This Month Featured Article, June 2019

President DJ Trump Re-Election 2020 Campaign Has Began

"...The swamp is fighting back so viciously and violently. For the last two and a half years, we have been under siege,” Trump said. Thousands of Trump's supporters arrived more than 40 hours prior his speechdespite sweltering heatto reserve a spot in the Amway Center. Some had been camped in chairs for many nights.

Orlando's Amway Center arena, President Trump re-election campaign rally' full speech:

Shaman Alexander from Yakutia Goes on Foot Through the Whole Russia to Moscow with a Purpose to Kick Out Putin from Kremlin

06.14.2019. Shaman fighter Alexander from Siberia said that the meaning of his walk through the whole Russia to Moscow despite the rain or snow is to make the Russian Federation young, new and open for the whole world. He wantsto free Russia from the eviland he is praying for the sake of the bright future. He invites the people to join him in his trip.

Alexander Gabyshev Shaman 2019Shaman Alexander Gabyshev, 51, wants to see his country and the whole world prosperous and happy. He believes that the young people worldwide would be able to build the new society without dictators, corruption and bad politics. He wants equality for the whole world population. This is how he sees globalization - no surveillance, no prisons, no corrupt dictators, no Queens, no leaders like Putin and Medvedev who don't want leave Kremlin possessing the absolute power in Russian Federation for 19 years and pushing country from the cliff. Alexander wants President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev to go away and he plans to reach Moscow in 2 years. He wants to bring the changein Russia and in consciousness of the people. Alexander said that he urges enthusiasts to join him by car or as he, with the cart and a tent. (All video interviews are in Russian).


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