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Protests in Yemen

February 19, 2011 protesters began marching in the morning from the University of Sanaa to the Ministry of Justice while chanting, "the people want the fall of the regime." These protesters were met by riot police and supporters of the president, armed with clubs and knives. The president supporters attacked the crowd and engaged in a stone throwing battle while police fired in the air to disperse the march. It was the 10th day of protests in Yemen inspired by uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, which have killed 7 people. Protestants are calling for the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Libya's Protests. February 19, 2011

Internet was cut around 2 a.m. removing one of the ways of Libyans can get out information about the waves of anti-government protests. At 5:00 am, special forces attacked hundreds of protesters, including judges and lawyers, camped out in front of the courthouse in the city of Benghazi, which has been a focus for the anti-government unrest.
Protesters are calling for the removal Moammar Gadhafi, Libya's leader for the past 42 years. Their demonstrations have been brutally suppressed with a combination of armed militias and elite forces.

Manama's Protests. Bahrain, February 18, 2011

Today, soldiers opened fire on protesters defying a government ban and streaming toward the landmark square, the symbolic center of the uprising. At least 50 people were injured. Doctors and medics on emergency medical teams were in tears as they tended to the wounded, X-rays showed bullets lodged inside victims.
Amid the Shiite funeral rites, many chanted for the removal of the entire Sunni dynasty that has ruled for more than 200 years in Bahrain, the first nation in the Gulf to feel the pressure for changes sweeping the Arab world.

Gibbs Smith: New Books on Cooking

Homesteader's Kitchen, Gibbs SmithThe Homesteader’s Kitchen: Recipes From Farm to Table by Robin Burnside published by Gibbs Smith in 2010. The kitchen is the heart and hearth of the home -- the place where family and friends gather for connection and nourishment. The recipes in this book are dedicated to the simple pleasures that build relationships and community. This fully illustrated with color photographs account is Robin Burnside personal and professional journey preparing nutritious and delicious food for herself, her family and community. She was co-owner, chef, and baker of Carmel Café in Carmel, California.
Every Day raw Desserts, Gibbs SmithEveryday Raw Desserts by Matthew Kenney published by Gibbs Smith in 2010. Everyone is familiar with the raw food world knows the poorly kept secret of how rich, colorful, and decadent its desserts can be. This book shows how easily refined, restaurant-quality desserts can be prepared. Matthew Kenney suggests to read his book from cover to cover, it will only take a couple of hours. Then, prepare something that seems comfortable and simple. He believes that everyone can prepare raw desserts if they carefully read a recipe. Matthew is a chef, entrepreneur, and food writer. Ha has been named one of America’s Best New Chefs by Food and Whine magazine.
The Food Stylist's Handbook, Gibbs SmithThe Food Stylist’s Handbook by Denise Vivaldo published by Gibbs Smith in 2010. This illustrated book takes a comprehensive look at food styling from a business and aesthetic point of view. From this book, the readers will gain an overview of the rewards and pitfalls of the food styling industry, will find resources for stocking styling kit, a short dictionary of culinary terms, a few suggestions to create a diversified and exciting food styling career, and much more. Denise Vivaldo has been a food stylist in LA for 25 years. A chef, catering in Hollywood, Vivaldo was discovered by Aaron Spelling and put to work on his television shows building food presentations for camera. Vivaldo won the 2010 IACP Award of excellence for food styling.

Police Storm Bahrain Camp

Armed Bahrain's patrols prowled neighborhoods. Tanks appeared in the streets. Riot police with clubs and tear gas drove protesters from a main square. Protesters had demanded sweeping political change. Four people were killed. The protesters demands have two main objectives: force the ruling monarchy to give up its control over all critical decisions and top government posts, and address deep grievances held by the country's majority Shiites. They claim they face discrimination and are blocked from the key roles in the military and.
public service.

More Fiber -- More Years

New research said more fiber could be equal to more years. Analyzing data from nearly 400,000 men and women ages 50-71, researchers said that those who consumed the most fiber were 22% less likely to die from any cause during the 9 years they were studied. Men were 24% - 56%, women 34% - 59% less likely to die of heart, respiratory diseases, or infections. Fiber lowers levels of LDL cholesterol and improves blood glucose levels. It reduces inflammation and binds to potential cancer-causing agents. Also, it helps to flush these agents out of the body. The participants only benefited when fiber came from grains, like oatmeal, brown rice, and cornmeal; fiber from fruits, beans, and vegetables had no impact on death risk. All because the whole grains are also good sources of vitamins, minerals, and other phytochemicals that provide health benefits. Grains have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which is another reason. All fibers are not created equal, they have different properties. The past studies have found that fiber from fruits and vegetables can benefit heart health, while the latest study emphasizes grain fiber.

Winter Is Not Over (Yet)

Martingale & Company began in 1976 out of the home of founders, Dan and Nancy Martin. During the first 20 years of its existence, the company earned and maintained its reputation for excellence, publishing quilting books under the leading brand name, That Patchwork Place. Over the years, the business has evolved into an industry-leading publishing house with a host of best-selling and award-winning books written by some of America’s most loved designers. Today, Martingale & Company has sold over 17 million books. Introducing selected titles.
More Crocheted Socks: 16 All-New Designs by More Crochered Socks, MartingaleJanet Rehfeldt with Mary Jane Wood published by Martingale in 2010. Socks are still the in thing to make and wear. This book presents an all-new collection of 16 appealing patterns, you will enjoy toe-up and cuff-down designs, indulge in those new sock yarns your toes have been waiting to cozy up to, will help you create crocheted socks that feel every bit as luxurious as knitted socks. The New Knitter’s Template by Laura Militzer Bryant The New Knitter's Template, Martingaleand Barry Klein published by Martingale in 2010.The knitting is an adventure. Authors of this fully illustrated with color and black-and-white photographs and drawings invite readers to a new adventure. They expand their original ideas and explore some new ones, giving the book a fresh look. The templates are designed for a multitude of bust/chest sizes from 30” to 60” and in nine stitch/row gauges. Reader needs to sit back, relax, and surround yourself with the yarn stash. Then open the book and then create some fascinating garments together. Laura Militzer Bryant is author, she has passion for fibers and began knitting as a child. In 1984, Laura founded her company, PrismArts, Inc. Barry Klein earned a marketing and film degree in college, he worked as a sweater and yarn designer for Fantacia. Recently, he was featured in “top 10 Men in Knitting,” an article on
Dolce Handknits, MartingaleDolce Handknits: Simple, Sophisticated Designs by Kim Dolce published by Martingale in 2010. Knitting like most things in life is full of joy and frustration. The more you know about composition, weight, drape, twist, and hand - the more you’ll know what else will work successfully. In this book you will get the basic information. The owner of Dolce Handknits presents 16 of her top-selling designs for women. The comfortable and stylish, these patterns range from weekend casual to office chic.
Stack the Deck, MartingaleStack the Deck: Revisited, Updated Patterns from Stack the Deck by Karla Alexander published by Martingale in 2010. In the book reader will find the rules for stacking the deck. Author’s goal is that the quilts in this book inspired you, and you had fun and made the projects uniquely personal, discovering your own free spirit in the process. Each pattern has been remade in today’s exciting fabrics, and several of the original designs have been modified for a new look. With 11 projects, Karla opens up more possibilities for her popular stack-slice-shuffle-and-sew methods.
Word Play Quilts, MartingaleWord Play Quilts: Easy Techniques From The UnRuly Quilter by Tonya Ricucci published by Martingale in 2010. Everyone learns differently. Some quilters can look at the letters and start sewing without reading the directions. Others need more detailed instructions. This fully illustrated book will boost your ability to piece without a pattern, discover fabulous and whimsical ways to give letters and words a featured role in your quilts, find three practice projects and loads of quilt samples to instruct and inspire. Tonya Ricucci is a stay-at-home mom. She has been quilting for over 20 years.

First Week of 2011: Wonder

At the coast of Western Australia, three men were relaxing on the small boat, when a great white shark appeared. Doing a few circles, the shark attacked the boat's motor. The fishermen returned to shore, but they captured their encounter on video.

Why Are Fish, Birds Dying in Arkansas?

Watch video:
Oil Spill, Birds and fish dying in Atkansas

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