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Introducing selected titles:

Bigger  Damner Book, QNYThe Von Hoffmann Bros.’: Bigger Damner Book Of Sheer Manliness by Todd von Hoffmann with Brant von Hoffmann, Colby Allerton & Some Other Wiseguys published by QNY in 2009, newly revised and updated (first edition was published in 1997). In the mid-90s, the good ship USA seemed to sail along without any course correction in sight, it’s aggressive cluelessness - a social phenomenon. It was the time, when somebody got off their barstool and did something with resulting in The Big Damn Book of Sheer Manliness. Twelve years later, the boys are at it again, with an updated, fully illustrated book of the bluff, the bluster, the brass, the balls - the original anti political correctness, celebrating the American Guy in all his glory...



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