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Introducing selected titles:

Ceramics, WadsworthCeramics: A Potter's Handbook, 6th Edition by Glenn C. Nelson and Richard Burkett published by Wadsworth in 2002. This classic handbook offers to reader the fundamentals of the ceramic arts, and begins with a comprehensive history of materials, practices, techniques. Reader will find here a presentation of ceramic techniques from the basic to the complex. This edition has been thoroughly updated to incorporate many resources and materials available to ceramists. The most current techniques and technical and safety information is available in an easy-to-read manner is this fully-illustrated, important account which will be a great addition to your art library.

Color Basics by Stephen Pentak and Richard Roth published by WADSWORTH in 2004. This engaging visual
Color Basics, 1st Edition
resource presents a wide array of color concepts for the artist and designer, and includes high quality, full-color images and photos, carefully selected to show the best of the topics. This title is an important and essential reference and a hands-on manual for applying concepts.
The color works in all ways on our senses and imagination. Color enriches and complicates our experience and communication, it is a visual experience but is attributed to musical instruments and thoughts. Our emotions also are labeled by color. The author employ in this book a unique module to give instructors the freedom to sequence the courses to fit their teaching and learning preferences. The Color Basics is effectively connecting theory and practice and is a wonderful guide into world of the Color.

Photography: The Concise Guide by Bruce Warren published by Wadsworth in 2002. This book informative title step-by-step photo sequences and concise text, shows how to execute special techniques and photography processes and Xusing actual equipment and materials.
You will find there numerous high-quality full-color and duotone reproductions of works by well known photographers. Also, this title offers a guidelines to beginners.
Author explores a history of photography, he addresses technical, functional, and aesthetic issues, from the first photographs to the evolution of modern film processes and today. Reader will learn how to turn his/her enthusiasm into fabulous photographs.



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