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Legacy Books Press is a publisher based in Kingston, Ontario, specializing in non-fiction about history and Classics. They are dedicated to exploring those interesting corners of history, both modern history and ancient history, that tend to be overlooked, but still shaped the world as we know it today.
Legacy Books are currently looking for academic and mainstream non-fiction books about all time periods of modern and ancient history.

Introducing selected titles:

Legacy Books Press - NeoPopRealism JournalThe Art of War by Baron Antoine Henry de Jomini published by Legacy Books press in 2008. With a new introduction by John-Allen Price, this new edition is the first of a new imprint dedicated to reprinting works of historical importance. This title is a special case, a magnum opus of one of the most influential thinkers on war in the 19th century. This edition titled Restored Edition. The front matter translated by Winship and McLean but omitted by Mendell and Craighill has been reinstated into the text, restoring Jomini’s book to the state in which it was originally meant to be published. This is the key volume for understanding the art of war and the Age of Napoleon.

The Great War as I Saw It, Legacy Books Press, Classics
The Great War As a Saw It by Canon Frederick George Scott with a new introduction by Aaron Miedema published by Legacy Books Press classics in 2009. Scott actively traveled through peculiar landscape that was the Western Front. It brought him into contact with the front line soldiers in the trenches and dugouts, and the generals and their staffs populating the chateaus behind the lines. This historical title will help to understand the past through the documents and artifacts left by individuals. These observations will help the readers in thinking about questions of perception when reading this book. It said that Canada’s birth as a nation took place on the battlefields of the Western Front in WWI. Canon Frederick George Scott was a witness to the whole of this transformation. This Scott’s book is a memoir of one of the greatest wars in history and the birth of a Canadian nation.

Legacy Books Press - NeoPopRealism JournalThe Secret History of Star Wars: The Art of Storytelling and the Making of a Modern Epic by Michael Kaminski published by Legacy Books Press in 2008. The Star Wars saga is no ordinary one. It was funded almost exclusively on a private bank account, utilizing thousands of artisans and millions of dollars, it comprises the single most successful series of films in movie history. This is a cultural phenomenon that become modern myth and epic tragedy of the corruption of a young man in love into darkness, the rise of evil, and the power of good triumphing in the end. The author presents the true history of how Star Wars was written, from the beginning as a science fiction fairy tale, how the most powerful epic in the world was created, expanded, and finalized. Michael Kaminski works in Toronto as a camera technician in the film and television industry.

A unny Thing Happened on the Way to The AgoraA Funny Things Happened On The Way to the Agora: Ancient Greek and Roman Humour
by R. Drew Griffith and Robert B. Marks published by Legacy Books Press in 2007. There are many types of humour in the world. “Humour” was originally medical term. Greek medicine was very primitive, they thought the worst thing you could wish on anyone was that their body be mutilated after death. . . Ancient Greece and Rome aren’t usually remembered for their sense of humour. This book, illustrated with black-and-white drawings, contains such chapters as Humour and Laughter, Humour and Aggression, Humour and the Intellect, Humouor and Ignorance, Humour, the Body and the Emotions, Humor and ciety, Humour Against Authority, Modern Theories of Humour: Bringing it Together, Ancient Egyptian Humour, Mesopotamian Humour, and other. This textbook about ancient humour is a unique project. R. Drew Griffith is a Professor of Classics at Queen’s University, Kingston. Robert B. Marks is a professional writer and editor, with degrees in Medieval Studies and English Literature.


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