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April, 2008
New York Went Green

With Earth Day and largest consumer focused on green event in New York, Perf Go Green, the only mass-marketed biodegradable plastic product company, has partnered with The Go Green Expo, and others to be announced, to educate students on the importance of recycling and what they can do to make a difference.
Linda Daniels, Chief Marketing Officer of Perf Go Green, announced the initiative alongside Go Green Expo's CEO, Brandford Rand, at the Go Green Expo's Gala at the Hilton, NY.
The program, which is officially called Perf Go Green's Recycling Initiative, will kuck off with the 2008/2009 school year in schools across the tri-state area. "We'll continue to add schools and partners in the upcoming months and hope to have representation in every state by 2010," Daniels said.

The Geography of Bliss By Twelve

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The Geography Of Bliss by Erick Weiner is "one grump's search for the happiest places in the world." Eric Weiner is a longtime foreign correspondent for National Public Radio. Over the past 2 decades, he has covered maladies and multitude of catastrophes from more than 30 countries. He came to the conclusion that different countries can change your mood, your life, your destiny... Some countries seem to be happiest than others. Together with author of The Geography of Bliss we'll travel to Netherland and Switzerland, Bhutan and Qatar.... According author's life experience and observation happiness in the Netherlands is a number; in Switzerland happiness is boredom; in Bhutan happiness is a policy; in Qatar happiness is a winning lottery ticket; in Iceland happiness is a failure; in Moldova happiness is somewhere else; in Thailand happiness is thinking; in Great Britain happiness is a work in progress; in India happiness is in contradiction; in America happiness is home...
At the end of the book Erick Weiner writes: "... And now I find myself back in Airport World, in New York, killing time before my flight home to Miami...". "I'm not 100 percent happy. Closer to 50/50, I'd say. All things considered, that's not so bad. No, not bad at all..."
Reed The Geography of Bliss and it will recharge you with new energy and wit, because this book is educational as much as entertaining. This book first published by TWELVE in 2008.

Home - NeoPopRealism JournalSamsung has announced the legendary musician and philanthropist Carlos Santana will be the special guest performer for Samsung's 7th annualFour Seasons of Hopegala dinner on June 16, 2008 in New York City. Visit the Samsung Experience to bid on the exclusive Ultimate Santana package. Including: Autographed limited edition PRS Santana MD guitar complete with GHS Santana Signature Big Core strings, Dunlop picks, El Dorado Accessories hand-tooled leather strap and Mesa Boogie's 1 x 12 50/100w Lonestar combo amplifier. In addition, the winner will receive two first-class round-trip airline tickets, courtesy of American Airlines, to San Francisco; a two-night stay in the Santana Suite at the Hotel Triton in San Francisco; two premium tickets to the Mountain View Shoreline Amphitheatre concert with limo service to and from the concert; two gift cards to Maria Maria La Cantina restaurant; a Samsung MP3 player; and more. Samsung's Four Seasons of Hope is raising the money for Santana's Milagro Foundation. For more info on the Milagro Foundation


Smithsonianofficial resigned in the wake of ethics probe.The head of the Smithsonian Latino Center resigned in February after an internal investigation found that she violated a variety of rules and ethics policies by abusing her expense account, reports theWashington Post. Pilar O'Leary, who was hired in 2005 by then secretary Lawrence M. Small to be the institution's key representative on Latino affairs, tried to steer a contract to a friend and solicited free tickets for fashion shows, concerts, and music award ceremonies, according to records released yesterday by the Smithsonian. In the report, Smithsonian inspector general A. Sprightley Ryan said O'Leary violated fourteen ethical and conflict-of-interest policies. Many details were unclear because long passages were blacked out by Ryan for privacy reasons. "The investigation revealed that O'Leary has not always acted in the best interests of the Smithsonian," the report concluded. "Her conduct has violated the basic ethical rules of the Institution." O'Leary, thirty-nine, denied any wrongdoing, saying in an e-mail to thePostthat the tickets were "not gifts" and that her travel had been approved by her supervisors in the office of then deputy secretary Sheila Burke. In an interview with investigators made public with the report, O'Leary said she had never been questioned by superiors regarding her travel expenditures.
The World's #1 Language-Learning Software

Images, Intuition, Interactivity, Instruction and Immersion...
Now you can escape the endless tedium of translation, grammar drills and memorization.With the World #1 language-learning software now we can get language we need, the skills we want, the success we deserve. Now we can learn a new language naturally, the same way we learned our first language.
Rosetta Stones uses native speakers & thousands of real-life images. An exclusive Dynamic Immersion method reinforces the natural language-learning skills with instructional technology. At the end of course we will understand everyday language, we will pronounce words correctly, speak without a script, spell & write accurately, engage in real-life conversations, retain what we learn. And all that after 6 month of study.
Software is available for learning German, Russian, English, French, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Korean, Latin, Thai, Swedish... To name a few.

Ukrainian Paintings In New York City

April 11 - May 17 White Box presents contemporary art works of 16 Ukrainian artists: Juri Solomko, Alexander Roitburd, Nikita Kadan, Ilya Chichkan, Andrei Sagaidakovsky, Maxim Mamsikov, Nikolay Matsenko, Lesya Khomenko, Konstantin Reunov, Vlada Ralko, Arsen Savadov, Sergei Zarva, Katia Solovieva, Vasily Tsagolov, Alexander Gnylitsky, Pavel Makov.
Gallery located at 525 West 26 Street in Chelsea. Name of this exhibition is 'New Ukrainian Painting.' During an exhibition Opening-Reception guests were drinking Dutch beer and discussed art works, New York and life in general. Art dealer from another gallery said "I couldn't look at this big, made like out of steel CONDOM. It has human body size and red-orange color..." Her friend pointed another painting signed by Katia Solovieva. He said "I like this painting. It is 'a social realism...'."
Someone noticed two big canvases with portraits of male and female with gorillas' faces, blue man's shorts...
It was crowd, with fluid of uniqueness in the air. Unfortunately artists never came. Audience were expecting Ukrainians. But Gallery receptionist said that paintings shipped, and artists didn't come because Ukraine is so far away.
Any way, Ukrainian painters expressed a sense of liberation. As the former institutions that once defined their identity have been challenged, they now explore what is it to be Ukrainian in the 21 century.

Scotland Week 2008. New York

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the US Senate's Tartan Day Resolution, which honours the many shared connections between Scotland and America.

In marking Tartan Day on April 6, the Senate pay recognition to the Declaration of Arbroath - which was signed on that date in 1320 - and its connection with the American Declaration of Independence.
Ahead of flying out today for this year's expanded Scotland Week programme in the US which has been built around the annual North American Tartan Day celebrations, First Minister Alex Salmond was given a rare opportunity to view the original Declaration of Arbroath document at a secure National Archives of Scotland facility in Edinburgh

Kenneth Tin-Kin: Residential Erection. Postmasters Art Gallery

Residential Erection is an exhibition of new works by Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung.
At the center of "Residential Erection" is short, action video retelling & contextualizing the election & 2 monumental pop-up book structures depicting the fields of Democratic & Republican candidates. As hillarious as it is sceary, it merges internet-scavenged imagery & original animation with pop graphics to create factual or semi-fictional relationshps between the familiar political figures, corporations, mass media iconography.
Born in Hong Kong and now living in New York Kenneth creates explosive political spectacles in a form of dense, psychedelicall flavored video animations, sculptures, digital collages... Film made April 5, 2008 during exhibition opening.

March, 2008

Dining By Design 2008

Dining By Design in 2008 took place in New York City.This luxury event featured thirty eight hosts and world known designers. Show was open Sunday, March 30 in Downtown, New York and presented the top quality dining designs.

Designers and hosts of this event: Baccarat, designed by Brent McDaneld and Kelly Laferty; Ralph Lauren Home, Jerry Sibal for Design Fusion; New York Design Center, designed by Michael Tavano; Hewlet Packard, inspired by Vivienne Tam; Viking Range Corporation, designed by Nicole Sassman; Beringer Vineyards, designed by Marc Blackwell; Benjamin Moore, designed by David Stark; The New York Times, designed by Doug Wilson for Design Reach; JCPenny Wedding Registry, designed by Event Design Incorporated; Fashion Institute of Techology; New York University; Elite by Stolichnaya, designed by david Rockwell/Rockwell Group; Continental Airlines, designed by David Beahm, etc.
Memory table was created by designer Chip Cheatham and debuted at DIFFA's Dining By Design Atlanta 2007. This serene environment wth its natural elements of butterflies, grasses and a poignant lone stump was created to allow the viewer a place to reflect on the impact of HIV/AIDS in a beautiful and contemplative environment. Guests were invited to share their thoughts, love, memories on its clear Lucite placements.

The Evil Empire

Federico Solmi was born in Italy. He is a self-thought artist. Now Federico based in New York. He demostrates his independent vision showing his video-animation and drawings at the Elga Wimmer PCC and LMAKprojects at 526 West 26 Street in Chelsea. This exhibit received generous support of Italian Cultural Institute in New York and will travel to ADN Galeria in Barcelona, Spain and Galerie Pascal Vanhoecke in Paris, France.
Film made at exhibition' opening, March 25th, 2008.


March 24-28 New York City invited members and guests of the American Educational Research Association.
2008 Annual Meeting Program includes research on schools, neighborhoods, and communities: toward civic responsibility. Assosiation offers the several distinguished lectures such as
AERA Presidential Address - Science and the City: Research and Civic Responsibility by William F. Tate, Professor in Arts and Sciences; Wallace Foundation Distinguished Lecture - The Centrality of Culture to the Scientific Study of Learning and Development: How an Ecological Framework in Educational Research Faciliates Education's Civic Responsibilty by Carol D. Lee, Professor African American Studies and Learning Sciences Northwest University, etc.
News from Carnegie: A New Agenda For Higher Education -- Shaping a Life of the Mind for Practice wil be available in April 2008. Content of this publication based on the Carnegie Foundation's seminar,"A life of the Mind for Practice," which brought together educators from 6 professional fields with faculty from the liberal education & professional traning. Written for faculty, graduate students, those who working in administrative leadership & support, and campus centers of teaching and learning who want to be more responsive to the practical challenges that await their students...

CBS Nukes 'Jericho'

Despite getting a fan-powered reprieve. CBS has given the heave-ho to Jericho.
The latest cancellation of the apocalyptic series came Friday, after CBS executives determined the resurrected series had not generated big enough ratings. The season/series finale'll air Tuesday night.
CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler said that without question, there are passionate viewers watching this program; CBS simply wish there were more. We thank an engaged and spirited fan base for keeping the show alive this long, and an outstanding team of producers, cast and crew that went through creative hoops to deliver a compelling, high-quality second season...

Distribution Of Unreleased Recordings

Lawyers for the Beatles sued Friday to prevent the distribution of unreleased recordings purportedly made during Ringo Starr's 1st performance with the group in 1962. The dispute between Apple Corps Ltd., the London company formed by the Beatles that helps guard their legacy, & Fuego Entertainment Inc. of Miami Lakes stems from recordings the Fab Four apparently made during a performance at the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany. 8 unreleased tracks are said to be among the recordings, including Paul McCartney singing Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues" & McCartney & John Lennon singing "Ask Me Why." Apple Corps claims that the songs were taped without the consent of the band & that Fuego & sister companies Echo-Fuego Music Group LLC & Echo-Vista Inc. have no right to distribute them. Paul LiCalsi, an attorney for Apple Corps said that this appears to them to be a garden-variety bootleg recording. But Fuego Entertainment says the recordings were legally made. Fuego, president Hugo Cancio said: don't claim that these were just bootlegged. It's not like today, that you just go in with a phone or a blackberry and you record...

Distribution Of Unreleased Recordings

Lawyers for the Beatles sued Friday to prevent the distribution of unreleased recordings purportedly made during Ringo Starr's 1st performance with the group in 1962. The dispute between Apple Corps Ltd., the London company formed by the Beatles that helps guard their legacy, & Fuego Entertainment Inc. of Miami Lakes stems from recordings the Fab Four apparently made during a performance at the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany. 8 unreleased tracks are said to be among the recordings, including Paul McCartney singing Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues" & McCartney & John Lennon singing "Ask Me Why." Apple Corps claims that the songs were taped without the consent of the band & that Fuego & sister companies Echo-Fuego Music Group LLC & Echo-Vista Inc. have no right to distribute them. Paul LiCalsi, an attorney for Apple Corps said that this appears to them to be a garden-variety bootleg recording. But Fuego Entertainment says the recordings were legally made. Fuego, president Hugo Cancio said: don't claim that these were just bootlegged. It's not like today, that you just go in with a phone or a blackberry and you record...

Hilton, NYC. Search Engine Strategies

March 17-20, 2008. Hilton and Towers of New York City invites participants and guests to the annual Conference and Expo 'Search Engine Strategies'-- the leading international conference series for webmasters, digital agencies, online marketers, corporate decision makers.
It is Conference Welcome and Opening Keynote by Nick Carr, author of The Big Switch: Rewining the World, from Edison to Google; Introduction to Search Engine Marketing; Converting Visitors into Buyers; Ads in a Quality Score World; Domaining; Address Bar-Driving Traffic; Search Advertising Goes Mobile; Local Search Marketing Tactics; Ad Copy & Landing Page Clinic; and much more...
March 19, Conference begins with Morning Keynote: Gordon McLeod: Search Has Changed Everything... And So Can You.
March 20, Morning Keynote by Andrew Tomkins, Chief Scientist at Yahoo! Search...
Companies-Participants (over 100):
Google, @Web Ste Publicity, 1800-Free411, 24/7 Real Media,, Acquisio, Acronym Media, Ad Marketplace, Adapt Technologies, Adeffective, AdGooroo,,, B2B Magazine, Best Of The Web, blinkx, Blogsvertise, Bruce Clay,, DoubleClick/Performics, eZanga, hakia Inc, GoEcard, iContact,, Listrak, Microsoft, media Traffic Agency, Orange Soda, Pop Labs, SageRock, Yahoo!, Widemile, Worldtracker,, Seo Inc, SendTraffic, etc. ....

Revolution Pipe Bomb

On Thursday, March 13, Participant Inc. launched Revolution Pipe Bomb fragrance, a colaborative limited edition by Jelena Behrend and Lisa Kirk, designed exclusively for Participant Inc.
Fashioned in platinum, 14k gold, and sterling silver, Revolution Pipe Bomb is a hand-crafted precious metal decanter. Revolution Pipe Bomb is a luxury fragrance, produced in colaboration with Symrise Perfumers. Revolution fragrance was developed based on the memory of the smell of revolution... And the final solution contains the odor of tear gas, burnt rubber, gasoline, smoke, decaying flesh. But... in this case it smells good.
A portion of the purchase of the edition is tax deductible, and contributes derectly to Participant Inc. program.
Samples and related packaging will be featured in a sculptural display unit reminiscent of Kirk's recent smoking Revolution perfume laboratory, installed upside down at PS1 Contemporary Art Center this fall. Related "marketing items," including a silk-screened bandana - to be born as face mask - depicting an exploded view of the Revolution Pipe Bomb will be featured as other photographic elements derived from the Revolution project...

Contemporary Art: The Affordable Art Market

First held in 1999, the ‘Affordable Art Fair’, as its name suggests, believes in art accessible to everyone. The fair focuses on contemporary works priced at under GBP 3,000, around EUR 4,000. Its growing success has seen the principle extended to Bristol, Amsterdam, Paris, NY, Sydney, Melbourne.
The forthcoming spring Affordable Art Fair will see 120 galleries exhibit in London’s Battersea Park between 12 March - 16 March. To coincide with this event, takes a look at this market segment, in which today’s new collectors often take their 1st steps.
Based on the Affordable Art Fair budget of less than GBP 3,000, a collector can access nearly 64% of the art market at auction. With 5.2% of sale volumes, contemporary works sold for under GBP 3,000 still remain marginal compared with modern or antique art.
In the field of contemporary art, the most recent works are often restricted to the primary market. It frequently takes several years for an emerging artist to make his or her debut in the secondary market . Unless, they rapidly rise to prominence thanks to extensive media coverage...

Asian Contemporary Art Week in NYC, (ACAW)

Sat March 15- Mon March 24, 2008 -
46 NYC museums and galleries join together to focus on Asian Contemporary Art. Over 100 Artists present their works at 60 special events, including receptions, exhibition viewings, screenings, artist conversations and walkthroughs.
New to ACAW is Artists in Conversation, a series of talks given by 35 leading and emerging artists speaking about their works and sharing their concepts and inspirations. Featured artists hail from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and, for the first time, from the Middle East: Lebanon, Palestine and Israel.

Jastine & Ladies

Timberlake, 27, keeps expanding his reach in Hollywood. The former boy-bander has released two ambitious solo albums; appeared in the films "Alpha Dog" and "Black Snake Moan"; and voiced a character in last year's animated blockbuster "Shrek the Third."
Now Justin Timberlake is producing an NBC pilot about a bachelor who strikes out with the ladies. The Grammy-winning pop star is an executive producer on "My Problem with Women," which follows thirtysomething Jose as he attempts to understand his romantic failures through therapy sessions. The show is based on "Mi Problema con las Mujeres," a Peruvian TV comedy. Reveille, the production company headed by Ben Silverman before he became NBC's entertainment chief last year, developed the BBC series "The Office" for NBC & the Spanish-language telenova "Ugly Betty" for ABC.

Porsche 911 Turbo

There are drivers who can afford it & want to be seen on the road in the new convertible version of the Porsche 911 Turbo, which was introduced last fall as a 2008 model. To satisfy the curiosity or outrage of those who do see them, here are some observations from a weekend spent driving this Porsche.
In these turbo cabriolets, as in all its cars, Porsche has wrapped luxury-car aesthetics around a racing machine.
The interior feels more spare and sturdy than sumptuous. Yet a few minutes in the seat make clear that no detail of comfort & convenience has been omitted. Even the most banal accessory, cup holders (which old-timers disdain, yet sometimes secretly yearn for) are included, deftly concealed behind a slim dropdown panel in the dash.
Just cruising around city with the top closed, the car is restrained and mannerly, even with the six-speed manual transmission. A 5-speed Tiptronic S is available. Comfort and adjustability of seats and steering, dizzying selection of goodies and doodads - of course it’s all here..

Consoli In Long Island
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Ms. Consoli slipped into New York City for a concert Thursday night in Long Island City, Queens, at the La Guardia Performing Arts Center’s Mainstage Theater. She introduced songs in fluent English. The rapt audience was full of Italian-speaking fans.
Ms. Consoli is a remarkable combination of rocker & intellectual. She sings about invented characters: an AIDS patient in “Per Niente Stanca” (“Not Tired at All”), an older woman obsessed with plastic surgery in “Contessa Miseria” (“Countess Misery”). She does it with passion and immediacy, in a voice that holds sorrow, compassion and strength.
In the albums she has released over the past 12 years, Ms. Consoli has sung defiant pop-rock along the lines of Alanis amorissette or Shakira and dipped into smoother pop, sometimes with a Latin tinge. As she has grown more popular, she has revealed more local roots. “Eva Contro Eva” looks toward the traditional music of her native Sicily and its Mediterranean environs, with acoustic instruments and hints of folk tunes...

Wednesday, April 30. Asheville For Art Lovers

Independent arrivals and check-in to the relaxed elegance of the Inn on Biltmore Estate, nestled inside the magificent parklands of the Biltmore Estate. Program begins with a mid-afternoon gathering of the group in the hotel for introductions, and a brief distribution of tour information packets.
1st visit is to the Folk Art Center, home to the Southern Highland Craft Guild. There will be a curatorial "highlight" tour of the permanent collection and current exhibitions, showcasing Guild artists working in traditional and contemporary crafts of the Southern Appalachian region. A group "Welcome Dinner" wil follow at a fine local restaurant... For reservations contact: 1-800-459-2706

Kenny G & His Way
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The G-man saw no point in following other older artists like Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow down the well-worn path of playing cover tunes. He arranged a divorce from Arista Records in order to return to making original music. Kenny G said that all his success in the past have always been his original compositions played the way that he plays and people seem to connect with that. He lost sight of that a little bit and he is glad to be going back to his roots and re-establishing the integrity that he've had in his music. His new CD "Rhythm & Romance" (his debut for Concord/Starbucks Entertainment) is not only the 51-year-old saxophonist's 1st album of original music since 2002. It finds him exploring new territory in Latin music. His inspiration came from the jazz bossa nova recordings by Cannonball Adderley & Stan Getz that the young Kenny Gorelick heard growing up in Seattle...

March 5th - June 29. Art Machines At The Tinguely Museum

The exhibition opens with 20th century works by Jean Tinguely that raise the issue of the machine as an independent creative apparatus in the most original manner. His Méta-Matics that were 1st exhibited in Paris in 1959 & earned him his international renown are motor-driven drawing machines that enable the spectator to produce abstract drawings.
Grouped around it is a selection of works that share a common trait: the creative act is delegated by the artist to the machine - a process that was only possible at the end of the Second World War when a generation of young artists appeared on the scene & broke with one of the best kept taboos of European art: the concept of the original work of art. The selection reflects this process in the most various art media such as painting, drawing, sculpture, video & ends with the greatest “art machine” ever, the World Wide Web, without, however, affording a definitive answer.

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