NeoWhimsies: NeoPopRealism Ink Drawing Basics for Mannequins, ISBN:A book "NeoWhimsies: NeoPopRealism Ink Drawing Basics for Mannequins" by NeoPopRealism Press is illustrated by Nadia Russ. It will help you develop your artistic skills and unlock your imagination. You will learn how to create with ink pen the fanciful NeoWhimsies - simplified NeoPopRealism ink drawings. The visual instructions step-by-step will teach you how to draw the balanced compositions. This book is intended for those who would like to learn how to execute the line/pattern ink drawing. Impossible is nothing. This drawing is meditative; meditation is the brain-changing activity that helps increase your learning functions. And at the end you will achieve both woderful artistic results and purityof your mind. NeoPopRealism art style and ink drawing concept created by Nadia Russ in 1989 and manifested internationally in 2003, when she created a term 'NeoPopRealism'. A word 'NeoWhimsies' created by Nadia Russ in 2012 as a term that characterizes the simplified NeoPopRealism ink drawing.



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