Martingale & Company began in 1976. During the first 20 years of its existence, the company earned and maintained its reputation for excellence, publishing quilting books under the leading brand name, That Patchwork Place.
In 1996, the company broadened its scope and published in other areas as well. In addition to quilting, Martingale now publishes books on several more crafts, including a highly successful line of knitting and crochet books. The company has developed novelty lights, coasters and other gift items as well.

Introducing selected titles:

Strip-Smart Quilts: 16 Designs from One Easy Technique (That Patchwork Place)Strip-Smart Quilts: 16 Designs From One Easy Technique by Kathy Brown published by Martingale in 2011. This beautifully illustrated book offers 16 stunning quilts that are easy enough for anyone to make. It presents a super-easy technique from the popular author of Tale 5; provides options - quilters can start with precut strips, fat quarters, or yardage; makes it possible to create either scrappy quilts or designs with a more controlled look.Kathy Brown is a quilter; also she designs fabric for Red Rooster Fabrics.

Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts: Take Folded Corners to New Heights (That Patchwork Place)Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts: Take Folded Corners to New Heights by Donna Lynn Thomas published by Martingale in 2011. If reader not familiar with the fold-corners technique, author covers the basics in page 16. “Applying the Concept” expands on page 18 the technique to teach reader how to create the stripped squares, rectangles, triangles. Donna Lynn makes great use of the easy folded-corner technique to create striking quilts that only look complex. This book show how to make stripped units without using bias pieces or templates, it features a wide variety of color ways and fabric styles and provides 13 fascinating projects with broad appeal. Donna has been sewing since age of 4. Since 1988, she has been a National Quilting Association certified teacher for basic quilting.

501 Quilting Motifs: Designs for Hand or Machine Quilting (That Patchwork Place)501 Quilting Motifs: Designs for Hand or Machine Quilting: Quiltmaker Magazine published by Martingale in 2011. This gift quality book includes beautiful quilting motifs to enhance patchwork or appliqué. You will find a variety of styles and sizes. Variations on each motif provide alternatives for your projects. Authors included an extensive index that allows you to search for a motif alphabetically or by size. This is a must-have resource for every quilter, this collection features 501 motifs selected from more than 26 years of Quiltmaker magazine.

Quilting Those Flirty '30s (That Patchwork Place)Quilting Those Flirty 30s by Cynthia Tomaszewski published by Martingale in 2011. Cynthia presents a charming selection of appliqué projects, showcasing reproduction fabrics, including some of the latest renditions of 30s prints in brighter color - these unique patterns sparkle with an updated, beautiful look. In this trendy illustrated book, reader will find 11 delightful designs and tasty cookies recipes; will learn how to create “Kitchen Carb”, including an apron, table runner, pot holders, and a tea cozy. You will enjoy whimsical floral appliqué enhanced with lovely embellishments. Cynthia Tomaszewski is the author, she operates her quilt-design company Simple Pleasures from offices in Michigan and Abu Dhabi.

Red, White, and Sometimes Blue: Classics from McCall's Quilting (That Patchwork Place)Red, White, and Sometimes Blue: McCall’s Classic Quilting
published by Martingale in 2011. This fully illustrated book includes beautiful projects that bring a new freshness to favorite color combinations. It offers 17 designs that are sparkling and sure to please anyone looking for interesting projects at a great value. This book features classic red-and-white and blue-and-white designs, and scrappy red-and-white-and-blue quilts. It includes themes ranging from springtime gardens to pinwheels to stars and features both patchwork and appliqué designs.

Knitting More Circles Around Socks, MartingaleKnitting More Circles Around Socks: Two at a Time, Toe Up or Cuff Down by Antie Gillingham published by Martingale in 2011. No matter how you like to knit your socks, the two basic patterns will teach you how to do either or both -- cuff down or toe up. The basic cuff-down sock begins on page 19 and is followed by three patterns. The basic toe-up sock begins on page 14 and is followed by seven patterns. With patterns in women’s, men’s and children sizes, this book in this series will teach you to knit two at a time on two circular needles --- from the toe up or cuff down. Antie Gillingham learned to knit at the age of 8. Now, she has a knitter’s haven, called the Knitting Nest, which is a successful knitting shop.

Schnibbles Time, MartingaleSchnibbles Times Two Quilts From 5” or 10” Squares by Carrie Nelson published by Martingale in 2011. A small quilt from 5” charm and large one from 10” Layer Cake squares could be fun. The creative mind behind Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company and this book offer 12 pair of beautiful quilts with large and small quilt in each design. Each quilt includes a material and cutting list, and the assembly directions are the same for both quilts to each set. Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. is Carrie Nelson’s small quilt company. Rosie is a dog, Carrie’s golden retriever, who isn’t much of a quilter, but an excellent quilting teacher. Her golden rules are to play every day and enjoy it to the fullest...

Scrap Basket Surprises, MartingaleScrap-Basket Surprises: 18 Quilts From 2 ½ Strips by Kim Brackett published by Martingale in 2009. How could a quilter possibly have too much fabric? Author of this book began to cut strips in various widths that could later be cut into squares, rectangles and other shapes. It wasn’t long before, she realized that she would have too many different sizes of all the strips to combine efficiently into several quilts. Still determined to eliminate the storage container, she began to cut all of the fabrics into 2 ½ strips. Then, Kim designed several quilts to use these precut strips…With this book, author will teach you many projects. It includes projects for quilters of all skills and levels inspiring your creativity and covering all the basics. Kim Brackett developed an interest in quilting in 1988. She prefers gathering tools, fabrics, and patterns and hand quilting.

Get Hooket on Tunisian Crochet, MartingaleGet Hooked on Tunisian Crochet: Learn How With 13 Projects
by Sheryl Thies published by Martingale in 2011.Relying on your knitting and design knowledge, you begin to experiment with yarn, hooks, and stitches. Many of designs are pleasantly pleasing -- this book includes an illustrated tutorial for learning Tunisian crochet, as well as complete instructions for creating distinctive and unique designs. You will read in this fully-illustrated book a brief history of Tunisian crochet and will find out why it’s experiencing such a resurgence. The author of two other books, Sheryl Thies, after her 35-year career in health care, retired to follow her passion. She lives in Wisconsin.

Free-Motion Quilting, MartingaleFree Motion Quilting Made Easy: 186 Designs 8 Simple Shapes
by Eva A. Larkin published by Martingale in 2011.In 2003, Eva developed a small quilting business, a year later she started teaching free-motion quilting and discovered that her students were struggling with issue: they were struggling finding new and interesting designs. This book will help reader turn simple lines into fabulous designs. You will start with basic loops, ovals, diamonds, triangles, and will pair them in unique combinations to create dozens of block-based designs. Eva truly believes that everyone can achieve good results. She dreams up new designs for free-motion quilting and teaches quilting professionally.

Fancy to Frugal, MartingaleFancy to Frugal: Authentic Quilt Patterns From The 30s by Kay Connors and Karen Earlywine published by Martingale in 2010. Colorful scrap quilts have always fascinated people. Their mixture of simple prints and perky solids used as sashing or borders offers a sweetly special appeal. With this book, Kay Connors and Karen Earlywine will show how to create the nostalgic pieces, offering 10 authentic patterns from the 30s. You will learn a variety of techniques as you feature the reproduction fabrics you love in quilts to be treasured for generations.

The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques, MartingaleThe Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie M. Wiseman published by Martingale & Company in 2002. The techniques in this book will teach you everything you need to finish your knitted garments perfectly. You will find an explanation of the benefits and the drawbacks of each technique. Most of techniques are referenced for knitted sweaters, but reader can also apply to afghans, scarves and other items. This handy guide is the perfect size to fit into your knitting bag and easy to take along wherever you go. Nancie M. Wiseman is the author, she has written patterns and designed for different magazines.

Nature's Wrapture, Martingale & CompanyNature’s Wrapture: Contemporary Knitted Shawls by Sheryl Thies published by Martingale in 2010. The Craft Council of America developed guidelines for determining skill levels that may help guide you to a project within your expertise. The skill level for all of these wraps are either beginner, easy, or intermediate. The author of this book invites you to adorn yourself with the exquisite textures, glorious colors of nature, and lacy patterns. She offers 20 projects - shawls, scarves, captivating wraps in flattering styles. Sheryl Thies is an author. She is retired from a 35-year career in health care and now she follows her artistic passion and spend much time outdoors.

Sew Decorative, MartingaleSew Decorative: Quick and Easy Home Accents from SewNews published by Martingale in 2011. This fully illustrated book offers 24 inspiring projects that can be easily adapted to suit any decor. It offers techniques that include gathering and pleating, boxing corners and adding trims. "Home-Sewing specification" section provides a sewing glossary plus basic info about French seams, embroidery stitches, and much more. sewing your own custom decor is the best way to express your personal style, whether your style is contemporary, country, retro, or rustic.

Creative Mixed Media, MartingaleCreative Mixed Media: Paint, Print, Stitch, Stamp, Embellish by Sherril Kahn published by Martingale in 2010. The author of this book has experimented with common products that we use every day and found fascinating new uses for them. She offers to look around your home for items that could be used in a new way. Think outside the box and through experimentation and your work will grow and you will have great fun in the process. Also, you will master techniques that range from stamping and paper embossing to working with stencils, digital images, and glue batik. You will browse the galleries -- one for each technique, and will learn to ask "What if?" and produce your own symphony of line, texture, color, and value.

Scrap Basket Sensations, MartingaleScrap-Basket Sensations: More Great Quilts from 2 ½ “ Strips by Kim Brackett published by Martingale in 2011. Each time she produces her quilts, Kim amazed with the design possibilities using 2 ½ “ strips -- every her quilt was surprisingly as much fun to make as first. This book offers many Kim Brackett’s designs, it is an eye-catching all-new collection of quilts. Each offered project is perfect for convenient precut bundles or for cutting strips. Reader will enjoy an assortment of fabrics, will choose from 18 exciting quilt-a great value, will find concise, clear instructions appropriate for all skill levels. Kim lives in Florida, she works full time as a paralegal and is a member of the Pensacola Quilters Guild.

Scrap Quilt Go Country, MartingaleScrap Quilts Go Country: Great for Precuts by Deanne Eisenman published by Martingale in 2011. For many years, the author of this book collected colorful fat quarters and fat eighths. On occasion, she also purchased yardage without a specific project in mind. And now, she decided to design several scrappy patterns using mostly fat quarters or strips. If you enjoy the simple pieced projects then this book is for you. It offers nine appealing new patterns. You will enjoy easy patchwork in rich and warm colors. The charmingly primitive designs are suitable for both fusible and hand applique. Author shares her knowledge she acquired during more than 20 years.

ReSew, MartingaleReSew: Turn Thrift-Store Finds Into Fabulous Designs by Jenny Wilding Cardon published by Martingale in 2011. With this book, Jenny Wilding Cardon shares her secrets for finding the creative possibilities in cast-offs. With over 20 beginner-friendly projects, she will help you to turn your second basics into first-rate fashions. You will learn how to make chic tops, skirts, purses, dresses, scarves, bags, hats, and much more. Jenny has been designing since high school. Her quilts appeared on the covers of many magazines.



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