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Eventually There Is Some Common Sense & Hopefully It (Common Sense) Will Be Contagious: Florida Sheriff Bill WoodsBanned Face Masks

August 12, 2020. A Florida sheriff has banned his employees and visitors of his offices from wearing the masks. He is obviously a clever and courageous man, who is not afraid to go against the carbon-hungry mainstream. The playdemic is almost over, and it is time to change the game rules. On August 11,Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods wrote in an email to employees that there would be some exceptions, that include courthouses, jails, hospitals, and schools. However, the masks should not be worn by on-duty employees at any other time, Woods said. He also said that any person who walks into any of their offices and lobbies wearing a mask would be asked to remove it.

Belarus' President Lukashenko Called Covid-19 'Psychosis' - And He Was Right

Alexander Lukashenko - Covid-19 Rebel - WinnerJuly 31, 2020. Recently, Belarus' President and coronavirus pandemic rebel Lukashenko, 65, has also caught the Covid-19 himself. During a visit to a military base, he called himself "a person who managed to power through coronavirus standing on his feet", according to Belta. Lukashenko also said that 97% of the people go through this illness without symptoms and thank God he has managed to get into this group of asymptomatic people. He previously said that coronavirus is the mass' "psychosis" and recommended citizens of his country to enjoy a traditional sauna or drink vodka "to poison the virus." This is what he was doing himself and was well prepared! He has been widely criticized for refusing and avoiding in his country the coronavirus restrictions during so-called "pandemic" but the pattern of his behavior appeared to be right. Belarus population is about the same with population of New York. However, New York suffered from the Covid-19 so much more than Belarus. By July 31st, 2020, in Belarus only 559 deaths from the coronavirus took place (, while in New York - 32,754 died during same period of time
( Mr Cuomo, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx might need to take a flight to Belarus to learn how to deal with the Covid-19 from Alexander Lukashenko.

Happy Birthday to You, Mr. President Trump

June 14, 2020, D.J. Trump is 74. Watch this Youtube humorous greeting card created by the Current NeoPopRealim TV, where Joe Biden signing to Donald Trump the Marilyn Monroe's song "Happy Birthday to You, Mr. President!"
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