Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is a Grammy Award winning rock band from LA, California. Maroon 5 has won several awards for their debut album Songs about Jane.

This album has released in June 2002 & enjoyed major chart success, going gold, platinum, and triple platinum in many countries around the world.

Members: Adam Levine (Vocals, Guitar), James Valentine (Guitar), Jesse Carmichael (Keyboards), Mickey Madden (Bass), Matt Flynn(not pictured) (Drums) Four members of Maroon 5 have known each other since attending junior high school together in Los Angeles.

While attending Brentwood School, Levine & Carmichael hooked-up with Mickey Madden & Ryan Dusick to form Kara's Flowers, a garage/grunge band that played its first gig at the Whisky a Go Go on September 16, 1995. The band signed with Reprise Records while still in high school and released its only album The Fourth World in the middle of 1997 just as three of the four members were about to graduate (Ryan Dusick was completing his sophomore year at UCLA). A video was made for the opening track "Soap Disco", but it did not find success on MTV. Despite support slots on tours with Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger, the album failed to take off commercially and in 1999 the band parted company with Reprise Records. (Due to the later popularity of Maroon 5, more copies of The Fourth World were sold after Songs about Jane's release than during the years prior.) After being released from Reprise Records, the four boys attended different colleges across the USA. They discovered new musical styles and developed a love for Motown, pop, R&B, soul, and gospel, experiences that would greatly influence the style and sound of Maroon 5. The four original members of Kara's Flowers remained in touch and started playing together again in 2001. Jesse Carmichael switched from guitar to keyboards, so a need arose for an additional guitarist. James Valentine, formerly with the band Square, joined them to fill that void. When Valentine joined Kara's Flowers in 2001, the band adopted the name Maroon, changing it a few months later to Maroon 5 due to a name conflict. The band played showcase gigs in New York City and Los Angeles. Adam Levine credited the interim period with influencing the band's new style in an interview with VH1: "During the time between our record deals, I spent a lot of time in New York where I was exposed to an urban and hip-hop culture in a way that had never happened to me in L.A. It turned me on to an entirely new genre of music which has had a profound impact on my song writing. " The band signed with Octone Records, an independent record label in New York, with distribution through BMG and an artist development deal with Clive Davis' J Records. They also signed a global music publishing deal with BMG Music Publishing. The band recorded Songs about Jane at Rumbo Recorders in Los Angeles with producer Matt Wallace, who had also produced for Train, Blues Traveler, Kyle Riabko, and Third Eye Blind. Most of the material that wound up on Maroon 5's debut album was directly inspired by Levine's tumultuous relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Jane. The first single "Harder to Breathe" slowly started to pick up airplay which helped spur sales of the album. By March 2004, the album had reached the Top 20 of the Billboard 200 and "Harder to Breathe" had made the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts. The album peaked at #6 on the Billboard 200 in August 2004, 26 months after its release; this was the longest period between an album's release and its initial Top 10 appearance since SoundScan results were included in the Billboard 200 in 1991. Songs about Jane had also eventually made the Top 10 Australian albums charts while "Harder to Breathe" had made the Top 20 singles charts in the UK, and Top 40 in Australia and New Zealand. The album also eventually climbed to #1 in the UK and Australia. The second single "This Love" had also made the US and Australian Top 10 and even UK and Dutch Top 3 singles charts. The third single, "She Will Be Loved", reached the Top 5 in both the UK and the US, and went to #1 in Australia. The fourth single, "Sunday Morning", also reached the Top 40 in the US, UK, and Australia.

The music video for This Love featured lead singer Adam Levine and his then-girlfriend, model Kelly McKee, in extended sex scenes. The video used creative camera angles to show as much as possible without actually revealing any of the couple's private parts, thereby avoiding possible FCC action. A version of the video where a stream of computer-generated flowers cover up more, however, was made for more conservative markets, including parts of Latin America. More steamy scenes appeared in the video for She Will Be Loved, which featured a love triangle and sexual imagery involving Adam Levine and actress Kelly Preston, the wife of John Travolta. Maroon 5 has constantly been on tour since they formed. After the release of the album in mid-2002, the band toured with Michelle Branch and Nikka Costa. In early summer 2003, they toured with Graham Colton, John Mayer, and Counting Crows. In August 2005, the band toured with The Rolling Stones. Others they have toured alongside include Gavin DeGraw, Phantom Planet, The Like, Simon Dawes, Jason Mraz, The Thrills, Thirsty Merc, Marc Broussard, The Donnas, and Guster. Maroon 5 also played Live 8 in Philadelphia in 2005, and their set included a cover of Neil Young's "Rockin' In The Free World". Also at Live 8, frontman Levine performed with one of his heroes, and the closing act, Stevie Wonder. On May 13, 2005, in Santa Barbara, California, the band wrapped up the Honda Civic Tour, which they headlined. The band also once stopped at Pennsbury High School Part of The Pennsbury School District in its earlier years. following John Mayer, and Eve 6 In the song, "Harder to Breathe," parts of the lyrics could be interpreted by some as misogynistic. After accusing his lover of being "condescending and unnecessarily critical," the lead singer threatens, "I have a tendency of getting very physical/So watch your step, 'cause if I do you'll need a miracle." He seems to be implying that he will physically strike the woman to whom he is speaking. Though it has been said before by Adam Levine that the song was written in response to the record company pressuring the band into writing more material because none of the tracks were singles. During the years of touring with a rock band, percussionist and back-up vocalist Ryan Dusick began to suffer from the rock life. His arms were injured and for a part of the tour he wasn't able to drum. Matt Flynn was replacing him for the time being. But, now Ryan has officially left Maroon 5. "Due to the rigors of touring, I have sustained joint and nerve injuries that have made me unable to continue performing as a drummer in a touring rock band. I am therefore leaving Maroon 5 to pursue songwriting and producing on my own, a process I have already begun with much enthusiasm. The split is amicable, and I have made my peace with this unfortunate reality, because I feel that I have a lot of music still to make. I worked in the creative process and production of the new M5 album with the title “Musical Director”, and I hope to collaborate with the band again in the future. I am still close friends with the guys, including my replacement, Matt Flynn, to whom I wish good luck and much success. I would also like to thank all of you who have supported me for many years, and I hope to create music for you in the near future. It’s been an incredible twelve years since Adam, Jesse, Mickey and I started this band. Now I begin a new phase in my life, to which I look forward graciously. Thank you, and I love you all." They have participated in (and lost) MTV's Staremaster against fellow band and friends, Phantom Planet. February 6, 2004, the day that they celebrated their 10th year anniversary as a band was the same day that Songs about Jane went platinum. Maroon 5 usually end their sets with a cover song. Some covers include "Closer" by NIN, "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC, "Hello" and "Don't Look Back in Anger" by Oasis and "Frontin" by Pharrell Williams . The band performed at the AFI Tribute to George Lucas special. They were chosen by Lucas because Maroon 5 is his daughter's favorite band.

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