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Almost 20 years ago, Lark published its first book. Since then, Lark's list has grown to more than 300 books, with 60 to 70 new titles now appearing every year. From beaded bags to community quilts, from garden mosaics to garden seating, from art cars to art dolls, from fountains to feng shui…well, Lark has been busy.

Lark is in the midst of developing some future green titles for 2009, & is very excited about them. Not only will Lark feature eco-minded art, ideas, & crafts, but it will also be printed with eco-friendly inks & papers.
Lark has been working with green ideas over 25 years ago
Lark Books is a division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

Introducing selected titles:

Masters, LarkMasters: Major Works of Leading Artists, Art Quilts, 2 vol. published by Lark in 2011. In this illustrated volume, Martha Sielman presents contemporary art quilts from forty masters of the genre. This book is expansive survey of art quilts and includes work from Genevieve Attinger, Izabella Baykova, Alice Beasley, Tafi Brown, Elizabeth Busch, Dorothy Caldwell, Maryline Collioud-Robert, and other sophisticated and provocative quilters of different generations and backgrounds with wide range of ideas, stories and inspirations. Each of them brings a unique legacy and perspective to bear on his/ her work. They all built on tradition, but today they take the craft of quilting into a new era.
Dimensional Bead Embroidery, Lark BooksDimensional Bead Embroidery: A Reference Guide to Techniques by Jamie Cloud Eakin published by Lark in 2011. With this beautifully illustrated with color photographs book you will explores the use of bead embroidery stitches to create beadwork. Jamie Cloud Eakin offers nine projects. Dimensional bead embroidery can be used to create a charming necklace and to serve as a fabulous accent on a evening dress. Author guides you through a variety of methods, she focuses on cabochons and other large beads. Lamie explores the common and new surface stitches. This vook expands your creative horizons, as you learn combinations techniques that can take bead embroidery on another level, from a surface design to a piece of jewelry, a purse, and more Jamie Cloud Eakin is the author and bead artist.

100 Pretty Liitle Projects, Lark100 Pretty Little Projects: pincushions, potholders, purses, pillows & more published by Lark in 2011. This book is just cute and quirky. It features the latest trends in fabric, design, and embellishment. These fun and easy projects give you a chance to try a variety of crafty techniques. These pretty little projects can turn a wool sweater into cute pincushions accented with buttons. With this beautifully illustrated book, you will learn how to decorate with love using a heart-embroidered mini-quilt; get your patchwork on by making colorful holiday ornaments; how to give any outfit retro appeal by adding an obi belt featuring vintage ties, and more.

The Magic of Digital Landscape Photography, Lark BooksThe Magic of Digital Landscape Photography by Rob Sheppard published by Lark Books in 2010. The landscape has long been one the most popular type of photography with its beautiful scenery that just begs to be photographed. This book is about shooting landscapes with a focus on how to deal with this subject and its photographic techniques. You will learn how to set your digital camera for optimum landscape work and more. Author shares his knowledge of the specific gear, artistic vision and techniques necessary to capture the beauty of nature. Rob Sheppard in photographer and author of many books.

larkThe First Edition of Raw Pipeline: Revolutionary Techniques to Streamline Digital Photo Work-flow by Ted Dillard published by Lark Books, division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. in 2008.
It is the guide for a digital photographer who would like to streamline Raw file processing from the camera to the computer. He describes how to use Photo-shop to fit specific needs & create wok-flow.
From this book reader can learn
-what a raw file is, how to efficiently control it, think "RAW" while shooting, find new methods for handling processing requirements;
-propel your workflow forward with Smart Objects & Smart Filters;
-discover how combining raw files & Smart Objects allows you to avoid "destructive editing" in Photo-shop & rebuild information into your processed image file.
Ted Dillard is an instructor, he has taught undergraduate classes in Fine Art Digital Imaging & Photo-shop at Northeastern University & for the Northeastern University school of Professional & Continuing Studies... He is a part of the team at Tech Superpowers, Inc, where he is the resident photographer & imaging specialist, the manager of the TQ Academy at tech Superpowers, Inc...
glass bead workshop
Glass Bead Workshop by Jeri L. Warhaftig first published by Lark Books, a Division of Sterling Publishing in 2008.
This practical guide offers to expand your skills as a beadmaker by taking 10 sessions. Jeri L. Warhaftig is an experienced teacher and artist. This educational and entertaining title focuses on the skillful use of tools, different materials, and a wide range of methods. Jeri introduces the materials that emerged on the scene during recent years. This book is for craftsmen who already familiar with the basics of glass beadmaking and want to take their work to the next level. The projects include the Geode Bead with decorative elements encased within a layer of clear glass, and the effect is of peering into a miniature world... As your technique and repertoire expand, your artistic creativity will evolve.

wood jewelryThe Art of Jewelry Wood: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration by Terry Taylor first published by Lark Books in 2007. We know that wood is versatile material: we walk on polished wood floors, burn it in our fireplaces for warm, depend on its strength to hold up the roof over our heads, lounge in maple dining chairs, it is the primary material for the pages in the books...
This educational and entertaining title explores such subject as a creating wood jewelry. Different artists from all over the world incorporated wood into their creative projects and vocabularies. Fully illustrated with color photographs, this title contains information about diverse techniques and projects. Artists show many different ways wood can be used to make unique and very imaginative jewelry: chip carved earrings, beaded necklaces, a bracelet of golf tees capped with pyrite cabochons...

pop-up cardsPop-Up Cards: and other greetings that slide, dangle & move by Sandi Genovese first published by Lark Books in 2008.
25 years ago Sandi had decided to make her own holiday card. The very first card was an ornament she made from the plastic lid of a potato salad container decorated with colored markers and shrunk in the oven. She added a seasonal greeting and ribbon to hang the card... Now she is a master of paper crafts. Sandi focuses on greeting cards with fun interactive elements, including pop-ups, accordion folds, suspended motifs, sliding panels that reveal hidden messages...
In this unique title Sandi teaches her techniques how to personalize the beautiful projects she has gathered. Sandi believes that reader shouldn't have to break the bank on expensive tools and supplies to achieve spectacular results. This book is full of creative ideas and inspirational projects for your success.


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