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July, 2007
Get Undressed!

Enviromental group Greenpeace said on its web site Wednesday that the appeal by New York artist Spencer Tunick, famous for taking pictures of thousands of naked people in public settings worldwide, is intended for a photo shoot to highlight the effects of climate change on Switzerland shrinking glaciers. Greenpeace said that if global warming continues at its current pace, most Swiss glaciers'll disappear by 2080. The photo shoot, which follows Tunick's previous shoots in London, Mexico City, Amsterdam, will take place in August at an undisclosed location in Switzerland. Prospective candidates from further afield'll have to start making travel arrangements now. Greenpeace said, that they aim to make this a climate friendly event.

6th Sense. Death And Cat Oscar. RI

Oscar the Cat visits residents of the Steere House Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Providence, RI. Then the staff jumps into action - Oscar can sense when someone is about to die. In his 2 years living in Steere's end-stage dementia unit, Oscar has been at the bedside of more than 25 residents shortly before they died, according to Dr David Dosa of Brown University in Providence. He wrote about Oscar in the New England Journal of Medicine. Dr Joan Teno, a professor of community health at Brown University, who sees patients in the unit said that it's not that the cat's consistently there 1st. But the cat always does manage to make an appearance, & it always seems to be in the last few hours. Raised at the nursing home since he was a kitten, Oscar often checks in on residents, but when he curls up for a visit, physicians & nursing home staff know it's time to call the family...

Larry King

Thursday at 9 p.m. at Larry King Live: the 1st blind person to reach the top of Mt. Everest, the athlete who's still competing after losing a leg to a near fatal accident & was left quadraplegic by another. A triple amputee with a 15% chance to live who's about to become a doctor, & more. Extraordinary people, inconceivable odds.

The Australian Record. Art

Painting "Warlugulong" by the late Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri sold for $2.1 million at an auction of aboriginal art in Melbourne, Australia. The head of aboriginal art for Sotheby's, Tim Klingender said that the painting was a really great painting, & it deserved to make a really fantastic price and it made that price. He said, it will be a while before this record is probably broken. This sale more than doubled the previous record of A$1.06 million, paid in May for "Earth's Creation" by Emily Kame Kngwarreyei. "Warlugulong" is considered Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri's greatest work & depicts artist's vision of the world's creation. Artist died in 2002. He lived most of his life in his ancestral lands in remote central Australia, where he was a master of the Western Desert style of painting. He used thousands of tiny dots to create traditional images. "Warlugulong" was not always so well valued. The artist earned A$1,200 for his art work when it was 1st sold in 1977. It was later bought by Australia's Commonwealth Bank. There it ended up on display in a training center staff cafeteria. Its last owner, art dealer Hank Ebes, bought "Warlugulong" in 1996 for A$36,000 and has hung it in his home for the past decade. Australia's aboriginal art industry was worth between A$100 to A$300 million, with about 6,000 artists in more than 80 remote communities. The value of aboriginal art has risen 40 to 50 % a year for a decade & mass-produced fake aboriginal paintings were now entering the market to cash in on the boom. The latest auction sold 286 aboriginal art works for a total of A$8.2 million.

Thompson & Pinder

This week the Bahamas Journal confirmed CNN exclusive report that Howard K. Stern can move forward to ask the Bahamas Supreme Court to throw South Carolina developer G. Ben Thompson & his lawyer, Godfrey “Pro” Pinder, in jail for contempt of court. As CNN reported in a worldwide web exclusive on CNN & on ETonline last week, a court order says Thompson & Pinder can be sued (& possibly jailed) for violating 2 court injunctions barring them from entering Horizons when they tried to evict the lawyer -turned estate executor & his long-time companion. After Anna N. Smith had a brief fling with Thompson, he provided her with a $950,000 mansion. Whether payback was agreed on, the late reality star considered it a gift; GBT said she promised to pay when she could.

Harry Potter

Midnight can't come soon enough for Harry Potter fans. "Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows," the last of the famed 7-book series, goes on sale at 12:01 a.m. Saturday. Fans have already started lining up at book stores around the world.

The International Immigrant Foundation

New York City. Edward Juarez, President & Founder of the International Immigrants Foundation welcomed representatives of the government & members of the multicultural media at this year's inaugural Media Breakfast Series. On this occasion, the speaker was Saul Gitlin, VP of Strategic Research for Kang Lee Advertising, who brilliantly addressed the impact of the new wave of immigrants in the consumer's market. Through a remarkable analysis of the multicultural populations in the United States and the reposition of the corporations targeting the new markets , Gitlin emphasized on the need to understand the challenges that characterize the new generations of the multicultural communities. With great interest the audience participated in this dialogue that reached a new perspective in the immigrant's population changing the consumer's market equation, with special emphasis on the growing Hispanic and Asian markets where minorities are now becoming majorities. In the words of Edward Juarez "Once more the analysis of the economic and social consequences of the immigrants population in the nation, reaffirm the need to elaborate a proper legislation for the millions of immigrants that continuously contribute to the development and enrichment of our society." Mr. Juarez announced the next event to be held at the International Immigrants Foundation will be a round table on July 30, on his experiences and conclusions from the Global Forum on Immigration that he attended on Belgium., and invited those who were interested in attending to contact the International Immigrants Foundation .

New York City Award

He took a job at the New York City Sanitation Department as a stopgap measure, a way of biding his time while he looked for something better. He recalled that back then, as he sketched out renovation plans for locker rooms, he had said to himself: “Where is my career going to go? What am I doing here?” 25 years later, Mr. Friedlander, 50, is still at the Sanitation Department. The work turned out to be more interesting than he had anticipated. He was promoted from assistant architect through other jobs to project manager, then ultimately to director of special projects. Now he is to receive a special award from the city’s Art Commission “for the quality of design that he consistently brings to the Department of Sanitation’s capital projects.” The commission, which reviews permanent works of art, architecture & landscape architecture on city-owned property, will also hand out awards for 2007 to projects including the Glen Oaks Branch of the Queens Library, by Marble Fairbanks Architects; the new family center for Homeless Services, by Polshek Partnership Architects; & the new TKTS booth in Duffy Square, by Choi Ropiha, Perkins Eastman & William Fellows Architects. Mr. Friedlander is being recognized for a body of work that includes a sanitation garage with a curved “wave wall” on 12th Avenue, from 55th to 57th Streets, which previously won a design award from the commission; & a salt-storage shed with translucent tent fabric in Far Rockaway, Queens, which had also won...

Soccer Star

David Beckman said Friday that he was taking on the biggest challenge of his career, after being introduced as the newest member of the LA Galaxy. About 5,000 fans, hordes of photographers, LA Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa attended the news conference. The stylish star was showered with confetti as he held his No. 23 jersey up to his gray suit. His wife Victoria, known as as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls. Beckman called coming to America one of the biggest challenges he has ever taken on in his career. That career includes 11 years on England's national team, stints on storied football clubs Manchester United & Real Madrid. He said that in the States, soccer could be as big as it is everywhere else around the world. And he's proud to be a part of that. He's going to be a part of that for the next 5 years & maybe for a few more years later.

Friday The 13th: Bad Or Good?

Home - NeoPopRealism Journal
oday, the concept of Friday the 13th has been extended through the 'black Friday' concept to incorporate anything really bad that happens on a Friday. In history there have been a number of events that happened on a Friday & are known as Black Friday. Some historians propose that the origin of the "Black Friday" was the simultaneous arrest of hundreds of Knights Templars on October 13, 1307, Friday, to be later tortured into "admitting" heresy. Other uses of the term include: Black Friday, a name used for any Friday which falls on the 13th of a month. Black Friday, the Friday preceding Easter, also known as Good Friday or God Friday. Black Friday (shopping), the day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States, the first shopping day of the Christmas season and one of the busiest shopping days of the year "Black Friday" is the name given to the last Friday before Christmas in the United Kingdom. It is a day when widespread anti-social behaviour due to public alcohol consumption is expected to occur, and police are given additional powers to combat it. Black Friday (1940 film), a science-fiction/horror film starring Boris Karloff, Stanley Ridges and Bela Lugosi; Black Friday (2005 film), a Hindi film on the 1993 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, directed by Anurag Kashyap...

Time Warner - Samsung Experience

The Samsung Experience at NYC' Columbus Circle is an interactive space showcasing Samsung's vision of digital convergence. And not only... July 11th, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm - Musical Wednesdays with Jazz at Lincoln Center. Join Samsung Experience for an evening of great live jazz. July 30th, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm - Mobile Monday, New York. Originally founded in Finland in 2000, Mobile Mondays is a global mobile community that has spread around the world through a largely grassroots effort.
New product arrivals: Samsung's HT-TXQ120 will complete your high-definition home theater experience. Thrill to the power of 1000 watts of surround sound, enhanced by Dolby Digital®, Dolby Pro Logic® and DTS decoders...


Lets refresh our memory. You probably remember how Olivia Newton-John, the pert, wholesome pop thrush, rocketed to film stardom opposite John Travolta in the Hollywood version of the musical “Grease.” That was in 1978. A mere 2 years later she roller-skated into oblivion in a fabulously insipid turkey called “Xanadu.” It didn’t do much for Gene Kelley's career. “Xanadu” helped kill the “Grease”- born movie musical revival right quick, & the film now resides under toxic lockdown at Netflix shipping centers across the country. Why would anyone deem it necessary, or even worthwhile, to pay lavish mock homage to a dreadful movie by exhuming it for exhibition onstage? Has the American musical theater reached such a nadir of inspiration? Douglas Carter Beane, the impish playwright who has ingeniously adapted the screenplay for the stage (while wearing a Hazmat suit), trumps hectoring queries by acknowledging the inanity of the enterprise himself. In his adorably ditzy new book for the musical, Mr. Beane posits 1980, the year “Xanadu” dawned & the year in which the stage version is set, as a cultural turning point. “Creativity shall remain stymied for decades. The theater? They’ll just take some stinkeroo movie or some songwriter’s catalog, throw it onstage & call it a show.”

Museum Of Young Art, Vienna

MOYA - Museum of Young Art
Situated at Ring boulevard - Vienna's most magnificent road - next to Burgtheater, a recently opened Museum presents contemporary European art.Vienna's first Museum of Young Art of the 21st Century (MOYA) presents contemporary works from the year 2000 to 2006. MOYA lies in the heart of Vienna in the Belle Etage of an exclusive palace in the city from where you can enjoy a view over the city hall & Burgtheater. It's an ideal location for holding workshops, receptions, seminars, meetings, & many other events. The museum offers the arrangement of the complete organisation of event, including technology, social programme, furniture, catering, & many other extras. The representative individual salons, seminar - and reception areas cover an area of 600 m². The selected works of young artists offer a refreshing contrast to the classicist style of the palace...

Brigitte Activist

She was the object of desire for most of the male population in the 1950's & 60's. & was one of the 1st actresses to earn the title "sex kitten." Now, Brigitte Bardot uses her status to bring publicity to the animal rights campaigns that she's spearheading, protesting the abuse of creatures such as seal cubs & dogs. In an exclusive interview, CNN talked to this star-turned-activist about Cannes, her career, her recent work promoting the humane treatment of animals... Brigitte Bardot said about her 1st impressions of Cannes & 1955 & about her most precious memories of the festival that it is dream & glamour. At the time of her first visit in 1953, she followed her hasband Vadim as a reporter on an American airplane carrier en route to Cannes. On board, the commandant received Leslie Caron, Lana Turner, Gary Cooper, Kirk Douglas, lots of others for a party. Totally unknown, very intimidated, Bardot hid behind Vadim when the commandant greeted her & shouted to the crew in the middle of the bridge, "That's Brigitte!" Not knowing how to answer, she said, "Hello, men!" Everyone went crazy. The sailors lifted her up & carried Brigitte around in triumph, shouting, "Bridget! Bridget!" They had no idea who she was because she was nobody...
June, 2007
Delta: Never Bored

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Who says flying has to be the way itis? Everything has to change. Why watch anything less than your favorite shows? Delta now rolling out HBO in its seatback, so next time you fly you may be flying with some real characters, not just some guy in seat 19C. Delta updated its website. They introduced flight-status text alerts. Delta installed more kiosks for smoother check-in. They now offer 24 channels of live TV, over 1600 mp3s, video games & movies on demand on select flights. Shaken cocktails have a place, & that's place is now 30,000 feet above sea level...

New York, Apple Store:
iPhone!!!!!!!! +

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June 29, 6 p.m. the Apple Store, 5th Avenue between 58th & 59th Street will offer new product - IPhone. This phone will rock the world. Customers are waiting in line already... Join NY Apple Store for Midnight Mix. To celebrate summer 2007.Apple Store has invited influential DJs top spin the beats that keep them on track. Select Friday nights, June through September, 12:00 midnight to 2:00. Diplowill perform July 13; T&T, August 3;Spank Rock, September 21. Space is limited: be sure to arrive early...

CornerHouse of Manchester, U.K.

Two new exhibitions, ARTRADIO & Rachel Davies: The Assembly, open this Saturday.This time round, Cornerhouse branches out into a new domain with ARTRADIO, a temporary space for radio art, & art for radio. The Radio will broadcast online and on FM on 106.5 (FM license until 26 July)And to celebrate foray into radio broadcasting, Corner House'll be partying late into the night on Fri 13 July during Longnight, with live performances, DJs & visuals in our Galleries & Café until 2 in the morning, all broadcast live on ARTRADIO.In Gallery 3, Rachel Davies: The Assembly is a new installation by award-winning experimental filmmaker Rachel Davies & a Manchester Firsts Commission for Manchester International Festival.Why not do "the rounds" of Manchester's (U.K.) exhibition previews? A new exhibitionis openingat the Chinese Art Centreon the same day as new shows. Get your fill of the town's cultural life in one evening & visit both galleries.NEW EXHIBITIONS AND EVENTSGallery opening times: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 - 18:00; Thursday until 20:00; Sunday 14:00-18:00. Closed Mondays.ARTRADIO/ARTRADIO+In Gallery 1 & 2Residencies: Diana McCarty & Pit Schultz (Berlin); Open Music Archive: Eileen Simpson & Ben White (London); David Blandy (London). Curated by Helen Wewiora.

Die Hard

The movie Live Free, Or Die Hard premieres in Japan on June 23. It opens in the U.S. & elsewhere on June 27. In Tokyo Bruce Willis says that he's glad to be back doing action films. At 52, he admitted that surviving "Live Free or Die Hard" was no easy task.He said that it was a really hard film to make. A year ago when started making this film, the risk factor was very high. There was a hi possibility of failure. The latest installment in the Die Hard series revolves around a planned cyber-terror attack on the U.S., with Bruce Willis teaming up with Justin Long, who plays a computer hacker, to thwart the evil Mai, Hong Kong star Maggie Quigley (who is better known as Maggie Q.)Brucenoted that the movie's director, Len Wiseman, was just 16 years old when the 1st Die Hard was released in 1988 -- evidence that, as the name suggests, the movie has staying power.He said het now people can see him as a 32-year-old actor & as a 52-year-old actor. People can also see Willis get beat up by a woman. He said that this is the 1st time he's fought against a woman in a film & lost.


DataArt is voted Top 4 Emerging Global Service Provider by Global Services 100. Now Russia is one of the emerging key players in the world IT market, & names several established players in the Russian segment, with DataArt among them. Russia has the right combination of expertise, talent and cost to be location of choice for developing financial technology. Firm DataArt has engineers in St. Petersburg & a head office in NY. DataArt announcing strong results. The company continued its growth & increasing revenue, expanding development capacity... For more info on DataArt visit SIFMA technology exhibit & conference at Hilton (NYC) hotel June 19-21.

"Newly Released": Talented & Professional Work

June 15 - 30, 2007 School of Visual Arts (SVA) plresents "Newly Released", an exhibition featuring thesis projects by 25 students in the MFA Photography, Video & Related Media Department, including video instalations & documentary & conceptual photographic work, which is realy good. Curated by Marvin Heiferman, the exhibit'll be on view at the Visual Arts Gallery, 601 West 26 Street, New York City. The 25 graduates have been charged over the past 2 years with developing a personal vision, & product...

The Cat In Art

Art historianStephano Zuffi make clear in The Cat In Art,recently published by Harry N. Abrams, the cat's a scenestealer who show that order & anarchy're separated by only a whisker. Leonardo da Vinci believed that the cats could hardly be improved on. Even the smallest specimen, he said, was a "Masterpiece." It might account for the cat prevalence in art. But its function's never merely decorative. During the Middle Ages, a black cat became a symbol of heresy & paganism. Some depictions of the Last Supper show a cat curled at the feet of Judas. During 20th century, the feline form lent itself equally well to the sinuous lines of Art Nouveau & the angularity of Cubism. Picasso, a confirmed dog lover, nonethless admiredthe untamed quality of feral cats...
Michael Moor's Sicko in Ziegfeld, NYC

Sicko preview had place in NYC today, June 18 in Ziegfeld Theater. Harvey Weinstein said that the reception to Sicko has been huge. It started at the Cannes Film Festival & has continued in the word-of-mouth & press screening around thecountry. He thinks Americans will embrace this film & he wants them to see it as soon as possible. Sicko'll play exclusively at the AMC-Loews Lincoln Square theater prior to its nationwide release on Friday, June 29th. Sneak previews of SICKO 'll be also available in 25 markets around the country the evening Saturday, June 24. SICKO's fully financed by The Weinstein Company. TWC has hired Lionsgate on a fee basis to distribute the film in US by Lionsgate. The film is produced by Meghan O'Hara & co-produced by Anne Moor. Kathleen Glynn, Bob Weinstein & Harvey Weinstein serve as executive producers.

Make Music. New York, June 21

It's a festival of hundreds of free concerts in parks & streets citywide. This day music'll be performed by anyone who wants to take part. Music'll be enjoyed by everyone who wants to attend. Around the world, june 21st - the summer solstice - has become a day of exuberant music-making. Since the first "Fete de la Musique" was held in France in 1982, more than 340 cities around the globe have joined the annual celebrations withtheir own "Make Music" events... Rome, Toronto, Barselona, Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney, Berlin, Buenos Aires... & starting this year, all 5 boroughs of NewYork City. On June 21st, from 11 in the morning until 10 P.M., Metropolitan Opera singers, church choirs, Salsa bands, punk rockers, string quarters, high school bands, underground MCs, Tuvan throat singers, & circuit-bending experimentalists'll be performing in streets, parks, plazas, gardens, & cemeteries. 100s're listed in the following pages & more're signing up every day!..

New Art-$ Record?

Damien HirstBritish artistDamien Hirst's latest creation's a platinum skull encrusted with over 8,000 diamonds. Price tag is $98,000 000.00. This work's the world's most expensive contemporary artwork. And it's on sale this month. Cast from a real 18th century skull, piece includes the sceleton's original teeths. This piece is meant to be laughing in death's face, and looks very optimistic. Who'll be the lucky buyer???

The Most-Heard, Least-Known, Composers in America

Heard by over 100 million viewers each night, Stephen Arnold Music'sthe trusted leader in original music for networks & cable channels. Providing music for promo & ID pachages, image campaigns & network & channel launches, Stephen Arnold Musicseeks out that musical distinction that captures the audiences' imagination.But beyond bold scorching instrumentation, melodies & unparalleled production, there's something else you don't know. Something special. It's musical touch that becomes your unmistakable audio signature. That something's what they call Sonic Branding. No one signs your graphics. No one whistes your animation. No one hums your announcer. But they do hear your music - day & night... That's why Stephen Arnold Musicdelivers an unmistakable & distinctive sound to network & cable channels. A sound that instantly memorable as a soundscape for your network & channel's signature. You could join Stephen Arnold Music at Grand Ballroom of Hilton - New York & win 1975 vintage Martin D-35 guitar from Stephen's personal collection June 14, 2007!

Hilton, NYC

615 Music creates original news/sounds design for clients worldwide. They produced over 60 news music pacages with distinctive & memorable sonic brands for leading stations & networks. Theirs music's currently being heard on major networks & stations such as ABC-TV, NBC-TV, WMAG-TV/Chicago, KCBS/KCAL-TV/ LA, Animal Planet, CNBC, and more. The combination of its news music pacages, scoring work, memorable image themes, & the 615 Music Library has helped over 300 stations around the globe build strong, identifable brands... Join 615 Music June 14, 2007 3rd floor, Hilton, NYC.

June 11, 2007. Two month anniversary

Today, June 11, 2007 NeoPopRealism Journal & Wonderpedia celebrates its two month anniversary. NeoPopRealism Journal was founded by NeoPopRealist artist Nadia Russ two month ago. It's free online publication & encyclopedia that everyone can edit. NeoPopRealism Journal's mission is publishing world news, cover stories & articles about arts, culture, economy, politics, celebrities, artists, movies... Today this publication's archives containe 65 articles & pages which can be used as a source of interesting & correct info. More yet to come. Readers & contributors welcome!

BMW 2007: Over 185 MPH

How do you keep your company filled with independent thinkers? You stay independent. Let's face it: being an idea person can be tough. It seems like everywhere you turn, barriers pop up. Bureaucracy, red tape, the "guys upstairs." It's a wonder any breakthrough ideas ever break through at all. At BMW ideas are everything. As an independent company, BMW has the freedom to stand by the leading-edge concepts of its designers & engineers. Green-lighting the idea to build an internal combustion engine powered by liquid hydrogen. This's no mere concept car. It's already complete. First 100 hydrogen cars released in January 2007, & the BMW H2R has broken speed records, traveling over 185 mph.

Running Out Of Ideas?

NeoPopRealism Journal Andreas Gursky was the perfect pre-9/11 artist. His amazing picture of a convenience store goods, 99 Cent II, Diptych (2001), became the most expencive photo on history when it was aoctioned for over $3,3 million. Gursky exhibited 11 large pictures at Mattew Marks's W. 22 Street space & 4 more giants at the gallery's 24 Street address. Pictures were made in Thailand, Japan, Europe, Korea, the Middle East. His fizz has gone flat, the power has run low, the former buzz has become a drone. The times have changed, but Andreas still trying to render purring pre-9/11 space, where commerce ticked along without an undercurrent of fear... It's boring at the top...
NYC, Starbucks Iced Coffee Break. Iced Coffee On the House

NeoPopRealism JournalStarbucks Coffee Company's the leading retailer, roaster & brand of specialty coffee in the world, with over 9,000 retail locations in North America, Europe, Latin America,the Middle East, the Pacific Rim.
The Company's committed to offering the high quality coffee & theStarbucks Experience while conducting its business in ways that produce environmental,social, & economic benefits for communities. The Company produces & sells bottled Frappuccino coffee drinks, Starbucks DoubleShot coffee drink, & line of super premium ice creams through its joint venture partnerships. The Company's brand portfolio provides a wide variety of consumer products. Tazo Tea's line of innovative super premium teas & Hear Music's exceptional compact discs enhance the Starbucks Experience...
Brooklyn Museum of Art went... Viridian

One of the worst NYC Gallery "Viridian Artists" will have its 18 national juried exhibition... And Juror is... Charlotta Kotik, Curator of the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Periodically this museum pics up very unusual directions. What is that? Lack of curators' professionalism, or... Or this museum just can't stand pressure of agressive new millennium, which brought into a picture sometimes wild & "uncontrolled" artistic adventures & experiments, for example such as NeoPopRealism?.. Think NeoPopRealist, Charlotta! Create your live as a great adventurous (not Viridian) story.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis was initially disappointed that his fourth Die Hard film will likely be cut to get a PG-13 rating rather than an R. "I really wanted this one to live up to the promise of thefirst one, which i always thought was the only really good one," he said. It was almost two decades since Die Hard blasted into the action movie stratosphere, kicking off a billion-dollar-plus franchise & launching Bruce Willis into big-screen orbit. This month, as he plays John McClane for the 4th time, inLive Free or Die Hard, Peter Biskind finds him older, wiser, & more of a maverick than ever...

Don Van Vliet at Anton Kern Gallery

1987, Don Van Vliet
Thursday, May 31 Anton Kern Gallery, Chelsea, NYC opened exhibition of paintings by Don Van Vliet. "I don't paint according to any hard-and-fast rules. I just explode. Vegetation inspire me, but I like desert too. Don't listen music when I'm painting..."
Possibly Don Van Vliet is the greatest rock musician of all times, & certainly one of the most original & influential geniuses of the 20th century. Don Van Vliet also known as Captain Beefheart, completely erased all musical dogmas & simply reinvented music on his own terms. Formally, his style blends Delta blues, free-jazz, cacophonous avantgarde and rock and roll, but what is unique about Van Vliet's music is the oblique, skewed, manic, unpredictable and demented structure of his compositions.

Tensions between the United States & Russia reached a new peak Thursday, with Russian President Vladimir Putin accusing Washington of starting a new arms race over its plans to develop a missile defense shield in Europe. Vladimir Putin said Russia's testing of new intercontinental & cruise missiles, & it was a direct response to the U.S. plans. The tests, Putin said, were aimed at maintaining the balance of forces in the world. Vladimir Putin told reporters in Moscow in a joint news conference with Greek President Carolos Papoulias that his partners're filling eastern Europe with new weapons, what's he supposed to do? He cannot just observe all this. In his opinion, it's nothing different from 'diktat,' nothing different from imperialism, he said. Washington's currently discussing deployment of parts of the system with Czech Republic & Poland. The White House denied that a new Cold War is beginning & said the system's designed to defend allies vulnerable to ballistic missiles. White House spokesman Tony Snow said that Washington's trying to reassure Russia that the anti-missile system is a defensive deployment, not aggressive. In an interview with CNN Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that Moscow's fears're "ludicrous" & that the system's not aimed at gaining a strategic advantage over Russia.

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