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The Flaneur

The Flaneur Rolls Royce issue, August 2010, UK
The new Rolls Royce issue of The Flaneur is available now. The Flaneur is independent, global arts journal published quarterly in the United Kingdom. The Flaneur is
the first independent art and culture journal published for the iphone and is packed with art, ideas, fiction, poetry, reviews and much more, from artists, writers and critics around the world. Publisher and editor - Jonathan Powell.
There are three ways to get The Flaneur - as a printed newspaper, as an iphone app, and as a pdf file to read on your computer (

Ashley Bell

She is loving her status as a Hollywood leading lady.
Ashley says that she fought so hard for her role in upcoming horror flick The Last Exorcism.
“...It’s incredible!” Bell said of starring in her first major role.
“I thought to myself ‘my parents would be so proud right now". She was raised on all of these horror films. And Greg Nicotero did all of the special effects work. She did all of the physical stuff but he handled the effects. And getting the chance to go to his studio and see the ‘things’ Ashley has watched for years was mind blowing. And Eli Roth, producer of the film, is such a master in the genre. He knows how to build stories…how to build suspense, she said.
19th Amendment to the US Constitution, Women's Suffrage, Celebrates its 90th Anniversary

Lives We Carry With Us

Lives We Carry With Us, the New PressLives We Carry With Us by Robert Coles published by The New Press in 2010. This is the portrait writing: biographical storytelling, intellectual and interpretive analysis with personal reflection of the author. Robert Coles offers examination and insight into contemporary lives of moral courage, profiles, which many consider to be his signature genre. It is a memoir of those guardian spirits who challenged, shaped, and inspired his voice - one of moral voices of our time... Awards-winning author, Robert Cole is professor emeritus at Harvard University and the author of numerous books, including a Pulitzer Prize winning series Children of Crisis

Lincoln Center Out of Doors – FREE Performances

July 28–August 15, 2010. Enjoy longstanding favorites and discover something new with Lincoln Center Out of Doors, going on now. Join us for FREE world-class music, dance, and spoken word on the plazas of Lincoln Center.
Highlights of the city’s most popular free summer series includes:
  • Asphalt Orchestra
  • Kronos Quartet with Gamelan Galak Tika
  • La Casita – 10th Anniversary Home for the
    Heart/Un Hogar Para El Corazón
  • CENTRIFUGAL FORCE: Hip Hop Generation
  • Lucinda Childs’ Dance and Brian Brooks Moving Company’s Motor.

    Ammonite Press: Nikon D300s

    Nikon D300s,Ammonite PressNikon D300s: The Expanded Guide by Jon Sparks published by Ammonite Press in 2010. The D300s has a fully automatic Program mode that lets the camera make all of the decisions for you. The Nikon D300s may appear complex to those graduating from digital compacts or 35mm SLRs. But better description will be versatile or powerful. This informative guide offers helpfull tips and advices on lenses, accessories, connection to external devices. You will learn about lighting, camera care, and much more.

    Marilyn Monroe House For Sell

    Marilyn Monroe lived and died in Brentwood, in California Spanish-style house. Now it is available for sell for $3.6 million.
    Monroe bought the secluded four bedroom, three bath home, her first and last time as a homeowner, in March of 1962, just a few months before her death. She paid $90,000 for it, and took out a fifteen year mortgage making monthly payments of $320. As known, Marilyn was encouraged by her psychiatrist to put down roots, and she had found the house and bought it, all by herself. She had liked the house... At 2,624 square feet, the built-in-1929 hacienda is relatively small for Hollywood standards, though it has charm and still features many original details like wood-beamed ceilings and terra cotta floors. It’s a stunning house with pool and citrus grove on site, but it’s not high-glamour place one might expect for a star of her caliber. ...I do not care about money, I just would like to be wonderful..., she said. She was a real star, fascinating, talented and glamorous daughter of America, who was used and abused by dull money-chasers, and died at 36.

    Secrets of Mona Lisa

    This project was developed in collaboration with the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble.
    French researchers studied several of the Louvre Museum's Leonardo da Vinci paintings, including the "Mona Lisa." They analyzed the master's use of successive ultrathin layers of paint and glaze, this technique gave his works the dreamy quality.
    The Center for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France found that Leonardo da Vinci painted up to 30 layers of paint on his works to meet his standards of subtlety. All the layers're less than 40 micrometers (about half the thickness of a human hair). The technique - it called "sfumato" - allowed Leonardo da Vinci to give outlines and contours a hazy quality. Also it creates an illusion of depth and shadow. This use of the technique is well-known. But scientific study has been limited because tests required samples from the paintings.
    Researchers from France used a noninvasive technique - X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy - to study the paint chemical composition and their layers. They brought specially developed high-tech tool into the museum when it was closed.

    New Books From Andrews McMeel

    Beans Appetit, Andrews McMeelBeans Appetit: Hip and Healthy Fun With Food by Shannon Payette Seip and Kelly Parthen with Carisa Dixon published by Andrews McMeel in 2010. Authors of this book know oodles about kids and cooking. They are also the founders of Bean Sprouts - the nation’s leading healthy kid’s café and cooking school. Each chapter of this book contains a different challenge - from cracking an egg to chomping with chopsticks. After completing every challenge, young reader can cut out the matching square o page 193 and attach it to his/her Bean Appetit diploma, which can be downloaded at Introducing new ideas to get kids excited about healthy eating, this book encourages young chefs explore new foods and flavors.

    The Kansas City Barbeque Society, AndrewsMcmeelThe Kansas City Barbeque Society CookBook: Barbeque … It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore by Ardie A. Davis, Chef Paul Kirk, and Carolyn Wells published by Andrews McMeel in 2010. KCBS was born in 1986, when Carolyn and her husband, Gary were enjoying drinks and conversation with their friend Rick Welch. The first decade of the 21st century has seen phenomenal growth in KCBS membership and sanctioned contests. This book is the story of the people with more than 200 recipes. This fully-illustrated anniversary edition covers everything from Smoked Deviled Eggs to Butt-Kick’n Beans, Carolina Smashed Potato Pig Butt Bake, Cedar- Plank Salmon, and more. It includes tips for competitive barbequing, stories that shed light on life inside the barbeque society, contest lore and traditions. Ardie A. Davis is the author and founder of the American Royal Int’l BBQ Sauce, Rub, and Baste Contest and more. Chef Paul Kirk is the author, he operates the Baron’s School of Pitmasters. Carolyn Wells was one of the founders an executive director of KCBS.

    Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp

    As we age, we start to feel like our brains are slowing down — and that can be the most frustrating thing in the world. Research shows there is a lot you can do to avoid those moments. Whether it's relaxation or adding certain foods to your diet, read on for some techniques worth trying.
    1. Chill Out; 2. Focus on the Future; .3. Go for a Walk; 4. Snack on Berries; 5. Learn Something New.

    Deja Vu

    Deja Vu Enigma, New page BooksThe Deja Vu Enigma: a Journey Through the Anomalies of Mind, Memory, and Time by Maried. Jones & Larry Flaxman published by New Page Books in 2010. In this book, authors present a review of the latest research and theories attempting to explain one of the most mysterious mind states: the feeling that this moment has been experienced in the past. The Deja Vu Enigma will take on a journey that will present you with some fascinating theories and ideas as to what déjà vu may be, the sensation of “remembering“ an experience or situation that never occurred. This book also explores the memory lapses, missing time, and fugue states; the brain as both receiver and transmitter of reality; altered states of perception and consciousness; contagious thought, curses, demonic possession, and mass hysteria; dream states, lucid dreaming, and precognitive dream. Authors Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman are authors, they have been featured on many radio shows, and more.


    A suspected tornado tore through Connecticut's largest city, toppling trees and power lines, collapsing a building as a powerful line of storms swept across parts of the Northeast.
    There are reported multiple injuries in the city, and rescuers were searching the collapsed building for anyone trapped inside.
    Hundreds of bricks shook loose from buildings, trees split in half and crushed cars, and a billboard hung precariously several stories up over Main Street.

    News From Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things

    Stuff, Houghton Mifflin HarcurtStuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things by Randy O. Frost & Gail Steketee published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2010. Stuff is the first comprehensive account about disorder that affects more people than is commonly known. Authors of this book were the first scientists to study hoarding, they ended up treating hundreds of people and fielding thousands of calls from the families of others. Frost and Steketee expose the causes and previously ineffective treatments off this disorder, illuminate the pull that possessions exert on all of us. Stuff answers the question of what happens when our stuff starts own us. Randy Frost is a professor at Smith College and well-known expert on obsessive-compulsive disorder and compulsive hoarding. Gail Steketee is professor and dean of the School of Social Work at Boston University and expert on treatments or obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders.

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