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In our international community, which is now extremely divided, everybody is pro-something, so do I.I am pro-Ukraine, I was born in (east) Ukraine. I am pro-Russia because I am a Russian. My parents were born in Russia, in this very unique country no one can understand and for that reason often afraid of. I am pro-West because I admire its culture, especially music, and of course other achievements. I am pro-America because I love the US's free spirit, I have it too. Every country in this world is important for different reasons and I am pro-all countries and cultures. I am NOT pro-Lenin's dead body in Moscow's Mausoleum and extremely happy that Russia managed to get rid of the communists' destructive regime. I wish they would buried Lenin body too. I am NOT pro-Ukrainian (or other) Nazis. Saw some of them in Ukraine, where I spent first 15 years of my life. I am NOT pro-communist America because it loses freedoms, free spirit and is destructive for economy. I am NOT pro-New World Order because it would be like the ex-USSR, just the whole world’s size. Then, it would be no opportunity to escape, no place to immigrate. I TRULY BELIEVE in GOD (not in one that has horns and tail, and not to priests who contradict themselves) and follow canons (do not lie, do not kill, do not steal, etc.). It makes every day of my life delightful and happy. It gives me strength and a great mood. I have a great alternative to the New World Order idea that serves the false values.The bottom line is: I am pro-Neopoprealist "World Order". Read Neopoprealism 10 Canons for Happier life that really work. Join the movement. It is free. Just follow canons in your daily life and spread the word about them and your experiences. Even those who now desperately pushing forward an idea of the New World Order can also find happiness in Neopoprealism. ~ Neopoprealism Creator Nadia RUSS. July 12, 2014, New York City

PS. I also do not like "swimming" in a social media ocean because it would be wasting of the valuable time and would steal the peacefulness of life. I do not care if they like me or not. Additionally to all, I grew up in a traditional values' family with mother (female) and father (male), who loved each other and who taught me the traditional male/female values/relationships. So, I am not a Gay and i personally admire THE very strong men who respect women. As I know from my gay friends, they all were sexually victimized by someone during their childhood (by the same sex person - parent or stranger) or were unhappy when adults in their love/sex male/female relationships or with their opposite sex spouse(s). This is why they switched into not what they were born. This is why the morality of society and of the people is so important.



In 2014, NeoPopRealism, created by Nadia Russ in 1989, was 25!

Nadia Russ
is Ukrainian born Russian artist living in USA.
She invented and coined new style of visual arts in 1989 and
manifested it internationally in 2003 when she created a word
NeoPopRealism. NeoPopRealism has graphic nature, it
combines the high energy colors, simplicity and complex,
and flatness. This style is interested in a whimsical
contemporary world with its technological & cultural
achievements, and reflects new millennium.
Subject - mostly faces.
20 Century:
...Pop Art - Jasper Johns, Peter Max, Andy Warhol.
Neo-Pop - Jeff Koons...

21 Century: NeoPopRealism - Nadia Russ, etc.
Nadia Russ' first exhibit was established in the Moscow' Manege
- the most prestigious exhibition place in Russia, and her first
American art exhibit was in1992 in NYC. Nadia Russ showed
her work in Central America, Europe, and Caribbean.
In 1996, Nadia Russ became one of the first Russian residents
of the Bahamas. Her artwork gained a tropical influence from
island life, the bright beaches and warm weather creating a
colorful, high energy atmosphere for her paintings. That
atmosphere being one of the main characteristics of NeoPopRealism. Nadia gives more detailed characteristics
and a brief lesson on painting in the NeoPopRealist style in her book. In 1999-2000, she managed her gallery Club 13 in the Xanadu
hotel, Freeport, Bahamas.
In 2004 Nadia Russ created the NeoPopRealist philosophy and its 10 commandments. It is intended to be the philosophy of the new millennium, reflecting contemporary life & its needs. The mission of the NeoPopRealist philosophy is to make this world a peaceful and
happy place to live, without wars, revolutions and terrorism.

1. Be beautiful.
2. Be creative, never stop studying and learning.
3. Be peace-loving and positive-minded.
4. Do not accept communistic philosophy.
5. Be free-minded, doing the best you can to move the world to peace and harmony.
6. Be family-oriented, self-disciplined.
7. Be free-spirited. Follow your dreams.
8. Believe in God. God is one.
9. Be supportive to those who need you.
10. Create your life as a great adventurous story.

Nadia Russ, NYC, July 2014, NeoPopRealism creatorNadia Russ lives in New York, via Moscow (1979-1896) and Bahamas (1996-2000). She sees the visual arts as a creative process and science.
Her art has been profiled in trade & art publications.
The Manifesto-presentation of NeoPopRealism was made through the M Magazine in April 2004.
In 2006-2007, Simferopol Art Museum (Crimea), Sumy Museum of Art, and Lebedyn Art Museum(Ukraine), Ukrainian Museum in New York,
World Erotic Art Museum (Miami Beach, FLA, USA), MOYA (Museum Of Young Art , Vienna) added to its permanent collections several canvases,
graphic arts & lamination on glass by NeoPopRealism creator, artist Nadia Russ.

Nadia Russ' artwork (90s)

Nadia Russ: Faces, Moscow: 1989-1996, ISBN: 978-0615530505

Nadia Russ, neoPopRealism,
Articles about Nadia Russ and her art in the US, Bahamas, Russian & Ukrainian newspapers & magazines.
(Cтатьи о Наде Русс - Надежде Mалолетневой, НеоПопРеализм):

The Flaneur Rolls Royce issue, August 2010, UK
The Flaneur newspaper (UK), Rolls Royce issue, August 2010 - starring Nadia Russ' work "Rolls Royce D'Vinci"
Газета The Flaneur нглия), выпуск посвящен Роллс Ройсу с опубликованной на первой странице работой Нади Русс (Надежды
Mалолетневой) Роллс Ройс Д'Винчи.
Newspaper Московский Художник, Moscow, Russia, 1994, Article about Nadia Russ
Article about Nadia Russ art in newspaper "Moscow Artist", Russia , 1993.
статья о Наде Русс (Надежде Mалолетневой) (НеоПопРеализм) - газета «Mосковский Xудожник» (oрган Coюза Xудожников), I993.

НеоПопРеализм. статья о Наде Русс  (Надежде Mалолетневой) - в Багамской газете "Happenings Around Town"
Article about Nadia Russ in Bahamas' newspaper "Happenings Around Town", 2000
статья о Наде Русс (Надежде Mалолетневой) НеоПопРеализм -
газета "Happenings Around Town", Bahamas, 2000


Nadia Russ, Article in City Link, USA

Article about Nadia Russ art in City Link newspaper, USA, 2002
татья о Наде Русс (Надежде Mалолетневой) НеоПопРеализм - газета "City Link", USA, 2002

Articvle about Nadia Russ in Vecherni Club newspaper, Moscow
Article about Nadia Russ' art in "Vetcherni Club" newspaper (Moscow, Russia), 1993.
газета «Вечерний Kлуб», 1993, Moscow, Russia.


article about nadia russ in Bahamas newspaper Freeport news"

Article about Nadia Russ' art in "Freeport News" newspaper, Bahamas, 1997.
Багамская газета "Freeport News", 1997


Article about Nadia Russ in Ukrainiann newspaper

Article about Nadia Russ' art in Ukrainian newspaper "Konotopski Kry' (1997).
газета «Kонотопский Kрай», 1997, Украина.


About Nadia Russ in hellenic Times, New York newspaper, 1992

About Nadia Russ' art in Hellenic Times (1992), New York
Газета "Hellenic Times", 1992, Hью-Йорк


Article about Nadia Russ (Nadejda Maloletneva) in Konotopski Kry newspaper, Ukraine, 1994

Article about Nadia Russ' art in Ukrainian newspaper "Konotpski Kry", 1994.
газета «Kонотопский Kрай», Украина, 1994 .


Article about Nadia Russ (Ndejda Maloletneva) in Manhattan Times, New York, 2001

Article about Nadia Russ' art in Manhattan Tiimes (NYC), 2001.
газета "Manhattan Times", 2001, Hью-Йорк.


Article about Nadia Russ and NeoPopRealism in Ukrainian newspaper "Panorama", 2007

Article about Nadia Russ' art and NeoPopRealism" in Ukrainian newspaper "Panorama" (2007)
газета Украины "Панорама", 2007

Nadia Russ New York Moments

About Nadia Russ' art in Talent in Motion magazine (NYC), 2001.
Журнал "Talent in Motion", 2001, Hью-Йорк

Article in "Mosmovski Komsomolets", Moscow' newspaper
About Nadia Russ' art in newspaper "Moscowe Komsomolets" (Moscow, Russia), 1994.
газета «Mосковской Kомсомолец», 1994


Article about Nadia Russ (Nadejda Maloletneva) in Bahamas' newspapeer "What's On"
Article about Nadia Russ' art in newspaper "What's On" (Bahamas), 2000.
газета "What's On", 2000, Bahamas

Soho Moves to Ft Lauderdale, TIM Mag**

About Nadia Russ' art in Talent in Motion magazine (NYC), Soho Moves to Ft. Lauderdale!, 2004.
Журнал "Talent in Motion", 2004, Hью-Йорк


About Nadia Russ art in "New York Daily News" newspaper, 2000
Editorial section "Today in New York" in NY Daily News newspaper features artwork by Nadia Russ "New York", 2000.
Редакторская рубрика «Cегoдня в Hью-Йорке» газеты «Hью-Йорк Дэйли Ньюс», 2000 .


газета «Вечерний Вестник», Украина,
Article about Nadia Russ' art in Ukrainian newspaper "Subbotni Vestnik", 1992.
статья о Наде Русс (Надежде Mалолетневой) , газета «Вечерний Вестник», Украина, 1992.


Nadia Russ NeoPopRealism NY Arts magazine
Article about Nadia Russ' art in NY Arts Magazine - Nadia Russ: NeoPopRalism (USA), 2004.
Ольга Чемокуд-Доти, cтатья о Наде Русс (Надежде Mалолетневой). Журнал Hью-Йорк Артс . Article by Olga Chemokud-Doty in NY Arts Magazine "Nadia Russ: NeoPopRealism", 2004.


Cover of Newspaper Florida's Downtownr, USA
Cover of "Florida's Downtownr" (USA) newspaper with Nadia Russ artwork "Conductor" on its cover, 2001.
The US newspaper "Florida's Downtownr" - Nadia Russ artwork "Conductor" on the cover. Now this artwork is in permanent collection of Simferopol Art Museum, Ukraine.
Обложкa Американской газеты «Florida’s Downtownr” с работoй Нади Русс (Надежды Mалолетневой) НеоПопРеализм, 2001.


Обложкa Американской газеты «Florida’s Downtownr” с работoй Нади Русс  (Надежды Mалолетневой)  НеоПопРеализм.

The cover of "Florida's Downtownr" newspaper with Nadia Russ artwork "Magic Beach, 2001..
Обложкa Американской газеты «Florida’s Downtownr” с работoй Нади Русс (Надежды Mалолетневой) НеоПопРеализм "Magic Beach", 2001.

"Nadia Russ. NeoPopRealism. Konotop Origin", Panorama newspaper, 2007 - article in Russian
"NeoPopRealism Hello," Panorama newspaper, 2008 - article in Russian about Nadia Russ' exhibit in Sumy library of science, Ukraine
New York Daily News, Today in New York, August, 2000 "Cyrillic Acrylics."
Nadia Russ's Yahoo Fan Club
Nadia Russ' Horoscope (December 13 Birthday Astrology):

Winners of Int'l Art Contest Dedicated to 25th anniversary of NeoPopRealism (1989-2014)

WINNERS in Professional/ Adult Artists Category
1st Place

2nd Place
Stefania M. EUSEBIETTI, Turin, Itali
Stefania Eusebietti, artist
"Message in a bottle", Indian ink and watercolor on rough paper, NeoPopRealism
WINNERS in Elementary/Middle/High Schools Students Category
1st Place
Lia Sforza, 17. JF Kennedy High, Waterbury, CT, USA.Art Teacher Gina Pisani-Loomis
Lia  Sforza - neopoprealism - JF Kennedy High School"
Untitled", Ink/Paper, NeoPopRealism
2nd Place (shared)
Elizabeth Galan, 16,Health & Human Services Lawrence Public High School, Lawrence, MA. Art Teacher Donna Disario
Donna Disario High School Student winning neopoprealist art work
2nd Place (shared)
Twiggs Academy's student, Jeffersonville, GA, USA. Art Teacher Sylvia Slaughter
Love Lost Twidds Academy, neopoprealist drawing, Jeffersonville, Georgia, US
"Love Lost",Ink/Paper, NeoPopRealism
Congratulations to the Winners!

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