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Osprey's enthusiasm for military history is balanced by an equal enthusiasm for excellent publishing.

The Osprey General publishing programme was launched in 2003. It has the same objective as Essential Histories of reaching out to the non-specialist reader with an active or spontaneous interest in military history. Some titles weave together new material with previously-published Osprey text and illustrations, others are completely new. All share the Osprey qualities of historical authority and a strongly visual approach. God's Warriors, The D-Day Companion and Samurai: the World of the Warrior are particularly successful examples of this new strand of the Osprey list.

Osprey Publishing/Samurai - NeoPopRealism Journal
Samurai and the Sacred by Stephen Turnbull first published by Osprey Publishing in 2006.

This title aims to tell the story of the relationships as it developed throughout Japanese history. Both through the dual role as priests & warriors, & through the use of Shinto emblems, the SOBEI provided a dramatic illustration of the intertwined nature & the complex of the samurai & the sacred.
In this book Samurai expert Stephen Turnbull examines important topics such as Zen & the marital arts, modern militarism, revenge & suicide, the cult of the sword, kamikaze pilot & hara kiri - the suicide bombers of their day.
Stephen Turnbull is a leading authority on Japanese history. He has an M.A. in Theology & M.A. in Military History in addition for his work on Japanese religious history. This is S. Turnbull's 50th publishing book.

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