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Rebo Publishers was founded by Mr. Henk Wagner in 1983.

From the very start, the key selling points of Rebo books have been the incredible value they offer for the price & successful mass market approach.

Rebo currently publishes over 500 titles on subjects such as Animals, Cooking, Gardening, History, Leisure, Nature, reference works & children's books.

Encouraged by its success in the Netherlands, Rebo International set up to service the international market. Rebo's titles are very well suited for multilingual publishing. The subjects're interesting to an international market & are popular all over the world. Some of Rebo's titles have sold over a million copies worldwide...

Rebo's enduring policy is one of total commitment. Rebo is very proud of its highly successful editorial ideas, high standards of origination & production, competitive prices & dedicated sales & administration team who look after the interests of its customers.

Rebo Publishers - NeoPopRealism Journal
The Complete Art of Cooking: 1000 techniques and recipes first published in France in 2004. This first edition published by Rebo Publishers in 2006. Main redaction of original version: Sylvie Girard; texts: Stephane Lagorce; photographs: Michel Barberousse.
This fascinating book is a collection of recipes illustrated with fabulous & mouthwatering photographs. It is also a repository of know-how from the most technical to the simplest, & a complete guide to cookery in French & general that
aims to respond to any context that may arise. Authors of this wonderful title invite you to "make your culinary dreams come true." In this wide-ranging cookbook you will find everything you need - from traditional recipes to modern creations.
The Complete Art of Cooking will be your "constant companion in the kitchen..."

Rebo Publishers - NeoPopRealism Journal
This 4th edition of The Complete Encyclopedia of Cats by Esther Verhoef reprinted by Rebo Publishers, The Netherlands, in 2006.
Cats have been held in high esteem all over the world for their prowess as hunters. In the West the cat has increasingly taken on a new role-that of valued pet. In this Encyclopedia of Cats author has chosen a straightforward classification based on a physical characteristic that everyone can recognize - the length & type of coat. The genetic theory has also been dealt with as simply & accessibly as possible.
The Complete Encyclopedia of Cats is a comprehensive resource for your questions on everything from character & color to breeding & pedigree.
This fascinating & fully illustrated book includes: advice from leading breeding specialists, general advice for existing & prospective cat owners, coverage of all aspects of cat care.

Rebo Publishers - NeoPopRealism Journal
This is the 3rd edition of The Complete Encyclopedia of Wine by Christian Callec. This title reprinted by Rebo Publishers in The Netherlands, in 2006.
World of wines is changing rapidly - each year new countries, growing areas, new wines joining the list. This encyclopedia results from an exciting journey through more than a thousand of the word's wines, through scores of different wine-growing countries & cultures.
In The Complete Encyclopedia of Wine white, red & rose wines pass in review, & sparkling wines such as Champagne, & the so-called fortified wines, such as Sherry, Port & Manzanila. In this fascinating book you will find also information about their origins, how the grapes are grown, the way they are produced & what combination of grapes are possible to use for wine-making...

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