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Three Members of a Russian Punk Band Found Guilty

Three members of a Russian punk band and feminist collective have been found guilty of hooliganism, they were sentenced to two years in jail. Judge announced the verdict from a district court in Moscow. Judge said that the girls' actions were sacrilegious, blasphemous and broke the church's rules.
The band members Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, Maria Alyokhina, 24, and Yekaterina Samutsevich, 30, who mocked Vladamir Putin during a "punk prayer" in a Moscow cathedral, were arrested on March 3, a few weeks after the performance. They charged with "hooliganism" and have been in jail ever since.

Ecuador Grants Assange Asylum

August 16, 2012, Ecuador grants Assange asylum. At the same time, United Kingdom vows to carry out extradition. A crowd outside the Ecuadorean Embassy in London heard the announcement. Patino said, that Asylum is a fundamental human right and that international law overrides local laws. He also said that Assange has the right not to be extradited or expelled to any country. Assange, a 41-year-old Australian native, has been holed in Ecuadorean Embassy in London up since June 2012. Assange is wanted by Sweden for questioning in cases of alleged rape and sexual molestation.

New On Architecture From Routledge

A Green Vitruvius, 2nd ed., RoutledgeA Green Vitruvius: Principles and Practice of Sustainable Architectural Design (2nd ed) by Vivienne Brophy and J. Owen Lewis published by Routledge in 2011. This book is a general reference for architects, it offers advice in the areas of energy and inputs, materials, indoor air quality and wastes. One of green design's attractions in globalising world is the potential to make place-specific architecture by responding to the clues of a specific site and climate, and using sustainable local materials. Authors of this book have striven to balance the weight of advice relevant to practitioners across a variety of conditions. No one aspect of the architectural solution can be perfect at the expense of all others. This book concentrates not on the 'why', but on the 'how' of green design. Fully illustrated and updated, this account provides information and advice on the integration of sustainable practice into the design and construction process, the strategies to be adopted, the elements of green design and design evaluation within the process, more. Vivienne Brophy is a Director of the UCD Energy Research Group and is a Lecturer in Architectural design and Technology at University College Dublin. J Owen Lewis is chief executive of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and is Professor Emeritus of Architectural Science.
Performalism, RoutlrdgePerformalism: Form and Performance in Digital Architecture by Yasha J. Grobman and Eran Neuman (editors) published by Routledge in 2011. "Ism" assumes that behind a described phenomenon stands a group, a movement, or collective, whose members share same points of view. Today, the question of the status of the architectural form is once again under consideration and this fully illustrated book discusses, defines and presents changes in form conception in architecture. It posits that today we can define architecture and performance as an "ism". This account examines the implications and influences of computer-based design on form as performance, it offers the case studies from the top firms across the globe with contributions by the top names in the field. Yasha J. Grobman is an architect and a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Eran Neuman is an architect and the head of the Azrieli School of Architecture at Tel Aviv University, he is co-founder of Source Architecture.
Two Spheres, RoutledgeTwo Spheres: Physical and Strategic Design in Architecture by Leonard R. Bachman published by Routledge in 2012. We are wired to make instantaneous decisions to fight or flight, but we are not wired to understand slow-moving variables that interact in complex systems over time. However, it is matter to our survival now. We should enable ourselves, organizations, and nations to adapt to the times and create a better future for those who will come and will carry on human civilization to its highest potential. This account explains the connection between strategic and physical dimensions and proposes an aesthetic connection between two aspects of architectural design such as the real and the ideal. It looks at the key transformations in architectural thought, the discussion shifts to describe how the forms of complexity have interacted with architecture and the possibilities of a full embrace with complexity. It focuses on the relationships between complexity and design. Leonard R. Bachman has served as President for the Society of Building Science Educators and Secretary for the Architectural Research Centers Consortium. He is Associate Professor at the Gerald D. Hines School of Architecture, University of Houston.

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