Spring Tree Press

The Spring Tree Press established in 2006. The Spring Tree Press dedicated to publishing quality books for young readers and children of all ages. This small press company located in NJ.

The Magic Gown (2007) written and illustrated by award winning author and artist JL Kimmel. It has 144 pages with more than 50 color illustrations and art. The Magic Gown written for children of the age 8-12.

Doroty is now Lilly Segovia in the "Land of Ten Kings and Roses," from JL Kimmel's The Magic Gown. She is not in Kansas any more. Moving day for eleven-year-old Lilly Segovia, from a secluded island of the Outer Banks of North Carolina to a small town in New Jersy, begings with "present from the heavens." This is the story of a gift that is to be given to our world from another realm, which is beyond imagination, a place in which the spirit of young woman is challenged as Lilly discovers her true identity and purpose in the universe. The Magic Gown is a lush tale of thrilling and exciting adventures, unique and colorful characters. This book illustrated by bright JL Kimmel's artwork.

Janine Layton Kimmel lives in New Jersey. She has been writing poetry, drawing and painting for over 35 years. With a Master's in Transpersonal Studies J.L. Kimmel has led children's poetry & dream workshops.


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