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New York City: Art Basel - June 15-20

Art Basel, the modern and contemporary art fair will be holding its 42nd edition. Art Basel is considered by the experts as the main barometer. For the duo Allora & Calzadilla is a consecration. For others, it will be an opportunity to build themselves a reputation. Visitor will have opportunity to see in this Art Basel Art Unlimited, with its installations of large dimensions and Art Statement with some thirty young, almost unknown artists are presented.

New Books on Design From Wiley & Frances Lincoln

The Bad Tempered GardenerThe Bad Tempered Gardener by Anne Wareham,with photographs by Charles Hawes published by Frances Lincoln in 2011. Anne Wareham seeing gardening as a serious and challenging art form. It brought her at the extreme edge of contemporary discussion of gardens. This beautifully illustrated account is the story of her development of acclaimed garden in the Welsh borders, the Veddw. This is an intelligent and engaging book by thinking gardener. It unflinchingly conveys the hard work, challenges, triumphs and failures behind the creation and development of a substantial contemporary garden. Anne began like everyone else. Her first gardening attempt was on a bit of flat roof on the block of flats where she was living and climbed in and out of a window to set up and then care for miniature vegetable plot of pots. She succeeded in becoming the ‘elephant’ in garden. Anne Wareham has written exclusively on gardens for different newspapers and magazines and is founding member of thinking gardens, a group set up with the support of the Royal Horticultural Society to encourage serious discussion of gardens.
Cover image for product 0470475641Design For Flooding: Architecture, Landscape, and Urban Design for Resilience to Flooding and Climate Change by Donald Watson, FAIA, and Michelle Adams, P.E. published by Wiley in 2011. Human beings have became one of the most significant forces misusing water. The premise of this account is that water is a resource and not a problem and that many small, distributed projects are always better that one big. This book gives the reader an understanding of "why to" and a very thorough grasp of "how to" design with this critical resource. In the last 30 years, the conventional wisdom for dealing with water has turned around 180 degrees. Architects and planners are a hybrid of knowledge silos - part scientists, part engineer, part artist, and sometimes visionary - but able to be informed by the knowledge relevant to the time and mindful of the past. The chapters of this illustrated with photographs and designs' drawings title offer a detailed and engaging account of the natural system from regional watersheds, vernal ponds, micropores in soils that rely on the water balance and often the planning decision to be left alone to provide nature's free ecosystem services, and more. A portfolio of award-winning designs illustrates practical and visionary projects to prepare for a resilient future. This book covers technical and institutional issue. Donald Watson is an architect and planner, he is a former chair of the Yale School of Architecture Environmental Design Program, and former professor and dean of the School of Architecture, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Michelle Adams is a writer resources engineer and is principal and founder of Meliora Environmental Design in Kimberton, PA.
Cover image for product 0470575263Modern Schools: A Century of Design for Education by R. Thomas Hille AIA published by Wiley in 2011. This book explores the architectural potential of the modern school to create inspiring places for learning, it focuces on the underlying themes and characteristic features that support basic aspects of learning. The canon of great school design has a relatively short history compared to other project types, since schools as public institutions for universal education have been in existence only since the 19th century. This beautifully illustrated account is a comprehensive survey of modern K-12 schools from Frank Lloyd Wright to Morphosis, a study that explores the fundamental relationship between architecture, education, and the design of contemporary learning environments. The first of this kind, this survey is an essential and important source book for school planers, architects, educators, and anyone who interested in contemporary school design. It features the work of more than 60 architects worldwide, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Eliel and Eero Saarinen, as well as Morphosis, Behnisch & Partners, and Patkau Architects, and others. The Survey section is organized in 6 chapters:first is an introduction that outlines the development of the modern scholl, the next 5 chapters constitute
the survey itself, which is organized chronologically for historical perspective and thematic clarity. The first of these chapters includes early modern schools from the functionalist period of the 30s, followed by postwar modern schools of the 40s and 50s. Evolution of the modern school in the 60s and 70s is followed by more recent exampls from 80s up to today.
R. Thomas Hille, AIA is an author and architect, designer and educator, and researcher based in Seattle, Washington. He has designed a number of award-winning schools.

Today Moscow Is The City With The Most Billionaire Residents

Today Moscow is the city with the most billionaire residents in the world. But years ago, it would have been impossible to imagine. We used to think that it should be New York City, with its old money and Wall Street. In just one year, the Russian capital boasts 79 billionaires, an increase of 21. No. 2 is New York with 59 billionaires, and No. 3 - London with 41. Other cities in the top 15 include Mumbai, Taipei, Sao Paolo and Istanbul. Los Angeles is No. 8. Even so and despite New York's relegation to 2nd place, the city remains a favored of billionaires. The collective net worth is $221 billion. New York City boasts most expensive ZIP codes in the United States. Many Moscow residents own secondary homes in New York, including magnate Andrey Melnichenko, whose wife recently purchased a $12.2 million penthouse.The world's richest man, Carlos Slim has a $44 million mansion in Central Park, he purchased it last year.

Elizabeth Taylor House For Sell

The Elizabeth Taylor's Bel-Air home is now on market for $8.6 million. She lived there from 1981 until her death in March 2011. Watch recently made video:

Strauss-Kahn Was Released From the New York's Jail

Dominique Strauss-Kahn posted $1 million cash and $5 million bond today, Friday May 20, and a judge signed off on an order clearing him to be released from the Rikers Island jail. He will be housed temporarily in lower Manhattan. At least one armed guard will be watching him, he'll have to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet on his ankle. Strauss-Kahn apartment's exterior doors will be outfitted with alarms and video cameras under the terms of the judge's order. He won't be able to leave his temporary housing. When Dominique Strauss-Kahn settled somewhere permanent, he'll be allowed to leave for court dates, lawyer's meetings, doctor appointments and religious services. He will have to tell prosecutors where he's going 6 hours in advance.

George W. Bush Makes Millions in Speaking Fees

After declining to visit Ground Zero on May 5 with Barack Obama following the death of Osama bin Laden, G. W. Bush gave three paid speeches that week. Bush spokesman said that he has earned at least $15 million for nearly 140 paid speeches since he left office in Jan. 2009. It is an average of about $110,000 per speech. Bush is represented by the Washington Speakers Bureau.

New and Important Titles on Design and Architecture

Interior Graphic Standards (2nd Ed) by Corky Binggeli and Interior Graphic StandardsPatricia Greichen published by John Wiley & Sons in 2011. This completely updated edition secures its place as the comprehensive resource for interior architects and designers. It contains thousands of detail drawings and carefully researched text by experts in the field. With this book, designers will stay current with recent trends, this new edition includes expanded coverage of residential design, interior material energy use and environmental impact. Reader will find in this book updated coverage of sustainable design, eco-friendly materials, interior lighting design, and ADA Accessibility Guidelines. Recent developments in commercial design and construction are also included with basic building construction types. Inspired by creative designers who enhance the built environment, this title is the premier source of comprehensive design data for all aspects of commercial and residential interior practice. The goal of this book was to create the best source for the highest-quality information on building interior design. This second edition was completely updated and has been reorganized using the Construction Specifications Institute/Construction Specifications Canada UniFormat classifications.
Architect: The Work of the Pritzker Prize Laureates in Their Own WordsArchitect: The Work of the Pritzker Prize Laureates In Their Own Words by Ruth Peltason and Grace Ong-Yan (Editors) published by Black Dog and Leventhal in 2010. When we look at the distinguished buildings of our time -- some that we may inhabit in our everyday lives, seek out as tourists, or regards intellectually -- the physical architectural features draw us in. This is an uncommon book of architecture. So often writing on architecture is through the lens of a critic, scholar, or journalist. In this book, we look through the other end of the telescope and the results are illuminating. It is organized chronologically, taking as its starting point 2010 and retracing the laureates back to the debut of the Pritzker Prize in 1979 of that outspoken sophisticate, Philip Johnson. This important book speaks directly and passionately to each of us about our built world.
Guide to the LEED AP Building Design and Construction (BD&C) Exam (Wiley Series in Sustainable Design)Guide to the LEED AP: Building Design and Construction (BD+C) Exam by Michelle Cottrell published by Wiley in 2011. This book is the resource to prepare for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional Building Design + Construction exam. This account is organized into three parts as a method to break down the information one can expect to see on the exam. It is an ideal study guide for understanding. Written by expert who is a LEED consultant and partner at Green Education Services Guide, guide engages readers by breaking down difficult concepts in sustainable design and engineering in a clearly organized, straightforward manner that helps streamline the learning process. It is a valuable resource for anyone who needs to obtain the challenging LEED AP+ credential. It features an overview of the LEED Green Associate exam content including the LEED registration and certification process, a collection of sample test questions and study tips to reinforce learned material, an accessible and stimulating approach that foster quicker retention, a set of strategies for summarizing critical information and details more effectively, a wealth of material that includes drawings, charts, and more. Michelle Cottrell, LEED AP, is Vice President and Director of Education at Green Education Services. She is the founding principal of Design Management Services.

Sex Attack From IMF Chief in New York City's Hotel

A married father of four whose reputation earned him the nickname "the great seducer," Dominique Strauss-Kahn faced arraignment May 16 on charges of attempted rape and criminal sexual contact in the alleged attack on a hotel's maid. Sofitel's maid was attacked when she went into his $3000 per night penthouse suite at a hotel near Broadway - Times Square to clean it.
On Saturday, Strauss-Kahn was taken into custody. He spent more 24 hours inside a Harlem precinct, where the maid identified him from a lineup. Then he was headed to a hospital for a "forensic examination" requested by prosecutors to obtain more evidence in the case. Attorney said that the IMF managing director intends to vigorously defends these charges and he denies any wrongdoing.
Strauss-Kahn, 62, was widely considered the strongest potential challenger to President Nicolas Sarkozy next year, he is a member of France's Socialist party,
Strauss-Kahn was nabbed a few hours after the alleged assault, plucked from first class on a Paris-bound Air France flight at GFK International Airport.

Art Festival in Netherlands

May 27-29, 2011 Huntenkust will be arranged for the 19th time. It will held in the main Hall in SportparkSouth in Doetinchem (De Huet) for the 3rd time. Huntenkunst is an art festival that includes all disciplines within the field of visual arts, paintings, sculptures,photography, prints, video art, etc. Approximately 175 artists will take part in this art festival. More than 60 percent come from outside the Netherlands. Unique to Huntenkunst is that the works are presented by the artists themselves. This allows the artists to get to know and interact with each other as well as with the public. Huntenkunst can be considered a mixture between an exhibition and an art fair. It is a true international meeting place, with contemporary art in focus. It is exciting to see how the artists utilise their individual space to expresses their feelings in which their origin and background plays an important role.

Conran Octopus Presents

The Joy of HomeThe Joy Of Home by Naomi Cleaver published by Conran Octopus in 2010. "Designing a home is not just about creating a handsome, usable living space. It is also a chance to completely rethink how we live our lives in way that can help us to live better." To design home is to create for ourselves a little piece of joy, to design happiness. In our homes we are safe and uninhibited. Leading psychologist and cognitive scientist Steven Pinker has written that 'mood depends on surroundings' and it makes sense to shape the last four walls we see at night and those we wake up to in the morning in a way that can elicit positive emotions. The concept of conflict in happiness is one that has kept philosophers in business through the centuries. Aristotle said the key is to focus on a single things that makes us happy and pursue that above all others. Plato countered with idea of harmonizing our various and varying desires. This book guides you through the whole process of creating a home with a keen eye on what is good design, what is good value and ultimately how you can create a space that is uniquely your own. Naomi Cleaver is interior designer, consultant, writer and broadcaster. She is one of the UK's most prominent experts on the design and decoration of homes. Conran, Country (with photographs by Andrew Montgomery) published by Conran Octopus in 2010. Author of this account tried to capture the distinct atmosphere and flavour that permits country life. Country is an idea and can be perceived in many different ways. It is a texture, a flavour, a state of mind. This book is celebration of the idea and an attempt to capture in words and photographs some of the many threads. Human beings were never meant to live too far away from nature. People become bewildered and depressed if they stay in the cities for too long. Supermarkets, new housing and roads all bring great benefits, in the right measure. The countryside needs innovation and investment. In this book, Jasper Conran uses his 'own backyard' and the landscape and homes that are familiar to him, to look at universal themes. The very personal and photographic essay reveals author's unique vision on 'country', captured over a year of encounters and explorations. Jasper Conran is one of the UK's leading designers of clothing, accessories, jewellery, ceramics, crystal, furniture and interiors. His work has been recognized with awards.

No more photo re-enactments

The White House said it is ending the practice of having presidents re-enact televised speeches for news photographers. After Obama's live, late-evening address from the East Room of the White House on May 1, five photographers were ushered in to shoot pictures as the president stood at the podium and re-read a few lines of his speech. This practice news organizations have protested for years. Even AP and other news outlets said in captions to the photos that they were taken after the president delivered his address, many people have assumed they depicted the speech itself. That raised questions. This week, the White House stepped in. Obama's spokesman Josh Earnest said the administration is open to working out some new arrangement with photographers, even the practice of re-enactments has a long history.

Merrell: Dress Up!

Power Dressing cover imagePower Dressing: First Ledies, Women Politicians & Fashion by Robb Young published by Merrell in 2011. Fashion is a high sophisticated language, a visual language that allows for a personal form of expression.The act of dressing is a declaration of consumption, believes in class, aesthetics. The fashion is inherently based on ingrained codes of the 'new' and the 'next'. The fashion is used to conway gender and power, authority and respect, authencity and modernity. For power dressers worldwide clothing is a persuasive communication tool that not only announces party rhetoric but also, and most importantly, expresses how they wish to be perceived. This book is the first work to explain and explore the role of fashion and style in the careers of first ledies and women politicians around the globe. It includes the entertaining portraits with sartorial analysis, profiles of more than 50 serving and former women presidents, prime ministers, royals and wives from over 30 countries.Hundreds of photographs shed the light on political context, the quotes from prominent figures commenting on each woman's style. This title reveals the milestone 'fashion moments' as well as the unspoken rules of the political fashion game.
Less is More cover imageLess is More: Minimalism in Fashion by Harriet Walker published by Merrell in 2011.Minimalism might be considered a starting point from which all originates and to which, in times of excess and distress, designers return to renew themselves. Just like the art of the line drawing is a prerequisite for certain types of painting, minimalism has to do with an awareness of the fundamentals, the building blocks of fashion design. As a concept, minimalism is not easy to delineate. It is defined rather nebulously by what is not. This beautifully illustrated book is the definitive guide to one of the most wide-reaching movements in fashion and includes the archival shots, original sketches, catwalk imagery and specially commissioned photography. The title of this book is a quotation from Mies: 'less is more' is the aphorism under which he worked throughout his life. This book seeks to offer an appreciation of those designers who have wrung more from less, and in so doing to demonstrate that minimalism is, and always has been, at the heart of modern fashion.

Wall Street: This In Inflation

Most of Wall Street thinks the biggest threat to the economy right now is inflation. It's not the first time the Street has been dead right. The Street is worried that the Fed's easy-money policies are pushing the dollar down and fueling inflation, as everything we buy abroad becomes more expensive. The Street worries that if Democrats and Republicans fail to agree to a plan to cut the budget deficit, the creditworthiness of the United States as a whole will be in jeopardy, causing interest rates to rocket and inflation to explode.

Mark Zuckerberg Buys $7 Million Home

Mark Zuckerberg, at age 26, is a first-time home buyer. Valued at $13.5 billion, Zuckerberg buying his first home -
the restored historic Palo Alto, California abode encompasses 5,617 sq. feet on a 17,100 square-foot plot. It includes 5 bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths, a banquet-size dining room, a music alcove, glassed-in porch, the backyard's saltwater pool, a spa, an outdoor gazebo with a wood-burning fireplace and a carport. Located on Edgewood Drive in the Crescent Park neighborhood, this lot is shielded from the neighbors by a wall and trees. Crescent Park is a high-end neighborhood where median single-family homes cost around $1.9 million.

Oil Falls

May 4, after a government report showed that supplies of petroleum products are growing as demand weakens, oil dropped below $110 per barrel .
Industry reports on the job market and the service sector also raised concerns about the health of the United States economy.
To settle at $109.24 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, benchmark crude for June delivery lost $1.81. In London, Brent gave up $1.26 to settle at $121.19 per barrel on the ICE Futures exchange.
After the Energy Information Administration said that oil supplies increased by 3.4 million barrels last week — twice as much as energy analysts expected, prices fell shortly. The government also reported gasoline demand averaged 9.1 million barrels per day, down almost 2% from 2010.
Economists warned that recent government and industry surveys suggest that American drivers are buying less fuel.
MasterCard SpendingPulse said the 4-week average of gasoline purchases in the United States dropped for the 6 consecutive week, compared with 2010. EIA said the 4-week average of wholesale gasoline demand dropped for the 6 week. Gasoline has increased, hitting a national average of $3.982 per gallon on May 4, according to AAA, Wright Express and Oil Price Information Service. Since the beginning of 2011 pump prices have risen 91 cents per gallon. A gallon of regular now costs more than $4 in 13 states.
The Institute for Supply Management said its service sector index rose at the slowest pace in 8 months. Private payroll processor ADP raised worries about the health of the jobs market.

Royal Emirates Group Will Buy La Liga Club Getafe

Royal Emirates Group will buy La Liga club Getafe for about 90 million euros. Royal Emirates, an investment firm chaired by Sheikh Butti Bin Suhail Al Maktoum, said the club would be named "Team Dubai." The deal would be the third for a La Liga club involving a non-Spanish buyer in the past year following the sale of Malaga to a member of the Qatari royal family and the purchase of Racing Santander by an Indian businessman. Angel Torres, Getafe president, said he planned to travel to Dubai to seek sponsorship. Royal Emirates Group said Dubai's minister of culture, the Spanish ambassador and "many other corporate icons and members of the ruling family of Dubai" would attend an event scheduled on Thursday to announce the deal.


Vegan Bodybuilding Fitness, Book Publishing Company.Vegan Bodybuilding Fitness: The Complete Guide to Building Your Body on a Plant-Base Diet by Robert Cheeke published by Book Publishing Company in 2011. The idea of vegan bodybuilding has long been perceived as an oxymoron until now. Because of the unique approach author took to incorporate some of his personal development and success strategies, this book is the comprehensive guide to building your body on a plant-based diet and an ever-present source of motivation. This book is also about the pursuit of excellence, making the most out of your life and contributing to the world in ways that you never imagined. Robert Cheeke has multifaceted background and includes pursuits in health and fitness, world travel, communication, public speaking, business management, motivational lectures, writing, massage therapy, and much more. He follows a plant=based diet and encourages others to do the same for optimal health and vitality. The Natural Vegan The Natural Vegan Kitchen, Book Publishing CompanyKitchen: Recipes From The Natural Cooking School by Christine Waltermyer published by Book Publishing Company in 2011. Author of this book translates culinary magic into easy-to-follow recipes that readers of every dietary persuasion can understand and duplicate. With this book, Christine demonstrates that embracing a meat- and dairy-free diet does not require sacrifice, she believes that eating should be a deeply enjoyable, satisfying experience. Her recipes deliver familiar flavors -- from nourishing comfort food to elegant celebration fare, she offers a wealth of gluten-free choices that are indicated throughout the book. Christine Waltermyer is the founder and director of the Kitchen Cooking School, with classes in New York and New Jersey.

Osama Bin Laden Is Announced Dead

05.02.11. Early morning Moday, May 1st, Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan, in a firefight with the United States forces, officials say. The CIA tracked bin Laden to his location, then elite troops from Navy SEAL Team Six - a top military counter-terrorism unit - flew to the hideout in their helicopters. Bin Laden was shot in the head in an ensuing firefight. United States personnel identified him by facial recognition. No information whether DNA analysis had also been used. The United States team took custody of bin Laden's remains. Islamic practice calls for speedy burial and Bin Laden had been buried at sea within 24 hours.

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