Paladin Press came into existence in September 1970 when Peder Lund joined Robert K. Brown as a partner in a book-publishing venture previously known as Panther Publications. They changed the name to avoid misidentification with the then-active and highly publicized Black Panther movement. The word “paladin” comes from the knights who served in Charlemagne’s court in eighth-century France. It was with some irony that Brown and Lund named the company after knights dispatched by the king to redress wrongs in the land.
As former military men and adventurers, Lund and Brown were convinced there was a market for books on specialized military and action/adventure topics.
Both men also firmly believed that the First Amendment guaranteed Americans the right to read about whatever subjects they desired, and this became the cornerstone of Paladin’s publishing philosophy.
In 2007, Paladin established its own in-house printing press, enabling the company to take advantage of print-on-demand (POD) technology and expand its catalog while keeping more or our older titles in print. One of the most popular programs to emerge from the POD system has been Paladin’s Combat Classic library—reprints of previously hard-to-find books in the public domain by Fairbairn, Sykes, Nelson, Cosneck, and Fitzgerald on such topics as World War II hand-to-hand combat, firearms, combat shooting, counterinsurgency, martial arts, survival, boxing, wrestling, and self-defense.



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