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Pluto Press has a proud history of publishing the very best in progressive, critical thinking across politics & the social sciences. Pluto Press is an independent company based in London, with a sales & marketing office in the United States and distribution rights throughout the world.

Pluto Press has always had a radical political agenda.
Founded in 1969 as a publishing arm of International Socialism, the forerunner of the Socialist Workers Party in the UK, in 1979 Pluto Press broke with its political affiliation & became truly independent. Today, Pluto Press represents authors from a wide range of progressive political viewpoints. With over 550 titles in print, Pluto Press is one of the world's leading radical book publishers. Pluto Press publishes more than 70 new titles each year.

Pluto Press commissions the best in critical, progressive writing that bridges trade & academic markets, & Pluto Press' authors include many of the world's leading thinkers, past & present.
Pluto Press publishes political classics by writers including Frantz Fanon, Andre Gorz, Manning Marable, Jack London & Antonio Gramsci. Contemporary political writers & voices of conscience include Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, Howard Zinn, bell hooks, Ariel Dorfman, Susan George, John Pilger, Ziauddin Sardar, Israel Shahak, Greg Palast, Milan Rai, William Rivers Pitt, Boris Kagarlitsky, Robin Hahnel, Saul Landau, Sheila Rowbotham, Peter Fryer, Joseph Rotblat, Frank Füredi, Eduardo Galeano and Vandana Shiva. We also have a fine list of European literature in translation that includes Jean Baudrillard, Guy Debord, Raoul Vaneigem & Pierre Bourdieu.

Pluto Press' strengths are in the fields of politics, current affairs, international studies, Middle East studies, political theory, media studies, anthropology & development.

The political climate that resulted from the events of 11th September 2001 has had an immense impact on Pluto Press' publishing programme.
Now, more than ever, Pluto Press find that there is an appetite for dissenting opinion that challenges the mainstream. Pluto Press is increasingly publishing in the area of Islamic studies -- some of it in translation -- to enable writers from outside the West to be read more widely in the English-language world.

Pluto Press also works closely with several small independent American publishers.
Pluto Press have a long-standing& fruitful partnership with South End Press, sharing rights on many titles, & Pluto Press distributes the South End Press list in the UK, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa. Following the success of this relationship, in 2003 Pluto Press was delighted to become the distributor for two more successful, independent publishing houses: Autonomedia, & Paradigm Publishers.

Pluto Press - NeoPopRealism Journal
Beyond The Wire
by Peter Shirlow & Kieran McEvoy first published by Pluto Press in 2008.

"The particular focus of this book is upon the role that former prisoners have played in conflict transformation. This book argues that the lack of visibility of former prisoners in the delivery of peace in the jurisdiction, particularly on the ground in communities most affected by violence, is a significant deficit in understanding the transition from conflict..." written in Beyond The Wire's introduction.
This book provides the first detailed examination of the role played by former loyalist & republican prisoners in grassroots conflict, transformation work in the Northern Ireland peace progress.
Peter Shirlow is a Senior Lecturer at Queen's University, Belfast. He has edited several books.
Kieran McEvoy is a Professor of Law & Transitional Justice & Director of the Institute of Criminology & Criminal Justice, Queen's University, Belfast. He has also written & edited several books.
Pluto Press - NeoPopRealism Journal
The Battle For China's Past
by Mobo Gao first published by Pluto Press in 2008. This book is about Mao & the Cultural Revolution. The Battle For China's Past opens a window onto Chinese perception of the country of post-Mao direction. This book makes a convincing arguments for the positive effect of Mao's policies on the well-being of the Chinese people. It is a critical analysis of the mainstream account of the Cultural Revolution & Mao era.

Mobo Gao is a professor of Chinese Studies & Director of the Adelaide Confucius Institute of Adelaide...
Pluto Press - NeoPopRealism Journal
Anthology At The Dawn Of The Cold War
- edited by Dustin M. Wax - first published by Pluto Press in 2008.

This book originated at the 2003 American Anthropological Association's annual meeting entitled "Anthology at the Dawn of the Cold war."
Dustin M. Wax searched desperately for material to help situate his subject in the history of the discipline at the time. He was surprised & disheartened to find that very little had been written on the history of anthropology after WWII. Dustin M. Wax decided his only option was to create such book himself - or get other researchers to create it for him...
This book is the outcome of that decision.
Anthropology At The Dawn Of The Cold War breaks new ground in the history of anthropology.
Its contributors show how anthropologists became both fools & victims of the Cold War state during the rise of the United States after the end of the WWII...

Culture And Well-Being - edited by Alberto Corsin Jimenez - first published by Pluto Press in 2008. The concept of this book has emerged as a key category of political & social thought. Contributors explore what characterises a "good life" & how this idea has been affected by neoliberalism & by globalisation.
This title makes a major contribution to social theory & presents new analytical models that make sense of the changing life & ethical values.
The editor, Alberto Corsin Jimenez is a Lecturer in Social Anthropology of Manchester.


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