Results of Art Contest MY VISION OF THE FUTURE Dedicated to 30th-31 Anniversary of NeoPopRealism

Results of the Int'l Art Contest 'MY VISION OF THE FUTURE', dedicated to 30th-31st anniversary of NeoPopRealism, created by Nadia Russ in 1989.

Juror: Nadia Russ (
Contest run by the NeoPopRealism Press (<-check the winners' artwork here).
This contest was for all art styles, mediums & political views artists.

Contest is over... Congratulations to the Winners! Here are the RESULTS


1st Place Winner -
Casey Lance Brown (USA) with
"Fossil Fuels I", 90cm x 100cm, Digital Composite Photograph on Dye-Infused Aluminum Print.
Check his website:
Casey Lance Brown is a multidisciplinary artist. He studied at Duke University, Harvard Design School, and as a fellow of the American Academy in Rome. Many of his works reveal the perverse ways in which human systems use and often abuse the planet’s surface. His large format imagery has been exhibited and collected in the U.S. and Switzerland, Italy and Russia, UK.

2nd Place Winner-
Robert Strasser (USA) with
"Biosphere 1", diameter 2.5", Porcelain, 2020
Check his website:
Robert Strasser is an inventive and eclectic visual artist who has worked with clay in the past 3,5 decades. "...His most advanced and complex pieces are biospheres, which address the tensions between anthropogenic and naturogenic processes... ."He has international experience as a art class and workshop instructor. He holds science degrees from Earlham and Hood Colleges.

3rd Place Winner -
Grigory Gurevich (USA) with
"Still Life with the Clown", 30"X23",
pencil on one ply acid free paper board, 2020
Grigory Gurevichisa painter, sculptor, graphic artist,illustrator, who received his master's degree in Art in 1961 from the Academy of Fine and Industrial Arts of Saint Petersburg (Russia). He conducted over three hundred exhibitions in the U.S.and Europe. He was a faculty member of Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts and the Douglas College in New Brunswick, more. In 1998, he founded an after-school art program called Arts on the Hudson (NJ).
A book with the same title "MY VISION OF THE FUTURE" will be published within a few months, before 2020 ends. It will include the winners artwork on its cover and more artworks of participants of this contest inside the book.

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