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Ukrainian Museum - NeoPopRealism JournalUkrainian Museum is a great place that will help you discover the wonderful heritage of Ukrainian culture. Museum located in New York City, the "international capital" of the arts, the Museum concerns itself with the Ukrainian experience, past (such as the Ukrainian folk) and present (such as NeoPopRealism art works by Ukrainian-born artist Nadia Russ, who now lives in USA.) In the Museum the emphasis is on the cultural legacy of a people whose thousand year journey through history abounds with grand, dramatic & exciting events, as well as extraordinary accomplishments and achievements. Museum has the remarkable scope and diversity of the Ukrainian culture's artifacts.

There you can enjoy the exhibitions, the various programs, activities, which are designed to educate, motivate to further exploration and learning, as well as entertain. You can bring your children, grandchildren, family and friends and show them your roots. You are invited to become a member of THE UKRAINIAN MUSEUM and establish roots with an institution that celebrates your heritage. As its member you will enjoy many privileges, but the best one will be-finding your way home. Museum located at 222 east 6th Street, NYC, ph.: 212-228-0110.


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