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Introducing selected titles:

Questioning Gender, SageQuestioning Gender: A Sociological Exploration by Robyn Ryle published by Sage in 2011. This relevant account raises many questions and explores some possible answers. The main goal of this book is to start a conversation that helps to question the preventing assumptions about gender. Questioning Gender: A Sociological Exploration by Robyn Ryle is serves as a resource for discussion, it is based on the premise that the conversation about gender helps to connect all the complicated scholarship that has been conducted on gender to a through investigation of the role of gender in your own life. This book is packed with many questions. Also, there are several approaches in this edition that set it apart from other gender books: it takes a global approach to gender issues that focuses solely on the United States and the developed world. The author of Questioning Gender: A Sociological Exploration Robyn Ryle is an associate professor of sociology at Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana.

Illuminating Social Life (5 ed), SageIlluminating Social Life: Classical and Contemporary Theory Revised (5 ed) by Peter Kivisto published by Sage in 2011. By applying various social theories from the past and the present to selected facets of modern life, the contributors in this book share a common purpose: to illuminate how different social theories are capable of providing significant understanding that would not be grasped without theory. This edition contains 14 chaters devoted to different theories. Both parts of the book begining with a brief introduction that can serve to outline the general countours of the approaches. All the contributors to Illuminating Social Life: Classical and Contemporary Theory Revised (5 ed) are convinced that theory is essential for everybody. They are trying to make sence of the perplexing circumstances and swirling events we encounter in our lives. Written by experts, the purpose of this book is to illuminate the importance of sociological theory.

Freedom of Expression of Marketplaceo f Ideas, sageFreedom of Expression in the Marketplace of Ideas by Douglas M. Fraleigh and Joseph S. Tuman published by Sage in 2010. Many of you will face questions about your own freedom to express yourself at some point in your lifetime. In creating the 2nd edition of this book, authors wanted to demonstrate how free speech and expression issues could be seen in a wide variety of circumstances. In the US and other modern nations, the judiciary has often played a critical role in protecting freedom of speech. In this book, you will read many examples of judicial opinions that protect free speech. Public opinion also has a significant influence on free expression rights. Each chapter offers an opportunity to explore judicial opinions that have determined the meaning of freedom of speech and the First Amendment. This text is a comprehensive guide to effective participation in the public debate about the most indispensable right: freedom of expression. Douglas M. Fraleigh is professor of communication at California State University Fresno and 3-time chair of the WSCA Freedom of Expression and Legal Communication Interest Group. Joseph S. Tuman is and author and professor of legal and political communications at San Francisco State University.

Media Literacy, SageMedia Literacy by W. James Potter (5th Edition) published by Sage in 2010. This book is an introduction and designed to show the big picture so reader can get started efficiently on increasing his/her own media literacy. The world is rapidly changing because of DVDs, MP3 players, computers, cell phones… This book will expose you to new perspectives from which you can perceive much more about the media, you will be gaining new insights about your interpretations and old habits. You will find a detailed approach to studying influences and a clear vision of what it means to operate at a higher level of media literacy. The media has a profound influence on the way we perceive the world by sharing our believes and expectations. This new edition is the essential guide to decoding messages in a media-saturated world, it includes new chapters and provides Web resources and suggests scholarly journals from which you can access the latest research.

Women & Men Management, 4th Edition, SageWomen & Men in Management (4th Edition) by Gary N. Powell published by Sage in 2010. The 1st edition was published in 1988, when the field was just emerging as an established area of scientific inquiry. Over 20 years later, in the US, women are more likely than men to pursue undergraduate and most graduate degrees, but earn only 80% of the pay of their male counterparts. This volume documents the current state of research on gender inn the workplace. The author synthesizing an array of over 700 studies and articles that document the full range of developmental, social, and societal variables that have led to the current state of affairs. This best-seller provides a comprehensive survey and review of the literature on gender in organizations. Gary N. Powell provides specific research-based strategies for the individual and the organization to promote an organizational culture of nondiscrimination, diversity, and inclusion.

Contemporary Social and Sociological Theory; Viualizing Social WorldsContemporary Social And Sociological Theory: Visualizing Social Worlds (2nd Edition) by Kenneth Allan published by Pine Forge/ Sage in 2010. This text is about society and person, living in the beginning of the twenty-first century that has changed dramatically since the start of modernity. The book falls into four sections: Introduction, The Social Situation and Its People, Social Structures and Systems, and Modernity and Post-modernity. Written in a conversational style that conveys the author’s enthusiasm for theory, this updated edition Kenneth Allan’s text appeals to the reader to consider the “theoretical you” as individual in 21st--century society. It filled with examples drawn from daily life and highlights diversity in our society, explores theories of gender, race, and sexuality. With this book that introduces readers to the perspectives of well-known theorists, you will learn to apply theory to your own life and think theoretically. This edition includes new chapters and new features.


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