Paul Mawhinney

Paul Mawhinney, a 69-year old Pittsburgh man, owner of Rama Sound Archive of Pittsburgh, is selling an archive of 3 million record albums and 300,000 CDs on eBay this week for a minimum bid of $3 million.Mawhinney talks with Melissa Block.

The library-sized record collection that went on sale via eBay earlier this week has found a buyer, although the collection, which includes more than three million pieces, didn't quite fetch the $50 million that owner P.
mawhinney had been hoping to get. In fact, the final price didn't inch much further past the $3 million reserve that Mawhinney had set with eBay.

Paul has been passionately compiling a massive music collection for 50-odd years. But now, due to poor health, financial concerns and a miffed missus, the Pittsburgh-based publisher has sold what is thought to be the biggest physical music collection in the world - on Ebay.

A buyer from Ireland agreed to pay out $3,002,150 for the collection of nearly 3 million vinyl albums, singles and CDs, owner Mawhinney said Thursday, March 6th. The winning bidder has already deposited $300,000, and a bank has confirmed that he has enough money to buy.



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