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Over the last decade, Pine Forge Press has become renowned for its commitment to innovative, student-oriented teaching materials and resources across the broad field of sociology. Pine Forge is dedicated to publishing high quality books and support materials for undergraduate and graduate college courses in sociology and related curricula. The mission remains to create innovative textbooks that offer students from all backgrounds a wealth of learning tools at an affordable price.

In a dynamic academic environment, Pine Forge books do more than keep up with the pace—they set the pace.
Their continued focus on the student is carried out by introducing new approaches to a variety of subject areas and by harnessing new teaching strategies, while presenting the most recent research and theoretical perspectives. They offer an array of books that will enrich your curriculum. Instructors and students can also take advantage of their ancillary materials, which will enhance both teaching and learning. Support products include instructors' manuals with testbanks and Powerpoint presentations; printed and electronic resources, such as data sets; CD-ROMs, and companion study sites on the Web for students.
Pine Forge parent company, SAGE Publications, gives them the advantage of quality publishing resources on an international level, yet they maintain a small-publisher philosophy. Keeping their finger on the pulse of the academic community, Pine Forge stay one step ahead of our competitors by anticipating teaching trends and emerging topics.

At Pine Forge goals include:

  • Publishing materials that bring meaning to students' personal and academic lives
  • Fostering an interest in exploration, experimentation, and discovery and to help students develop a critical interpretation of social events through an interdisciplinary lens
  • Creating innovations in design and editing that provide effective learning experiences to students with diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • Integrating print and electronic media to complement course content
  • Keeping their authors and other interested faculty involved in all aspects of their publishing activity
  • Paying meticulous attention to detail in all aspects and in all phases of company's work
  • Responding to the needs of students by providing books and ancillaries that help make their learning experiences productive and efficient.
Introducing selected titles:

Sage/Pine ForgeEnchanting A Disenchanted World: Continuity and Change in The Cathedrals of Consumption, 3rd Edition, by George Ritzer published by Pine Forge/Sage in 2010. The main focus of this important tilte was is a theoretical analysis of the ways in which the cathedrals of consumption deal with the perils of rationalization and disenchantment through enchantment derived from spectacles produced by simulations, implosions, and manipulations of the time and space. Hard economic times will lead to the finding of new ways and methods of creating spectacles, especially those that rely on advanced technologies. There are 3 major changes in this edition. This book demonstrates how we have created new “cathedrals” of consumption while continuing to take capitalism to a new level. George Ritzer is Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland and the author, best-known for the McDonaldization of Society and several related books.

Pine Forge/SageDiversity and Society: Race, Ethnicity, And Gender by Joseph F. Healey (Edition 3) published by Pine Forge/Sage in 2010. The most daunting challenges, confronting the USA today, are related to minority groups. This invaluable title contributes to the ongoing discussion and presents information, raising questions, and probing issues. The text is written in the tradition of conflict theory, but does not aspire to be a comprehensive statement of that tradition; other perspectives are introduced and applied. The goals are to present the sociology of minority-group relations in a way that readers will find understandable and challenging. This book explores the diversity of experiences within each minority group, particularly gender differences; offers enhanced coverage of mixed race in Chapter 1; includes expanded discussion on immigration; provides comparative focus boxes that give in-chapter glimpses of relevant concepts in other countries; analyzes “whiteness,” a growing research area in this field, and much more. A companion Web site at includes password-protected instructor resources and an open access student study site.

Sociology, Pine ForgeSociology: Exploring The Architecture Of Everyday Life (8) by David M. Newman published by Pine Forge in 2010. This revised edition included new and proven features such as updated statistic information; cross-cultural examples and discussions of globalization; micro-macro connections that help better understand the link between individual lives and the structure of society; current economic recession, and much more. A companion website includes open-access student materials and password-protected instructor resources. This title introduces sociological concepts and institutions as they impact the daily existence, offers a solid introduction to basic sociological concepts and help realize human role in constructing, planning, maintaining, and fixing society. David M. Newman is an author, and professor of Sociology at DePauw University, he also teaches courses in research methods, family, social psychology, deviance, and mental illness.

Issues Home - WonderpediaFor Debate In Sociology: Selections From CQ Researcher published by Pine Forge in 2010.This 1st edition includes 17 up-to-date reposts by CQ Researcher, which is an award-winning weekly policy brief that brings complicated issues down to earth.
This collection intended for introductory sociology courses aims to promote in-depth discussion, facilitate further research and help formulate your own position on critical issues:
Celebrity Culture: Are Americans Too Focused on Celebrities? The Obama Presidency: Can Barack Obama Deliver the Change He Promises? Reducing Your carbon Footprint: Can Individual Action Reduce Global Warming? And other. This important book is engaging and thought-provoking, and allows to see an important issues from all sides and to think critically.

Contemporary Social and Sociological Theory; Viualizing Social WorldsContemporary Social and Sociological Theory: Visualizing Social Worlds by Kenneth Allan published by Pine Forge in 2006 and updated in 2010 This book is an introduction to the world of contemporary thought and presents a comprehensive overview of current theory in sociology - 20 major contemporary theorists are covered, including Peter M. Blau, Pierre Bourdieu, Jurgen Habermas, Ervin Goffman and others. It contains theories that are generally left out of mainstream theory texts, especially theories of gender, race, and sexuality. Organized into 4 mail sections, it covers the social situation and people, structures and systems, modernity and postmodernity, and identity politics. Several unique pedagogical tools such as “Essential Theorist’ boxes features and teach to think theoretically. This book presents a comprehensive survey of contemporary social and sociological theories written in easy-to-read and provocative manner.

The Social Lens, Pine ForgeThe Social Lens: An Invitation to Social and Sociological Theory by Kenneth Allan published by Sage/ Pine Forge in 2007. Human reality is a cultural reality. We never directly experience the world; we encounter it through our perspectives. For a trained sociologist, theory is our perspective - it is a way of seeing and not seeing the world. This book divided into three sections: The Modern Agenda, Theory Cumulation and Schools of Thought in Mid-Twentieth Century, and Contemporary Vision and Critics. It covers the key thinkers - 30 theorists - in Western thought from the past 200 years and emphasizes the problem of modernity/post-modernity as a thinking framework. It has written in a conversational style that is provocative and appealing, with real-life examples that encourage readers to consider the ideas that have shaped our understanding of society and to apply theory to the life.


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