Twelve was established in August 2005 with objective of publishing no more than one book per month.

Twelve strives to publish the singular book, by authors who have a unique perspective and compelling authority. Works that explain our culture; that illuminate, provoke, entertain and inspire.

Twelve seeks to establish communities of conversation surrounding its books, because authors deserve attention not only from publishers but from readers as well. To sell the book is only the beginning of Twelve's mission.

To build avid audiences of readers who are enriched by these works -- this is Twelve's ultimate purpose.
Introducing selected titles:

Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle by Dan Senor and Saul Singer published by Twelve in 2009. The Israel’s economy has grown faster than the average for the developed economies of the world in most years since 1995. Even the wars Israel has repeatedly fought have not slowed the country down. After the U.S., Israel has more companies listed on the NASDAQ than any other country in the world, including India, CHINA, Korea, Singapore, and Ireland. Israel is the world leader in the percentage of the economy that is spent on research and development. In 2008, per capita venture capital investments in Israel were 2.5 times greater than in the U.S., more than 30 times greater than in Europe, 80 times greater than China, and 350 times greater than in India. Israel, a country of 7.1 million people, attracted close to $2 billon in venture capital. . . This title is about innovation and entrepreneurship, and how one small country came to embody both; about the ecosystem that generates radically new business ideas. You will find both an exploration and argument. The authors examine culture and history, and use stories of companies to find out where all this creative energy came from and the forms in which it is expressed.

Twelve - NeoPopRealism JournalGod Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens is the National Book Award Nominee.
God Is Not Great first published by TWELVE in 2007. In 19 chapters of this title Christopher Hitchens tells the unique story of his own encounters with religion. This author describes his intellectual journey toward a secular view of life based on reason and science. "God did not make us," Hitchens writes. "We made God."
Christopher Hitchens is a contributing editor to Vanity Fair. He is a visiting professor of liberal studies at the New School. Hitchens is a great journalist and the author of numerous books. In God Is Not Great he makes the ultimate case against religion through a close reading of the major religious texts...

ZOOM by Iain Carson and Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran first published by Twelve in 2007. This title is about global race to fuel the car of the future. Iain Twelve - NeoPopRealism JournalCarson and Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran are correspondents for the Economist. As political debates an energy, economic future, and environmental, this book offers a lucid and visionary portrait of what that future can be. "The age of mankind have been classified by the materials they use - the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Age of Silicon. We are at the dawn of the Hydrogen Age...". "... George Bush and the big car manufacturers have crowned fuel cells as the long - awaited replacement for the internal-combustion engine, but the date of commercialization for those automotive fuel cells somehow keeps slipping just beyond the horizon." It is the book Introduction.
In present times people seeking environmentally sound alternatives to gas guzzlers. Oil companies, despite their billion-dollar profits, could be on the brink of extinction. Iain Carson and Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran wrote very important book. This book reflects new millennium needs and stimulates to exciting ride into the future using other fuels...

In 2008 Twelve published the following titles: The Geography Of Bliss by Eric Weiner, Commission by Philip Shenen, Microtrends by Mark J. Penn with E. Kinney Zalesne...
Twelve - NeoPopRealism JournalIn the Microtrends Mark J. Penn writes about the small forces that lie behind the tomorrow's big changes. He analyses such spheres of contemporary life in America as love, sex, relationships. He writes about gay-lesbian communities, online dating, work life, stay-at-home workers, wordy women, who is on the verge of taking over world-based professions, like journalism, law, marketing & communications. Penn writes about ardent Amazons, pro-Semites, Protestant Hispanics, moderate Muslims, health and wellness... much more. Mark Penn and E. Kinney Zalesne write about older women who date younger men, that now became downright ordinary... They draw pictures of the contemporary life with ease, language is simple, ideas are clear & supported with numbers. America now is collection of communities with many lifestyles and tastes. Penn shows readers how to identify the microtrends that can transform a business enterprise, or change your life to better. Mark J. Penn is the world-wide CEO of Burson-Marsteller and Chief adviser to Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. E. Kinney Zalesne served as a White House Fellow, counsel to US Attorney General Janet Reno, and executive vice president and president of two national social-change organizations.

Commissions by P. Shenon first published by Twelve in 2008. It is the history of the 9/11 investigation. In the Commission P. Shenon describes the Twelve - NeoPopRealism Journalfacts surrounding 9/11, 2001. This book shows that events of 9/11 could be avoided, and how Washington works. This fascinating and groundbreaking title is about the battles over information, the secrets of intelligence, manipulations of politicians... Author writes about the secret relationship between Karl Rove and the executive director of the Commission; how the Commission was used to justify the invasion of Iraq; why former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger smuggled... confidential documents out of the National Archives; how FBI director Robert Mueller convinced the Commission not to recommend an end to the agency's authority over domestic terrorism cases; about the Bush administration's efforts to destroy the credibility of Richard Clarke during his testimony before the Commission; how the Commission discovered president Clinton's secret order to kill Osama bin Laden... Philip Shenon is a New York Times journalist, where he has worked since 1981. P. Shenon has reported for the New York Times from scores of countries across 6 continents. He also was leading reporter on the investigation of the 9/11 Commission. He has held several of the most important assignments in the Washington Bureau... The Commission is his first book.


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