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Shire Publications began with its first book in 1962, it was Discovering East Suffolk. Now, Shire has become the home for affordable, non-fiction paperbacks on a wide range of subjects, reflecting the interests of ordinary people everywhere, however unusual or obscure their passions might be. Specialising in historical and heritage subjects,Shir has something for everyone whether they be country house visitors, amateur historians or collectors and enthusiasts of every conceivable interest. Covering hobbies from coins, buttons and old toys and medals through motoring and rural history to archaeology, Shire Publications reflect the rich diversity of life in Great Britain over the centuries. Shire is now now part of the Osprey family.

Introducing selected titles:

London for Families, Shire
Discovering London For Families
by Peter Matthews published by Shires in 2001. Fully-illustrated, this title is full of details for each attraction given after the description... There is so much to see and do in London. This book is arranged geographically, and reader can combine a walk down Whitehall with a visit to the National Gallery or National Portrait Gallery. This title will help you to plan a visit. Author describes the capital's most important historic landmarks, its museums and the newest attractions.
Peter Matthews was born in Bristol and has spent most of his working life in London. He studied Modern Languages at King's College in the Strand before spending two years teaching English in southern Chile. In U.K., he worked for the London Tourist Board.

Discovering Medival Houses,ShireDiscovering Medieval Houses by Anthony Emery published by Shire in 2007. The core of the medieval house was the great hall. This book explores how that apartments gradually expanded into spectacular residences as Haddon Hall, Penshurst Place, and Wingfield Manor... They are among the better-known of more than a thousand houses that have survived to a greater or lesser extent from the Middle Ages. This historical account opens a window on to a fascinating subject which is ripe for further study from a range of perspectives.
Anthony Emery is an authority on medieval houses. He is an author of Dartington Hall and several individual studies, Anthony Emery has completed a major 2-volume survey, Greater Medieval Houses of England and Wales: 1300-1500. He is the founder Commissioner of England Heritage, former Chairman of Bath Arc

Churches and Churchyards, ShireChurches and Churchyards : A guide to the architecture of English parish churches from Anglo-Saxon times to 1900 by Mark Child published by Shire in 2007. Beginning with modest buildings in timber and tatch, and then in stone, England's churches developed and evolved. They grew in size and complexity. The driving factors were religious beliefs and building materials. Sometimes, church evolution stopped or took a sudden turn, influenced by trends in liturgy, theology, Puritanism, fashion or retrospection... This book offers to reader an architectural journey. Mark Child is an established researcher of church architecture and has been writing about the subject since 1963. He is a former reference librarian who specialised on ancient history and archeology. Much of his work illustrated with his own drawings.

Discovering Fortifications, Shire BooksDiscovering Fortifications: from the Tudors to the Cold War by Bernard Lowry published by Shire Books in 2006. Lavishly illustrated with color photographs, maps, and drawings, this book explores different systems of fortification, that has developed and declined in the British Isles over the past three millennia in reaction to internal and external threads. Much was written about the decline and fall of the feudal fortress. Much less has been written about the British fortifications that were built in the age of artillery. In this book Bernard Lowry writes about fortifications, how in 1940 Britain put its faith in pillboxes to hold up an invading German army, about the secret structures built for defence in the Cold War, and many more.
B. Lowry has been interested in military architecture for all his life. He is a founder member of the Offa's **** Association and the Castle Studies Group. For 7 years he was Honorary Secretary of the Fortress Study Group.

Discovering London Statues, Shire BooksDiscovering London Statues and Monuments by Margaret Baker published by Shire in 2002. This book is lavishly illustrated by colour and black-and-white photographs and contains an engaging text. Margaret Baker explores some reasons for London's sculpted gallery and describes the subjects, the sculptors, the donors, and the results... Discovering London Statues and Monuments will prove a rich source of fact and anecdote, a who's who in bronze and stone.
This revised edition extended with memoriala throughout Greater London, and has over 600 entries - from Haile Selassie to Oscar Wild, from Hogarth to Sikorski. This fabulous book shows the riches of England's monumental heritage.

Discovering Friendly and Fraternal Societies, Shire booksDiscovering Friendly and Fraternal Societies: Their Badges and Regalia by Victoria Solt Dennis published by Shire in 2005. The term friendly society has been used since the middle of the 17 century with specific meaning of a mutual saving society, all of those members paid a subscription into a common fund from which they were entitled to claim for sickness and. burial costs... We now make a distinction between friendly society and fraternal societies., but this distinction would not necessary have clear to the members of them in the 17th and 18th centuries... Fully illustrated with colour photographs, this title is a fabulous guide into the Friendly and Fraternal Societies with their regalia and badges.
Victoria Solt Dennis took a degree in Medieval Archeology at University College London. She worked for the Council for British Archaeology before starting a career in medieval education. Victoria has lectured on this and related subjects at the National Army Museum and the University of Sheffield.

Shire Books - NeoPopRealism JournalThe British Seaside Holiday by Kathryn Ferry published by Shire in 2009. This fully illustrated with color photographs book explores the subject of the seaside holidays, a British invention which had become by the mid twentieth a shared experience for millions of people. The British Seaside Holiday aims to answer the questions and stir up a few happy holiday memories that many British people have. This title focuses on the hundred-years period from 1870 to 1970 and invites to a nostalgic journey through deckchairs and promenades to discover how ordinary people spent their seaside holidays.

Shire Books - NeoPopRealism Journal
by Anna Hallett published by Shire Publication in 2009. The resulting markets attracted not only local people but also traders from further afield. Across Britain trade routes were developed, and tracks dating to prehistoric times can still be found where for centuries people have traveled in each other’s footsteps. Through this book is many concerned with the trading activities for which the marketplace was developed, the importance of this area as a centre for a community in so many other ways must not be forgotten. This fully illustrated title explores the development of markets and people involved - legislators, traders, farmers, drovers, toll collectors, auctioneers, inspectors, and others. Anna Hallett is passionate about history and has lectured in the subject for many years.

Shire Books - NeoPopRealism Journal
Discovering Antique Prints by Ronald Russell published by Shire Publications in 2001. As a historian, Ronald is concerned with what prints can tell us about the past. He appreciates them as work of art and has explored them in Guide to British Topographical Prints, published in 1979. This his new book about prints helps you to distinguish the various types of prints and tells you about their history. This title introduces you to the artists and engravers, helps build up a collection. This book is an introduction to a world of art, where technology played important role.



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