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The National Writers Association Foundation exists to enhance the future of writers by fostering continuing education through awarding scholarships and providing no or low cost workshops and seminars. A non-profit organization, the National Writers Association provides education and an ethical resource for writers at all levels of experience.

Late in 1998, the National Writers Association made an exciting advancement for future writers and authors with the granting of 501 (c)(3) status to the National Writers Association Foundation. The establishment of this foundation means NWAF will be able in the future to provide low or no cost workshops and seminars for writers as well as two scholarships to the NWAF Conference and ultimately two $1,000 educational scholarships.

In the past two years, NWAF was able to provide Conference scholarships to a gifted young writer from Connecticut and a disabled nonfiction award winner from Colorado to meet with editors and agents at the 2003 and 2004 NWAF Conferences. Through the funds raised from a Victoria Tea in March, the Foundation provides a scholarship for talented writers and young adults to attend the NWAF Conference, who might not be able attend this beneficial event. Foundation Board members--in conjunction with the National Writers Association--are actively seeking monies to provide more scholarships for both the conference and to provide educational assistance to America's young, but talented writers who need such opportunities to jumpstart their future careers. All donations made to the National Writers Association Foundation are tax-deductible and go to support the mission of educating writers.

In fall of 2007 the National Writers Press was purchased from its parent company, the National Writers Association. With an eye toward the future of book publishing, the National Writers Press, Inc.™ changed from a self-publishing house to a royalty book publisher.

New titles from the National Writers Press will be released starting in Spring 2008.

Introducing selected titles:

National Writers Press - NeoPopRealism JournalDividing Line by Jay Watkus published by the National Writers Press in 2006. This thriller is a work of fiction. One-eyed mercenary Jack Skye has forged an illustrious National Writers Press - NeoPopRealism Journaland lucrative career hunting down murderers and terrorists. In contrast to his nomadic life, he has forged a series of long-standing ties to the city of Newgate, an urban metropolis that serves as a refuge from his violent profession...
When Jack's employer, the enigmatic director of a government-sanctioned black ops unit, gives the mercenary an assignment in his own backyard, Jack finds himself in the cross-hairs of Newgate's preeminent criminal: Vinnie Marogani, head of the most powerful underworld cartel on the entire Eastern Seaboard. The conflict soon become personal...
Jay Waitkus was born in Michigan and currently lives in South Florida. He has worked as a journalist for numerous publications, including The Sun-Sentinel and The Palm Beach Post.

National Writers Press - NeoPopRealism JournalAnywhere but Here by An Wang published by National Writers Press in 2006. ... Stacie Carson's 15th year is turning into a disaster. When her mother announces she is dying of cancer, and that her father will be taking over parenting, Stacie is sure things can't get any worse... She meets her new stepmother, who becomes a modern day version of Cinderella's wicked stepmother...
An Wang is a ell accomplished 18-year old author who has written her entire life. Growing up in Taiwan, Indiana, and California inspired her to write Anywhere but Here, in which she combined culture, style, and behavior...

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