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QED Publishing is an innovative & exciting children’s publishers, dedicated to producing high-quality educational books that young children will love

Now, QED has produced a list of over 120 titles that stimulate learning in both the classroom & at home.

QED's first programme of educational & reference books was launched in July 2004 to critical acclaim from young children, as well as their parents & teachers. In July 2005 QED published its second list.

Building on existing bestselling series & moving into new areas of learning, QED has continued to produce books which inspire both those with a thirst for knowledge & more reluctant learners.

Specially devised to support curriculum learning, QED eighteen colourful series cover a wide variety of different subjects, including literacy, maths, geography, science, ICT, & art & design.

All QED's authors are subject specialists & have a wide range of experience in writing for young children & in presenting information in a clear, lively & entertaining style.

mup'sMup's Days Of The Week: Learning Words With Monsters by Wendy Body first published by QED Publishing, a Quarto Group company in 2005. This colorful book is a part of an original & fun series. Each QED Word Banks title features a different monster. This friendly monster's story will introduce children to a wealth of basic vocabulary. This book suitable for use in the classroom or in the home. This book will improve spelling & will enrich word power.

Butterflies: Animal Lives by Sally Morgan first published by QEB Publishing in 2005.
This beautifully designed, colorful, & fully illustrated book contains an information about butterflies. This title tech children about these beautiful insects: how they breed, eat, fly, where they live. Butterflies: Animal Lives by Sally Morgan is an informative & entertaining. By the time you are finish reading, you will be a butterfly expert. This title presents an exciting insight into the world of this fascinating insects.

artWorld Art: Creating Amazing Art With Felt, Foam, And Feathers by Sue Nicolson first published by QEB Publishing in 2005.
The project at this book are aimed at children in grades 1 to 3 & are presented in order of difficulty, from easy to more challenging. Each can be used as a separate activity or as another area of study. All projects in this book require adult supervision. This title filled with imaginative ideas & exciting projects, helps you to create your own collection of mosaics, dramatic dragons & fascinating brooches. Projects include creating dyeing Indonesian batiks, paper dragons, making your own Metapec clay sun...

drawingDrawing: Create Amazing Picture With Paper, Pastel, and Pencils by Sue Nicolson first published by QEB Publishing in 2005.
This book filled with imaginative ideas & interesting projects. Drawing teaches all the basic skills & techniques needed to draw a wide range of subjects. These projects including landscapes, animals, portraits. This title with teach to create your own collection of art works. The projects are aimed at children in grades 1-3 & are presented in order of difficulty, from easy to more challenging.

sharksSharks by Sally Morgan first published by QED Publishing in 2004.
This fully illustrated book is a total shark guide. Children will find out that the biggest sharks are bigger than a bus, that they can smell their prey from up to 1.5 km away, that 1000 tonnes of water an hour passes through the gills of a feeding basking shark... This title can make you a shark expert: will teach all you ever wanted to know about this fascinating animals. You'll know where they live, what they eat, how they grow, and the dangers they have to face...

elizabeth 1Elizabeth I: I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too" by Simon Adams first published n England in 2005 by QED Publishing, a division of Quarto Publishing. This is the true story of how princess Elizabeth lived through imprisonment in the Tower of London. She turned down several proposals of marriage to become England's most glorious queen.
This fully illustrated with color artwork & map book written by Simon Adams who has written & contributed to more than 60 books on a variety of subjects. These titles including World Wars, Titanic, American history...

alexAlexander the Great: The boy soldier who conquered the world by Simon Adams first published in the UK in 2005 by QED Publishing, a division of Quarto Publishing.
Fully illustrated with color photographs & art work, this book is a story about Alexander who came from a family of heroes & became a king of Macedon. But he wanted more... Alexander set off to conquer the rest of the world. This title tells story how Alexander fought amazing battles, won founded cities & lands, earning the title Alexander the Great.
Author of this book, Simon Adams studied at Bristol & London Universities & has written many books about the Tudors, World Wars & other subjects.


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