Soft Skull Press

Based in New York City, Soft Skull publishes contemporary fiction, as well as graphic novels, and nonfiction, including current affairs, counterculture, and politics. Visit Soft Skull’s other web site at

Introducing selected titles:

Osama van HalenOsama Van Halen by Michael Muhammad Knight published by Soft Skull Press in 2009. This is work of fiction. Ayyub an Iranian Shi’ite skinhead and burda-wearing punk have kidnapped Matt Damon. They demand that Hollywood depict Muslims in a positive light, just one movie where they are not are these 2-dimensional Al-Qaeda stereotypes. Things turns existential when Ayyub finds himself face-to face with his creator. . .
Michael Muhammad Knight’s is the author and a frequent speaker at colleges and academic conferences. He live in New York state.

Anough about you, Soft Skull PressEnough About You: Notes Toward the New Autobiography by David Shields published by Soft Skull Press in 2002. In this book author is obsessed with what it means to be an autobiographical author. Autobiographical writing has a long and noble lineage. “… The young man were born with knives in their brains, a tendency to introversion, self-dissection, anatomizing of motives.” This book is about taking the knife in your brain and twisting it into brilliant literary art. In this book, cultural commentator and novelist David Shields explores his character with gimmicks and sidelong glances to catch the truth…David Shields is the award-winning author. He lives in Seattle, Washington.


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