The Langenscheidt Publishing Group has been a leading publisher of travel, language and reference products for 150 years.

From bestselling bilingual dictionaries and phrasebooks to maps and travel guides, the Langenscheidt name has come to represent quality in every corner of the globe. Established in 1856, this company is world famous for catering to the needs of language students, educators, travelers, business people and native speakers around the world.
Through four generations, the Langenscheidts have built a global enterprise emphasizing its founder's penchant for quality and carrying out his vision of innovation. With feet grounded in the past and eyes pointing towards the future, Langenscheidt Publishing continues to grow and expand its impressive library of award-winning titles. Langenscheidt's bestselling yellow vinyl dictionaries are familiar to foreign language learners across the globe. The full-color Insight Guides help travelers discern the must-see sights for destinations worldwide. The trusted American Map, Hagstrom and ADC maps and road atlases allow travelers to plot their course with confidence. Award-winning Berlitz language-learning products assure travelers will converse like natives in foreign lands or with their neighbors on home soil. Hammond World Atlas titles provide a deep understanding of foreign culture and terrain. Langenscheidt's distribution business is also robust being the exclusive U.S. distributor for Michelin Maps & Guides, Not For Tourists Guides, and h.f.ullmann.

Introducing selected titles:

British Tradition and Interior Design, KonemannBritish Tradition and Interior Design by Claudia Piras and Bernard Roetzel published by Konemann (imprint of Langenscheidt) in 2005. Illustrated with color photographs by Rupert Tenison, this account explores the roots and the currently visible features of a world of homes and lifestyles often closely interwoven with the history of the British Isles. This important title talks about the regions of Great Britain and Ireland which belong to the UK. The Ireland represented through examples which reflect the common development of a time in which the countries were subject to a common crown. As a reader you will find in this book the Baroque palaces, the Tudor castles, the great country houses, the cabinet-makers art of 18th century, and more. lso, it includes topics on weekend in the country-side. Rolls-Royce - a living room on wheels. As integral aspects of everyday life - afternoon tea. Lunch breaks in the park, the nanny, country sports, elegant luxury hotels, cruise ships, and more. Bernard Roetzel is an author, he lives and works in Germany; Dr. Claudia Piras is co-author, writer, and translator, she lives in the northern Eifel region.

Liners: The Golden Age by Robert Fox published by Konemann in 1999. The steamer was to dominate long-distance travel from the 1860s to the 1960s. It was an invitation to adventure, when it gave way to diesel-driven ships and the commercial jet airliners. The ocean-going steam liners competed with each other in terms of general excellence and luxury, the most coveted prize was the Blue Riband for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic. In the early days two lines dominated the speed challenge, Cunard and its greatest rival, the White Star Line. The first Cunard ship on the winners list was the Columbia, which completed the west-bound run in 10 days 19 hours in June 1841, the Riband was not formally instituted until the 1860s. . .
Fully illustrated with over 350 photographs from Getty Images, this title chronicles the era of ocean liner travel in war and in piece. Robert Fox is a writer and broadcaster specializing in military affairs and the Mediterranean. He has worked for BBC and the Daily Telegraph, and covered Kosovo conflict for the London Evening Standard.


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