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Founded in 1960, Purdue University Press is the publishing arm of Purdue University. Press is dedicated to the dissemination of scholarly and professional information, and provides quality resources in several key subject areas including business, technology, health, veterinary medicine & other limited disciplines in the humanities and sciences. Purdue University Press is dedicated to providing quality information through traditional and newly developed technologies.
The Purdue University Press aims to advance scholarly intercourse by maximizing the Purdue brand and enabling Purdue authors & information providers to be able to call on the Press to conceptualize, develop and format their works. Purdue University Press annually publishes between 35-40 books, videotapes, CDs, & web-based products. The Press makes use of a myriad of printing technologies including on-demand production, digital conversion, standard print-and-bind manufacturing. Purdue University Press offers cutting-edge knowledge compendiums that provide key answers for academics, students, professionals, & business & educational institutions. Purdue University Press has established distribution relationships with Wageningen Pers, the Dutch University Press, Alexander Communications Group to enhance the depth & breadth of its product list. Purdue University Press has also partnered several international & domestic distributors to create a global sales & distribution network.
Purdue University Press has partnered with CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture: A WWWeb Journal & Purdue University Libraries to make this learned journal available at no cost to the academic community. Purdue University Press’s products provide key information for the advancement of scholarship & the improvement of processes in the professional environment.

Introducing selected titles:

One Small Step: The History of Aerospace Engineering at Purdue University (Second Edition)One Small Step: The History of Aerospace Engineering at Purdue University (2nd ed) by A. F. Grandt Jr., W. A. Gustafson, and A. T. Cargnino published by Purdue University Press in 2010. Authors dedicated this book to their current and former students, they are proud of former students and thank them for setting high standards. This account was prepared in the spring of 1995 in connection with the school's golden anniversary celebration. Much of the material in the first three chapters has been edited from an internal Purdue University report by Professor Elmer F. Bruhn titled A History of Aeronautical Education and Research at Purdue for Period 1937-1950. Purdue University has played a leading role in providing the engineers who designed, built, tested, and flew the many aircrafts. These aircrafts changed human progress during the 20th century. Aeronautical engineering activities date back to 1910, then Professor Cicero Bailey Veal started the Purdue Aero Club. It was established on the Purdue University campus as a separate academic unit on July 1, 1945. During the next 100 years, the Purdue school of Aeronautics and stronautics grew to world prominence and currently numbering approximately 30 faculty, 570 undergraduate students, and 330 graduate students, the school looks froward to continuing its mission of providing the world with undreamed-of opportunities for air and space travel. Collectively, authors of this book have served more than 100 years on the Purdue University faculty, spanning from the formation of the School to the present time.

Product DetailsEnergy and Innovation: Structural Change and Policy Implications by Marina van Geenhuizen, William J. Nuttall, David V. Gibson, and Elin M. Oftedal (editors) published by Purdue University Press in 2010. Since 1997, the International Series on Technology Policy and Innovation has discussed important issues of critical importance for the use of science and technology to foster socioeconomic and shared prosperity. In
2007, prosperiry was increasing in the world as a whole. Countries such as China, India, Russia were becoming stronger and more powerful economic participants within the international siciety. The energy question was emerging at its fullest and the pressure on resources had already begun to increase accordingly. This important book offers the work of leading representatives of business, government and academic sectors worldwide, the discuss current and future issues of critical importance for using technology and science to foster shared prosperity and regional economic development.

Productivity and Reliability-Based Maintenance management, Purdue University PressProductivity and Reliability-Based Maintenance Management by Matthew P. Stephens published by Purdue University Press in 2010. This book provides a practical foundation for understanding the concepts and practices of total productive maintenance management (TPM), a proactive asset and resource management strategy, based on enhancing equipment reliability and overall enterprise productivity. This account serves as a fundamental and comprehensive educational and practical guide for departing from the wait-failure-emergency repair cycle that has plagued too many industries and advancing to a proactive and productive maintenance strategy. By using in every chapter the real-world case studies, Matthew P. Stephens reinforces the importance of sound and proactive mainenance practices. This book is easy-to-read, it provides a strong practical foundation. Matthew P. Stephens is a professor and a University Faculty Scholar in the Department of Industrial Technology at Purdue University. He teaches undergraduateand graduate courses in TPM, statistical quality control and facilities planning.

Divided Path, Common Ground, Purdue University PressDivided Path-Common Ground: The Story of Mary Matthews and Lella Gaddis, Pioneering Purdue Women Who Introduced Science into the Home by Angie Kirk published by Purdue University Press in 2011. This book invites you to sit down with Kate and her sister Lella Reed Gaddis, Indiana's first state leader of home demonstration agents in Purdue's Department of Agricultural Extension, and tofind out about their lives that swirled amid remarkable happenings in the United States from the 1910s to the 1940s.
In early 1900s, at Purdue University and throughout Indiana, Mary Matthews and Lella Gaddis forged trails for women. Mary was the first Dean of the School of Home Economics, Lella was traveled the state instructing rural women about nutrition, safe water, hygiene, childcare, and more. Purdue University has always been connected to the American countryside. This account based on extensive oral history, archival research and personal diaries that span 40 years. It cheds a new light on the role female staff and faculty played in improving the quality of life during the first half of the 20th century. Angie Kirk has written a few books.

The Balkan Strong Men, Purdue University PressThe Balkan Strongmen by Bernd J. Fischer published by Purdue University Press in 2007. Bernd J. Fischer has put together a wonderful collection that highlight the impact of Balkan leaders. Twelve contributors of the book Balkan Strongmen drew colorful pictures of the 20 century, & life of dictators & authoritarian rulers of South Eastern Europe. This title gathers scholarly essays that explore the careers of the strongmen of Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Albania, Greece, Yugoslavia, Croatia. Readers will find a lot of interesting information about Albania's Inter-war Dictator King Zog, Yugoslavia's Dictator King Alexandar, Carol II of Romania, Turkish dictator Kemal Ataturk, Ante Pavelic and the Ustasa State in Croatia... This book is exciting and full of historical facts that picture drama & victories of the past century, and helps to get a clearer picture of the Balkans. Contributors to this book: Feroz Ahmad is the author several books & articles on the late Ottoman Empire & modern Turkey, retired from the University of Massachusetts. Maria Bucur is John W. Hill Chair in East European History at Indiana University, and Associate Editor of the American Historical Review. Frederick B. Chary is Professor Emeritus at Indiana University, Northwest, past president of the North American Bulgarian Studies Association. Lenard J. Cohen is Professor of Political Science at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, and author of many books. John K. Cox is a Professor of History at Wheeling Jesuit University, West Virginia, writer. Brigit Farley is Professor of History at Washington State University. She is interested in 20th-century Eastern Europe and Russia. John V.A. Fine is Professor of Balkan History at the University of Michigan. He wrote many books.
Bernard Fischer is Professor of Balkan history and chair of the department of history at Indiana University, Fort Wayne. He is the author of numerous books on Albania. Robert Forrest is Professor of History and chair of the department of history at McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Louisiana. His publications focus on the Romanians. S. Victor Papacosma is Professor of History and Director of the Lemnizer Center for NATO and European Union Studies at Kent State University and serves as Executive Director of the Modern Greek Studies Association. Stephan Krause is a specialist in modern Balkan politics and currently senior analyst in Skopje for the International Crisis Group. Despina Papadimitriou is Assistant Professor of History at Pantheion University, Athens, Greece. She has written on political conservatism, fascism and the extreme right, the press and ideological thought...

Thinking Otherwise, Purdue University PressThinking Otherwise by David J. Gunkel is a book about philosophy, technology & communication. This title published by Purdue University press in 2008. The Thinking Otherwise is an innovative & unique book which reorients a thinking away from the binary logic & philosophical dimensions of communication & technology (ICT). The Thinking Otherwise demonstrates how the history of ideas opens up an alternative pathways. This book investigates a complications form of otherness. Author formulates alternative ways of proceeding to take into account additional forms of otherness. David J. Gunkel is an associate professor in the Department of Communication at Northern Illinois University.

Purdue University Press - NeoPopRealism JournalAfternoon With Puppy by Aubrey H. Fine & Cythia J. Eisen published by Purdue University press in 2008. Inspirations from a therapist and his animals, this book celebrates and endorses the power found in therapeutic relationships. This title represents a compendium of personal insights. The individuals & story in this book are all true. Photographers and artists have also made a significant contribution. The stories in Afternoon With Puppy are inspirational. Dr. Fine's journey with his animals have enriched the lives of many patients. This title is a story of the discovery of a wonderful process of leaning & relearning therapist to patient to animal. The author reveals how more than 20 years of engagement has connected new paths.
Afternoon with Puppy portraits how bonds with animals center our being. The soft touches & interactions, the silent signals of Fine's therapeutic process have led to inspiring success. The authors end this title with the following words: "As we end, I hope you will consider the phrase Afternoon With Puppy as a metaphor for appreciating the inherent beauty found in the loving relationship with our beloved animal companions." This book is an emotional journey into enriched & fulfilled life.


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