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Fort Lauderdale 100: A Must-Have Edition by Nadia RUSS, NeoPopRealism PRESSFort Lauderdale 100: A Must-Have Collector's Edition

Author: Nadia RUSS
Foreword: Mayor of the City of Fort Lauderdale John P. "Jack" SEILER
Publisher: NeoPopRealism PRESS
Publication Date: April 15, 2011
ISBN 13: 978-0615470085
BISAC: Art / American / General
Language: English (with partial transllation in Russian)
8" x 10"(20.32 x 25.4 cm)
138 pages
eBook (without Russian translation) is available for a free preview at Google Books

"Fort Lauderdale 100: A Must-Have Collector's Edition" by internationally known NeoPopRealist artist Nadia RUSS with foreword by Mayor of the City of Fort Lauderdale John P. "Jack" SEILER is dedicated to the City of Fort Lauderdale. In 2011, Fort Lauderdale has celebrated its 100-year anniversary. The book's pages include one hundred color photographs by Nadia RUSS of the beautiful and breathtaking, unique and amazing, greatly unbelievable, amusing, glamorous, sunny, sandy, fascinating and unforgettable City of Fort Lauderdale -- the Yachting Capital of the World and 'Venice of America'. Also, this account contains information about the sights. Published in the United States in English with partial translation in Russian.
Fragment from Introduction by Nadia RUSS:
"Fort Lauderdale is an amazing city. I discovered Fort Lauderdale for myself in the late 90s, when I came on a cruise ship from the Bahamas. When I arrived on this land for the first time, the only word I could find was “WOW!” And now, more than ten years later, I still have this “WOW!” every time I see A1A, or Las Olas, or Sea Breeze Boulevard. During my first visit, I couldn’t imagine that one day I would live in Fort Lauderdale; it seemed unreal. But it’s mesmerizing, powerful beauty attracts me again and again.
And now, New York City and Fort Lauderdale have almost equal places in my heart. Someone said that “people can get used to everything.” It is not true, I cannot get used to the uniqueness and beauty I see in Fort Lauderdale: the amazing tropical plants, fascinating and polished A1A beach with its Atlantic Ocean, glamorous Las Olas Boulevard with its Isles, bridges and big yachts and homes at every corner, and small shops and restaurants that give you the feeling of comfort as if you were at home.
This year, the city celebrates its 100 year anniversary. In January, I decided to make a book, dedicated to it, and include in this book 100 photographs of Fort Lauderdale. The photographs you will see here are made on Las Olas Boulevard, A1A, Sea Breeze Boulevard, Riverwalk, and more.
I made hundreds of photographs because the same panoramas I saw daily were different each time, and I wanted to capture all this changing beauty. The color of the ocean and canal surfaces changed daily and hourly depending on the sun, sky and wind. Sunsets are different daily, with the reflection on the water and buildings, windows. There’re also perfect pieces of beauty created by human hands -- yachts and houses..."

This is first book, published by NeoPopRealism PRESS that was established in 2011. See morebooks at


MH Heintz: Black & WhiteMH HEINTZ: Black & White, pencil drawings, ISBN: 978-0615652740

Author: NeoPopRealism PRESS
Paperback: 106 pages
Publisher: NeoPopRealism PRESS (June 3, 2012)

Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0615652740
Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 0.2 inches
A book "MH HEINTZ: Black & White" by NeoPopRealism PRESS invites you to explore the world of artist MH HEINTZ. It presents a collection of the drawings that communicates at a powerful emotional level. Often, Michael H. HEINTZ’s thought-provoking work (traditional art) does not conceal darker strains of humor, interpreting the gross and depressing things in life. This book offers the drawings created in 2005-2012. Some of the artist’s work promotes the animal rights awareness; other explores the world of politics and the modern society in general. In the artist MH Heintz drawings, you will recognize such people and personalities as Kissinger and George W. Bush, Nancy Reagan, Dalai Lama and Pop Benedict XVI, George Carlin and Samuel L. Jackson, Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump, others. The topics covered in his pieces are serious; the artist illuminates truth and challenges the viewer to feel and connect to a common humanity. ~NeoPopRealism Journal

"Michael Heintz wields quite the pencil. His Soapbox Gallery collection of single panel cartoons wobbles nicely between political commentary and some kind of twisted National Geographic special. Both are worth a look." ~Bob Stevenson, The HB Comic-Blog


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