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News From Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Largest boat at 50th Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show (October 29 - November 2, 2009), the Trident created to charter and synthesizes 6 decades of Feadship excellence and experience into a superlative yacht that offers luxury and comfort, and was designed to provide with unprecedented level of service. Each area of the modern classic interior has been designed to reflect the fabulous taste and calm and refined mix of colors and texture. This 214’ (65.22m) full displacement, motor yacht was built in 2009, naval architect - De Voogt Naval Architects, exterior and interior styling by Donald Starkey Design.
Three very individual and different yachts were launched this year by Lurssen: the 1st yacht is the 60 m Arkley, which premiered at this year Monaco yacht Show. Espen Oeino has successfully created a very voluminous yacht, which accommodate all of the owner’s requirements and still maintains sleek and strikingly elegant lines. She built in full accordance with the rules of Lloyds Register and MCA.
The second yacht, 75m Northern Star was delivered in October. Espen Oeino gave to this boat a very traditional appearance.
The third yacht to be launched is the 110m Radiant. She was an exterior design by Tim Heywood and an interior by Glen Pushelberg.
The subtle beauty of shell has been used for centuries on many applications including jewelry and musical instruments. Turnstyle Designs have introduced a range of natural shell inlaid into door levels and cabinet handles that are bound to cause a stir. Mother of Pearl and Paua are currently in stock with new shell inlays being introduced soon, all inlays come from sustainable sources in keeping with Turnstyles strict environmental policies. Available in the Ski and Recess ranges, in a full choice of metal plated backgrounds, the new range offers a rich and luxurious alternatives.

Prince Harming Syndrome: Break Bad Relationship

Hammond AtlasPrince Harming Syndrome: Break Bad Relationship Patterns for Good -- 5 Essentials for Finding True Love (and they’re not what you think!) by Karen Salmansohn published by QNY, an imprint of the Hammond World Atlas Corporation in 2009.
Happiness depends upon ourselves (Aristotle). Karen Salmansohn used to suffer from what she calls Prince Harming Syndrome - the tendency to date “bad boys”. But one day, by accident she met psychoanalyst who pushed her to search deeply for why she’s with Prince Harming; he suggested to get out while she can. Psychoanalyst said he recognizes the man she’s with is emotionally abusive and sounds like a classic control freak with sadistic tendencies, and she is a classic masochist. . . But masochists always have the most hope for change because they always blame themselves, he said. And Karen changed her life. In this book, the author calls to action for knowing how to recognize the important difference between Prince Charming and Prince Harming by recognizing the difference between pleasure (immediate gratification of the ego and body) and happiness (stimulating and inspiring your soul).
Karen Salmansohn is a best-selling author and is been written up in the New York Times, the Walls Street Journal, and many others. She has appeared on The View, The Today Show and other TV programs.

News From Bolchazy-Carducci

This October, Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers officially launched its first application on Apple's iTunes App Store. An app is a small computer program for use with Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. Bolchazy-Carducci's inaugural app, Latin Proverbs, contains 1,188 proverbs, aphorisms, mottoes, and more in Latin and in English from ancient authors, the Bible, and modern thinkers as well. A random proverb greets the user every time the app is launched on an iPhone or second generation iPod Touch. Users can then swipe the screen to read more.
Users of "Latin Proverbs" can set their language preferences, too. Proverbs can display in Latin with macra (long marks), English, Latin/English, or English/Latin. Users can also browse the database of proverbs by subject, by author, or by work. Over 90 authors and 125 texts appear in the app along with hundreds of keywords. Classical, Medieval, and Vulgate Latin are all used, following the scope of Latin from Classical giants like Cicero to the masterpiece of St. Jerome's Vulgate Bible. Later proverbs include those quotables both written and said by Christopher Marlowe, Francis Bacon, Theodore Roosevelt, and more.
The app is based on Latin Proverbs: Wit and Wisdom of the Ancients, originally published by Bolchazy-Carducci in 2003. Andrew Reinhard, Bolchazy's Director of eLearning and co-developer of Latin Proverbs, explained that for the first app, "I wanted to develop something for a general audience. Everyone can benefit from reading some of the greatest thoughts from some of the greatest thinkers in history. The fact that these are in Latin and in translation can also appeal to those teachers and students of the language as well as to people with a love of Classics and Classical civilization."
Future app development is likely, and Reinhard is looking at perhaps making an app version of Artes Latinae, Latin flashcards and quizzes in support of Bolchazy-Carducci's textbooks, and a Latin game with contemporary graphics, sound, and gameplay.
To learn more about the app, or to purchase it for your iPhone or iPod Touch, click this link to launch the iTunes App Store: The app retails for $1.99 and is available globally.

MIT Press: Cognitive Biology

Cognitive BiologyCognitive Biology: Evolutionary and Developmental Perspective on Mind, Brain, and Behavior, edited by Luca Tommasi, Mary A. Peterson, and Lynn Nadel published by MIT Press in 2009. Biology is becoming the leading science in this century. The progress in biology depends on interactions between empirical research, theory building, and modeling. By promoting the formulation and discussion of new theoretical concepts in the biosciences, this title intends to help fill the gap in our understanding of some of the major open questions of biology, such as the origin and organization of organism form, the relationship between development and evolution, and the biological bases of cognition and mind. The editors of and contributors to this book hope to make the reader more familiar with the evo-devo approach, by presenting current research in a fashion that when seen from afar will convey the general picture of “cognitive biology”, but when seen from nearby will preserve the level of detail essential to the sciences of brain, mind, and behavior.

New Book: Field Guide to Environmental Engineering for Development Workers with Foreword by Jimmy Carter

With foreword by Jimmy Carter, by ASCEField Guide to Environmental Engineering for Development Workers: Water, Sanitation, and Indoor Air by James R. Mihelcic, Ph.D., Lauren M. Fry, Elizabeth A. Myre, Linda D. Phillips, P.E., Brian D. Barkdoll, Ph. D., P.E. with foreword by President Jimmy Carter published by ASCE PRESS in 2009. “ Peace falls under the general umbrella of many things: freedom, democracy, human rights, the alleviation of suffering, and the improvement of environmental quality and health. Yet it is global health that connect us all.” This important book contains the necessary information and knowledge which will help people to improve the lives of their families, their communities, and their countries. A large amount of the knowledge presented in this title was generated by engineering students who are graduates of a Master’s International Capstone Design course founded by Dennis Magolan and Linda Phillips. This fully illustrated book is a complete guide for international engineering service projects that involve watersheds, sanitation systems, water supply and treatment, and indoor air quality. The authors explain how environmental engineering fosters public health and covers the topographical surveying, project planning, construction materials and techniques. James R. Mihelcic, Ph.D., BCEEM, is a professor of civil and environmental engineering, a State of Florida 21st Century World Class Scholar, and director of the Master’s International Program in Civil and Engineering at the University of South Florida. Lauren M. Fry is a doctoral candidate in environmental engineering at Michigan Technological University. Elizabeth A. Myre has managed sanitation, water, and renewable energy projects with NGOs in Haiti and Guatemala. Linda Phillips, P.E., P.M.P., C.D.T., is a lecturer and panel associate I the Department of civil and Environmental Engineering and director of the International capstone design program at the University of South Florida. Brian D. Narkdoll, Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE, F.ASCE, is an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Michigan Technological University.

Living Green: The Missing Manual

  • Book cover of Living Green: The Missing ManualLiving Green: The Missing Manual by Nancy Conner published by O’Reilly in 2009. Climate change is making the seas rise and the weather change, and threatening biodiversity. There isn’t enough clean water in many parts of the world. Earth is home to an interconnected series of ecosystems that maintain an astonishing variety of life, but the planet faces some major changes. This title tells you specific things you can do every day to live a green life and save this planet one step at a time. This important book gives plenty of reasons to think about impact on the planet, its real focus is practical suggestions for making your impact a positive one. Author Nancy Conner holds a Ph.D. from Brown University and is the author of numerous books.
Pratt Institute, New York: Design Jazz & Pratt Falls

Inspired by the newly created Center for Sustainable Design Studies and Research (CSDS) led by Deb Johnson, this exhibition in two parts will document both theoretical and creative approaches to the design and interpretation of urban streets as well as document the process of a local realized urban design project. In August of 2009 the Pratt Manhattan Gallery was transformed into a design studio where three invited guests met and worked. The cross-disciplinary design trio of Amy Guggenheim, artist, writer, filmmaker and professor; Mitchell Joachim, architect, designer and co-founder Terreform ONE; and Leon Reid IV, street artist, teacher, and Pratt alumnus met to discuss, and theorize the design of the “street”

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