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(2012, There is NO such question: NeoPopRealism or zentangle.Zentangle is a fraud. Everyone who has IQ 80 score (minimum is 70) and who is able to analyze things can see where zentangle came from. Find more in links below.

It was just a conversation between two people, an artist and a lawyer. Now, is a popular joke:
"Lawyer said, "Whats term 'zentangle' means?"
Artist said, "Zen is "top" and tangle is "crooked". All together is "top crooks"."
Zentangle = top crooks = zen grifters. (Grifter - a person who swindles people by means of deception or fraud.) And those who support them would do anything for money, for little money. Moral decadence.
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A statement from 2011. \
A newly published crafts' book "Time to Tangle with Colors"ISBN: 9781574216738 by Suzanna McNeill with Marie Browning includes an information that 'meditation art' was invented by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas:"Zentangle was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas as a way for anyone to relax and create beautiful art. Drawing tangles patterns reduce stress and improves focus as you create beautiful art. ... Zentangle is a relaxing and rewarding process that allows all ages to create artistic designs with repetitive patterns (tangles)."
We have to disappoint the book's author Suzanna McNeil with Marie Browning, its publisher "Design Originals" and Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas who claim they invented this kind of 'meditation art', because this art type was created back in 1989 by the NeoPopRealist Artist Nadia Russ ( who today has her meditation art related artwork in many permanent art collections worldwide and continues working in this manner, adding its elements to her paintings and drawings, which are the part on the NeoPopRealism she announced in 2003.
To view Nadia Russ' meditation art, you can visit Kinsey institute gallery - they have 200 Nadia Russ' drawings and 2 canvases in they collection and the most of these works feature the 'meditation art' which you call now "zentangle". Nadia Russ' canvas painting "Queen of Magic" (1997) also features the meditation art, and it is now in the Ukrainian Museum in New York City permanent art collection.
Also, you can see her 4"x4" diameter glass piece "Miss and her Admirer" in WEAM museum permanent art collection, and this piece is also has elements of this kind, meditation art. There are many hundreds of Nadia Russ' artworks feature this type of art - meditation art.
Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and "Design Originals" can state that Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas invented a word "Zentagle" to call this way some particular patterns of their work, as the craftsmen. But as the movement, or style, or the way of creative expression (it is the part of the graphic arts/visual arts) it was already done before, by Nadia Russ, who makes this kind of art since 1989. Her first works (made before 1996) that feature meditation art can be found in Nadia Russ' catalog in the New York Public Library at Schwarzman Building (42nd Street & 5th Avenue), Arts & Architecture Department on 3rd Floor, in Nadia RUSS' art file.
Obviously, it is not appropriate to announce as "NEW" what was already created over 10 years ago, just because of your lack of the knowledge. Please make all necessary adjustments related to 'meditation art' to all your materials - websites, printing materials, future printing materials, all books, seminars, everything related to the 'meditation art' and its history.
Nadia Russ' recent artworks which feature the elements of the meditation art can be found in her recent books -NeoPopRealism Starz(2 volumes, 2009, 2010)and NEW MILLENNIUM ART (2010), they are available at and
Almost all Nadia Russ' works with the elements or this art form - filling sections with repetitive patterns - are published in different publications in print and online in Ukraine, Russia, Bahamas, USA starting from 1989 to 2011.
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