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News from CRC Press, Pan Stanford Publishing and Whittles

Managing Country Risk, CRC PressManaging Country Risk: A Practitioner’s Guide to Effective Cross-Border Risk Analysis by Daniel Wagner published by CRC Press in 2012. If the world was considered mysterious in 1915, the Arab Spring was indicative of how political change in the second decade of the 21st century could be characterized as evolutionary. It is no longer so easy to define one’s allegiance or to identify with a single country or stain of political thought. The politics and economy hve been changed by globalization, interconnectedness, social media, and the age of instant communication. Understanding why the Arab Spring erupted is important because many dynamics were at play, because no one accurately predicted how or when such upheaval would occur. This book is about how to identify and manage the plethora of risks associated with conducting business and how to think outside the box. This account will teach about country risk management and will help your organization become smarter about how it does business abroad and enhances its ability to make a profit, contributing to development, job creation, and improving lives of people worldwide. Daniel Wagner is the founder and CEO of Country Risk Solutions, a cross-border risk consultancy based in Connecticut, and Director of Global Strategy with Political Risk Services.
Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, Pan Stanford PublishingOrganic Light-Emitting Diodes: The Use of Rare-Earth and Transition Metals by Luiz Pereira published by Pan Stanford Publishing/CRC in 2012. The main part of this book is devoted to the application of RE and TM complexes in the fabric of a new class of organic light emitters. The world of organic light-emitting diodes represents one of the most interesting areas of scientific research in the field of optoelectronic devices. This account focuses on the two major areas of OLEDs that are becoming more and more important. It offers a concise description of the basic routes for RE and TM complexes, interfacing with the field of chemistry, the information on metallo-organic complexes and their specific applications, the comprehensive schemes and figures, much more. Many explanations that are given focus into a general model that will be extended to specific experimental cases with references for the similar ones. This book will be useful to researchers, scientists, students. Luiz Pereira is an assistant professor at the University of Aveiro and a member of the Scientific Coordination Council of the Center for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials, Portugal.
High Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery, WhittleHigh Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery by Jan Dowman, Karsten Jacobsen, Gottfried Konecny, & Rainer Sandau published by Whittles/CRC in 2012. The definition of “high resolution” is not universally agreed. Stereoscopic images are acquired and the data is used photogram metrically, particularly for digital elevation model generation. SPOT images with 10 m GSD are among the most widely used, and established the interest in the use of stereoscopic images from space. This account explains the way in which high resolution imagery is obtained and the issues which surround its collection and use. It is the only comprehensive text on the subject and is intended to students, anyone working in map production and scientists working in fields other than mapping. This book deals with the fundamentals of mapping from imagery. Its chapters cover calibration, sensor models and the methods of detecting the orientation elements and extracting coordinates from the images, rigorous orientation, use of rational polynomial coefficients and approximate methods. Ian Dowman is retired from UCL but continues to teach and have an active interest in international affairs. Dr. Karsen Jacobsen is retired as Academic Director of Institute of Photogrammetry and GeoInformation, Leibniz University Hannover. He is a leading authority on modeling and processing satellite images. Professor Gottfried Konecny is is well known as a research scientist and educator. He has four Honorary Doctorates and has led and been involved in many mapping space projects. Dr.-Ing. habil. Rainer Sandau is retired from the German Aerospace Center and acts currently in numerous positions including adjunct Professor of Baylor University, Texas, more.

New Titles from McGraw-Hill/ Irwin

M Communications, McGraw Hill / IrwinM: Business Communication (2nd ed) by Flatley, Rentz, and Lentz published by McGraw-Hill/Irwin in 2012. The work in business involves communication, because communication is an essential part of the work of business. Business want and need people with good communication skills. If you perform and communicate well, you are likely to be rewarded with advancement. Every business, even a one-person business, is an economic and social system. To produce and sell goods and services, any business must coordinate the activities of many groups of people, suppliers, customers, legal advisers, representatives, government agencies that might be involved, others. This book explains why communication skills are critical and introduce you to the business communication in 21st century. Also, much of this book focuses on writing in business. You will learn how to choose and employer to avoid conflicts, will learn about the business etiquette, how to regain lost confidence, more. Written by experts, this books is your one step guide that will tech all you need to know to be successful in your business.
Macroeconomics, 19 ed, McGraw-Hill/IrwinMacroeconomics (19 ed) by McConnell, Brue, and Flynn published by McGraw-Hill/Irwin in 2012. This best-selling economics book has been adapted into Canadian and Australian editions and translated into many languages, it meets the market test. Authors have three main goals for this book: help master the principles essential or understanding the economizing problems and policy alternatives; help understand and apply the economic perspective and reason accurately and objectively; promote interest in economics and economy. This edition mainly focused on incorporating into the new macroeconomic schema analysis of the recession, financial crisis, and the hesitant recovery. The authors introduce the recession, then, they point out that the main flows in the National Income and Product Accounts usually expand over time, but not always. This edition refers and discusses many current topics, such for example as the cost of the war in Iraq. Also, authors give the principles and institutions of the global economy extensive treatment. This account introduces the role of government, discusses public goods and policies toward externalities. For many, the macro chapters on fiscal and monetary policy are where the action is centered. This book is student-oriented, it is accompanied by variety of high-quality supplements that help students master the subject and help instructors implement customized courses. Campbell R. McConnell is co-author and editor, he is president of the Midwest Economics Association and is a recipient of teacher’s awards. Stanley L. Brue has serve as national president and chair of the Board of Trustees of Omicron Delta Epsilon International Economics Honorary, more. Sean M. Flynn teaches at Scripps College and is the author and co-author.

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