People is a weekly American publication of human and celebrity stories, published by TimeInc. In past (2006) year it had a circulation of 3.75 million and revenue top $1.5 billion. In October 2005, by Advertizing Age PEOPLE was named "Magazine of the Year" for excellence in editorial, circulation and advertising.

The magazine runs a roughly 50/50 mix of celebrity and human interest stories, a ratio it has maintained, according to its editors, since 2001. People's editors claim to refrain from printing pure celebrity gossips, enough so to lead celebrity publicists to propose exclusives to the magazine, evidence of what one staffer calls it a "publicist-friendly strategy."
PEOPLE's website,, focuses exclusively on celebrity news. In February 2007, the website drew 39.6 million page views "within a day" of the Golden Globes. "The mother ship of Oscar coverage" broke a site record with 51.7 million page views on the day after the Oscars, beating the previous record set just a month before from the Golden Globes.


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