA provides accounting, business advisory, tax planning, and tax preparation services to small businesses.

ASVAB FOR DUMMIES, WileyASVAB for Dummies: A Reference for the Rest of US! (2nd Ed.) by Rod Powers and Jennifer Lawler published by Wiley in 2007. New and updated, this is your tactical guide to improving your score and passing the ASVAB with flying colors. It features four full-length practice tests. Perhaps it’s been your lifelong dream to drive a tank, fire machine gun, or blow things up (legally). Then you should join the US military. The ASVAB is the test that covers standard academic areas, such as math, mechanics, electronics, science, and assembling objects. Rod Powers is a recognized expert in all US military matters, he serves as military guide for About.com. Jennifer Lawler developed the curriculum and taught test-preparation classes.

Algebra Workbook for Dummiew, WileyAlgebra Workbook for Dummies by Mary Jane Sterling published by Wiley in 2005. It includes practice on hundreds of Algebra l-level problems and review key algebra concepts. With this book you will get complete answer explanations for all problems plus free eTips at dummies.com. This book is your opportunity too show what you can do in algebra, you will see here plenty of road signs that clearly mark the way, as you proceed through. It organized from the basic concepts and properties to the more complex. Mary Jane Sterling has been mathematics teacher for more than 30 years.


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