Scheidegger & Spiess

Scheidegger and Alberto Giacometti met in 1943, when Alberto Giacometti lived in the parental summer house. Out of this friendship, the first book of Scheidegger had appeared - the text by Jean Genet - about life and work of Alberto Giacometti.
Heiner Spiess (1948–2006) came to the company in 1997.
In the following 30 years, numerous books were published: Drawings of Alberto Giacometti, photographic memories of Scheidegger, picture volumes and text volumes over Joan Miró, Jean Tinguely, Bernhard Luginbühl among others, mostly with receptions of the publisher himself.

Since 2005, they have increased the number of publishing publications in English language and translations. The mission of Scheidegger & Spiess its to contribute at the distribution and reception of the Swiss art, photography and architecture of the 20th century.
Today, the publishing house Scheidegger & Spiess is a member of the union SWIPS – INDEPENDENT SWISS PUBLISHING HOUSES - - since its foundation in 2007.

Introducing selected titles:

ChiaraChiara: Fine Reise ins Licht, A Journey Into Light by Elizabeth Zahnd Legnazzi published by Scheidegger & Spiess in 2009. Elizabeth Zahnd lionize lost her daughter Chiara who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Also is an artist and photographer, Elizabeth photographed her daughter. This book refers beyond individual life and fate. The expressive portraits record the illness and suffering, The book includes an introduction by Nadine Olonetzky and an essay by the cultural historian and author Thomas Macho on death and dying.


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