In 2014, NeoPopRealism Art Style, created by Nadia Russ in December 1989, was 25.

Winners of Int'l Art Contest, dedicated to 25th anniversary of NeoPopRealism (1989-2014)
WINNERS in Professional/ Adult Artists Category
1st Place

2nd Place
Stefania M. EUSEBIETTI, Turin, Italy
Stefania Eusebietti, artist
"Message in a bottle", Indian ink and watercolor on rough paper, NeoPopRealism
WINNERS in Elementary/Middle/High Schools Students Category
1st Place
Lia Sforza, 17. JF Kennedy High, Waterbury, CT, USA.Art Teacher Gina Pisani-Loomis
Lia  Sforza - neopoprealism - JF Kennedy High School"
Untitled", Ink/Paper, NeoPopRealism
2nd Place (shared)
Elizabeth Galan, 16, Health & Human Services Lawrence Public High School,Lawrence, MA. Art Teacher Donna Disario
Donna Disario High School Student winning neopoprealist art work
2nd Place (shared)
Twiggs Academy's student, Jeffersonville, GA, USA. Art Teacher Sylvia Slaughter
Love Lost Twidds Academy, neopoprealist drawing, Jeffersonville, Georgia, US
"Love Lost",Ink/Paper, NeoPopRealism
Congratulations to the Winners!

NeoPopRealist artwork by Nadia Russ, early 90s
A little bit of history: Bahamas TV Channel 13: Nadia Russ' NeoPopRealist art exhibition in 1997:

is style of visual arts, created and coined by artist Nadia Russ in 1989. She announced this style internationally in January 2003, when she created a word NeoPopRealism. This style has graphic nature, promotes the high energy colors, simplicity and complex, and the flatness.

In 2004 Nadia Russ created NeoPopRealism philosophy of the new millennium with its 10 canons for happier life.
1. Be beautiful.
2. Be creative & productive, never stop studying & learning.
3. Be peace loving, positive minded.
4. Do not accept communistic philosophy.
5. Be free-minded,do the best you can to move the world to peace and harmony.
6. Be family oriented, self-disciplined.
7. Be free spirited. Follow your dreams, if they are not destructive, but constructive.
8. Believe in god, god is one.
9. Be supportive to those who need you, be generous.
10. Create your life as a great adventurous story.
M-magazine, NeoPopRealism Manifesto, Nadia Russ
In 2006-2008, the Nadia Russ' art works were collected by the several USA and European art museums, such as Simferopol Art Museum (Crimea), Lebedyn Art Museum (Ukraine), Sumy Museum of Art (Ukraine), World Erotic Art Museum (Miami Beach, USA), Historical Museum of Ft. Lauderdale (FLA, USA), Ukrainian Museum in New York, MOYA (Museum Of Young Art, Vienna, Austria), and other art organizations such asKinsey Institute (Indiana University, USA) and David Burliuk Foundation (Sumy, Ukraine)...

A recently published series of books by Nadia Russ on How-To Draw NeoPopRealism ink images teaches how to execute the whimsical drawings using ink pen. It uses the illustrative way of teaching/ learning this new style of visual arts, imaginative and realistic, depending on your interest. These book will teach you how to draw without eraser. All you need to start is just a pen, as you will use for your first exercises the books' pages.
Even NeoPopRealism was created by Nadia Russ in 1989, it is still not well known in the professional art world and mission of these books is to fill the gap in much-needed information. These books are for different levels and different skills students. Everyone, including those who do not have artistic skills or those who already have experience in visual arts, will find something for themselves to start their unique journey into the world of NeoPopRealism. Also, this type of ink pen pattern drawing can be used as the stress or anger management tool because the repetitive patterns' drawing is meditative drawing. And you will be able to achieve both interesting artistic results and purity of your mind.
All instructional books are divided into chapters. You will have a unique opportunity to improvise with Nadia Russ and learn the history of NeoPopRealism art and its philosophy for happier life, much more. They are fully illustrated and include tips and tricks for better results. This series published in the US in English, some of these titles also have Russian versions. Read books' reviews at All books are available at and some other stores including and other. Libraries can make purchase at
How to Draw NeoPopRealism series of books by Nadia Russ
Books for adults/teens:
1. How to Draw NeoPopRealism Ink Images: Basics, ISBN: 978-0615515755;
2. How to Draw NeoPopRealism Abstract Images: Ink Backgrounds, ISBN: 978-0615527437;
3. How to Draw NeoPopRealism Abstract Images: Metallic Exuberance, ISBN: 978-0615560991;
4. Black Book for NeoPopRealism Metallic INK pen Drawing, ISBN: 978-0615561028;
5. How to Draw Advanced NeoPopRealism Ink Images, ISBN: 978-0615569758;
6. How to Draw NeoPopRealism Color Abstract Images: Ink Backgrounds, ISBN: 978-0615579559;
7. How to Draw NeoPopRealism Advanced Abstract Images: Ink Backgrounds, ISBN: 978-0615592558
Books for young children:
8. How to Draw Without Eraser: Children's Guide to the World of NeoPopRealism, ISBN: 978-0615521824;
9. How to Draw the NeoPopRealism Abstract: Children's Guide, ISBN: 978-0615545332 .
Free preview is available at Google Books:
Книги Как Выполнять НеоПопРеалистический Рисунок Тушью изданны NeoPopRealism PRESS, они приглашают читателя в путешествие, способное помочь обрести страстное увлечение и дажеизменить жизнь. Страницы этих книг покажут вам, как создавать упрощенный и средней трудности НеоПопРеалистические рисунки тушью. Эти книги приглашают вас рисовать сейчас, и все, что вам нужно для этого, это ручка, заряженная черной тушью. Страницыкнигприглашают вас учиться импровизировать без резинки, потому что если «ошибка» сделана, следующие повторяющиеся образцы уравновесят композию. Консепт НеоПопРеалистического рисунка тушью был создан Надей Русс в 1989. 4 января 2003, Надя Русс создала слово НеоПопРеализм и интернационально объявила о создании нового стиля изобразительного искусства. Эти книги интересные и в то же самое время образовательные (дополнительная информация в

Nadia Russ
TV featuring in the Bahamas:

See below the photocopies of publications featured Nadia Russ' art.

Art Movements
Articles With Videos

Read (2011) about Zentangle Scammers and its Arab-Americanmastermind, whose mission is to eliminate NeoPopRealism and its philosophy for happier life, as an ANTIPODE to their values, which are against of the human brain development. Zentangle promotes the retard's state of mind with all its consequences:

Why Learning Who You Are Makes Life More Fun and Easy (NeoPopRealism Journal, October, 2014. NYC)

Do we, the people, really know who we are, when it comes to our genes, blood types, other physical differences we born with? Probably not. However, this knowledge would help us to live more interesting lives, using our time and energy the right way. It would help us to choose the right careers and even may be the right love/ marriage partners....
A little bit more than one year ago, the NeoPopRealism creator Nadia Russ accidentally learned more about her blood type's characteristics. She has the phesus A-Negative (actually same with the Adolf Hitler, but they are so different! Check NeoPopRealism 10 Canons for Happier Life created by Nadia Russ in 2004).
This new knowledge opened her eyes on many interesting things. Perfectionist, she naturally was striving for the best in everything - in inventing new art style and creating her artwork, in trying to bring some positive changes in the human society and her own life. Sometimes, she was disappointed, frustrated, did not know whom to blame, because seemed she did everything the right way, but it was going not as she expected, people did not understand her.
Today, she is more relaxed and happy, and without those too high expectations, even still working on positive changes. Today, she is more calm.
So what changed? - you might ask. Nothing, but her perception of reality. Why? Because she learned something about herself that changed everything. She learned that she doesn't have the monkey's protein in her blood, while the majority of the people on this planet have the monkey's protein in their blood. You might ask: And why would THIS change her perception of reality? Because now, Nadia knows that those people won't be able to understand her one hundred percent. Now, she has lowered her expectations because these peoples are still in a process of the mental and cultural development to the level of the pure human, who actually she is, according to the scientific study and her blood type. She has absolutely different ways of thinking and seeing things.
According to scientific study, the people who do not have the monkey's protein in their blood, are the pure humans and have the higher IQ. They are not a result of the evolution from the animal's world, as those who have the monkey's protein in their blood.

Creating the NeoPopRealist Art style, Nadia was hopping to benefit the artistic and intellectual library of the human achievements. However, she saw indifference from the people who could not
straighten their brains and learn the new thing. She could not undersand what's on, is this so difficult to understand what she offers?
At the same time, she saw how the masses of peoples went for the primitive zen-doodling, the poor substitute of NeoPopRealist Art that uses
the NeoPopRealist Art concept. Praising the tasteless drawings-doodling that have nothing in common with real Art, they are unable to catch the core idea of the NeoPopRealist Artwork and what makes NeoPopRealist Art the NeoPopRealist Art.

Only in 2013, Nadia Russ suddenly found the answers to many questions, when she learned who she is according to her blood type. The genes affect everything in our lives. And today, she is relaxed and do not expect too much from the masses, because as someone said: "Different strokes for different folks". She understood that NeoPopRealism Art is mostly for the pure humans, for the intellectual elite; and zen-doodling is for those, who have the monkey’s protein in their blood, for the masses who are still in the developmental process.
Actually both blood types - Negative and Positive - can be found in the peoples of all nationalities and races, however, there is only about 15% of the peoples with the Negative rhesus on this planet, and only about 5% with the A-Negative.


Follow the NeoPopRealism canons for happier life and let’s get together and will make this world a better place.
NeoPopRealism 10 canons were created by artist Nadia Russ in 2004 (see on the top of page).
Learn how to draw NeoPopRealism ink images through a series of recently published by NeoPopRealism Press books: If you are a library/institution, you will be able to purchase the book(s) with discount at Ingram -
Nadia Russ' artworks, published in the US, Bahamas, Russia, Ukraine, UK newspapers and magazines:

Nadia Russ illustrated "Russian Justice" magazine's stories in 1992-1994
Nadia Russ' drawing in Russian Justice magazine, 1992

Nadi Russ illustrated Russian Justice magazine stories, 1993, NeoPopRealism
Nadia Russ' illustration in Russian Justice magazine, 1993, NeoPopRealism

Nadia Russ' artwork in Around Town, Bahamas' newspaper, 2000
Nadia Russ' artwork in the Bahamas newspaper "Around Town", 2000

Nadia Russ' art in Russian newspaper "Moscowski Hudojnik", 1993
Nadia Russ' Neopoprealist art in newspaper "Moscowski Hudojnik", Moscow, 1993

Nadia Russ neopoprealist work in City Link (USA), 2001
Nadia Russ neopoprealist work in City Link (USA), 2001
Nadia Russ Neopoprealist artwork in the US newspaper CITY LINK, 2002

Nadia Russ' NeoPopRealist art in "Florida's Downtowner", 2001
Nadia Russ Neopoprealsit artwork in the US newspaper "Florida's Downtowner", 2001
Nadia Russ' work in the US newspaper "Florida's Downtowner", 2001

Nadia Russ' art in Talent in Motion magazine, 2003, NYC
Nadia Russ' Neopoprealist works in the "Talent in Motion" magazine, USA, 2003

Nadia Russ' work in the US magazine "Talent in Motion", 2001
Nadia Russ' artworks for postcards "New York" in Talent in Motion magazine, 2001, USA

Nadia Russ' artwork - in the Bahamas' newspaper "What's On"
Nadia Russ' neopoprealist work in the Bahamas' newspaper "What's On", 2000

Nadia Russ' artwork in the Russian newspaper "Vecherni Club"
Nadia Russ' artwork in Russian newspaper "Vecherni Club", 1993

Nadia Russ Neopoprealist artwork in Moscovski Kimsomolets, the Russian newspaper, 1994

Nadia Russ' Neopoprealist work (missing in Moscow) in "Moskovski Komsomolets" newspaper, Moscow, 1994

Nadia Russ' art in the US magazine, "NY Arts", 2004
Nadia Russ' Neopoprealist work in the US magazine "NY Arts", 2004

Nadia Russ' work in Freeport News, Bahamas, 1997
Nadia Russ' artwork in Freeport News newspaper, Bahamas 1997

Nadia Russ' work in Freeport News, Bahamas, 1997
Nadia Russ' artwork in the Freeport News newspaper, Bahamas, 1997

Nadia Russ artwork in the New York Daily News newspaper, 2000
Nadia Russ' art work in the New York Daily News newspaper, it is chosen by Editor for section "Today in New York", 2000.

About Nadia Russ in Hellenic Times, New York newspaper, 1992
An article by Bob NicolaIides about Nadia Russ' first art exhibit in the U.S., Hellenic Times newspaper, 1992.

Article about Nadia Russ' exhibit in the U.S. in Ukrainian newspaper "Vetcherni Vestnik", 1992
Article about Nadia Russ' art exhibit in the U.S. in Ukrainian newspaper "Vetcherni Vestnik", 1992.

Article about Nadia Russ in Ukrainiann newspaper
Article about Nadia Russ art in the Ukrainian newspaper "Konotopski Kry", 1997.

Article about Nadia Russ and NeoPopRealism in Ukrainian newspaper "Panorama", 2007
Article about Nadia Russ' NeoPopRealist art in the Ukrainian newspaper "Panorama", 2007.

Article about Nadia Russ in Ukrainiann newspaper Panorama 2008
Article about Nadia Russ Neopoprealist art in the Ukrainian newspaper "Panorama", 2008.

Nadia Russ illustration in Russian Justice magazine, 1993
Nadia Russ' illustration in Russian magazine "Russian Justice", 1993.

Nadia Russ illustration in Russian Justice magazine, 1995
Nadia Russ' illustration in magazine "Russian Justice", 1995.

UK newspaper Flaneur - Nadia Russ artwork Rolls-Royce on the cover
Nadia Russ' NeoPopRealist artwork "Rolls-Royce" on the cover of the U.K. newspaper "The Flaneur", 2010.

Article about Nadia Russ in Manhattan Times, New York, 2001
Nadia Russ' artwork in The Manhattan Times newspaper, NYC, 2001.

nadia Russ drawings in Russian newspaper Literaturni bazar 1994
Nadia Russ ink pen drawings in the Russian newspaper "Literaturni Bazaar" (addition to the "Literaturnaya Gazeta" newspaper), 1994.

Article about Nadia Russ in Konotopski Kry newspaper, Ukraine, 1994
Nadia Russ' Neopoprealist artwork in the Ukrainian newspaper "Konotopski Kry", 1994.

Nadia Russ' drawing for postcard New York in Hellenic Times, 2000
Nadia Russ' drawing for postcard "New York" in the "Hellenic Times" newspaper, USA, 2000.