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Laurence King Publishing publishes books on art, architecture, design, graphic design, fashion, film, photography, & craft.

The books are authoritatively written, beautifully designed & produced, & provide information which the reader needs, whether as a student of art history or design, or as a professional architect or designer, or as an interested general reader.

Laurence King Publishing was launched in 1991. In its first season, Laurence King published A World History of Art by Hugh Honour & John Fleming. Still at the core of the list, this book remains unrivalled in the scope, elegance & informativeness of its text, & its unparalleled range of illustrations.

Since 1991 Laurence King has published such major books as A History of Western Architecture by David Watkin, The End of Print by David Carson & Lewis Blackwell, Photography: A Cultural History by Mary Warner Marien, Atlas of World Art edited by John Onians, & The Design Encyclopedia by Mel Byars, as well as many books on the latest developments in design, graphics, interior design & architecture.

In 2005, Laurence King launched the first four volumes of the Portfolio series of books for students of the creative arts with Fashion Design, Photography, Interior Design & Type & Typography. Laurence King is proud of their reputation for producing books that is known for its innovation, erudition & quality.

Laurence King Publishing grew out of the book packaging company, Calmann and King, which was started in 1976.

Detail in Contemporary Landscape ArchitectureDetail In Contemporary Landscape Architecture by Virginia McLeod published in 2008 by Laurence King Publishing Ltd.
Almost all of the designs featured in this book exist in urban environments. For example it is Edouard Francois Flower Tower in Paris, which utilizes the building itself as a site for the application of a vertical landscape, or PWP Landscape Achitecture and Partners Nasher Sculpture Center which responds to the towering skyscrapers which surround it in downtown Dallas... This title focuses on the details that make up the architectural components of all disparate projects. Details, that presented in this book not only inspire, why also help to understand the thought that went into the making of the building... The details also reveal the preoccupations & specialities of an individual landscape architect. each of the landscape architects provided their selection of the details that best represented the garden or park in question. This is the outstanding book about an outstanding & unique landscapes.
Virginia McLeod studied architecture in Australia. She moved in UK in 1998 to complete an MA in the History & Theory of Architecture at the Architectural Association in London. She currently works as a freelance writer & editor.
This book contains over 600 illustrations, & distributed in the U.S. & Canada through Chronicle Books LLC.


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