NeoPopRealism Press: International Art Contest WHAT MAKES ART - ART

NeoPopRealism Press: Int'l Art Contest WHAT MAKES ART - ARTATTN ARTISTS!

The NeoPopRealism Press ( recently ANNOUNCED the INTERNATIONAL ART CONTEST ONLINE. Theme: WHAT MAKES ART - ART. This contest is for you. It is about art, talent, creativity and your vision. The best submitted works will be published in 2021 without additional fees in a book WHAT MAKES ART - ART. The Winners work will be featured on the cover.

ELIGIBILITY: All artists - all styles, mediums, political/religious views

JUROR: Nadia Russ (

DEADLINE: May 30, 2021. Winners will be announced May 31, 2021.

ENTRY FEE: $10 per image (1-3 works); $8 per image (4-9 works); $6 per image (10+ works). You can submit unlimited number of images.

PRIZES: 1st Place Winner's work goes on the front cover of a book + s/he receives a genuine black diamonds unisex INFINITY (dedication to arts for life) ring in silver setting. 2nd Place Winner's work goes also on the front cover of a book. The 3rd Place Winners work does on the back cover of a book. Each winner will receive the limited edition lamination on glass plate value approx. $1,300.

REQUIREMENTS: Image(s) should be saved as .JPG files, resolution min.300 dpi. Please include the title of your work, size, medium, year of creation, your full name, brief biography, website address if you have one, and one paragraph with your personal thoughts on What Makes Art - Art.

SUBMISSION: Email your work images & questions: Entry fee should be sent: (PayPal).

If for some reason you cannot pay for submission, you still can submit one artwork image Free. Just share the following information with image of the book cover on Instagram & Facebook and email us the links. This posts should be kept undeleted for at least 1 year: "A new book by the NeoPopRealism Press ( 'MY VISION OF THE FUTURE: Artworks of the Contemporary Artists' by Nadia Russ (ISBN: 9781733867825 color edition & ISBN: 9781733867832 black/white edition) now available worldwide! This book includes artwork of the best artists- participants of Int'l art contest 'MY VISION OF THE FUTURE', dedicated to 30th-31st anniversary of NeoPopRealism art style creation in 1989 by artist Nadia Russ. The front cover of this book features the artwork of the winners - Casey Lance Brown (1st place) and Robert Strasser (2nd place). The artists-participants not only expressed themselves through their artworks, but also explained in writing how they see our future. Welcome to the unprecedented journey!"

November 23, 2020

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