In 1999, Jossey-Bass was acquired by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and is now an imprint of Wiley.

Jossey-Bass publishes books, periodicals, other media to inform and inspire the intellectuals and those interested in developing themselves, organizations and communities.

Jossey-Bass’ publications feature the work of the world’s best-known authors in business, education, leadership, religion and spirituality, parenting, nonprofit, conflict resolution and relationships, public health and health administration.
Jossey-Bass publishes nearly 250 new titles each year, and seeks to honor and affirm the values, and mission that inform their publishing decisions and professional relationships.
In addition to book and electronic offerings, there are 25 periodicals, journals, and newsletters published under the Jossey-Bass imprint, including the award-winning quarterly review Leader to Leader produced in collaboration with the Leader to Leader Institute.

Introducing selected titles:

Probability and Random Processes, by Venkatarama Krishnan, WileyProbability and Random Process by Venkatarama Krishnan published by Wiley in 2006 - Wiley Survival Guides in Engineering and Science, Series Editor, Emmanuel Desurvire.
Probability and Random Process provide access to a compendium of most distribution functions used by queuing theory specialists, engineers, and physicists. Probability tables are given in the appendixes to enhance the utility of the book. Most of the theory has been explained with figures drawn to scale. Illustrated with more than 400 diagrams, this book is a good reference for research workers, students in electrical, computer, civil engineering, physics, applied mathematics, workers in biostatistics and financial market analysis.
“Many excellent text books on probability and random processes exist at various levels of sophistication,” Venkatarama Krishnan said to NeoPopRealism Journal & Wonderpedia. “My idea was to write a comprehensive and cohesive book covering treatment of various topics in probability so that interested persons can find the details in one book rather than search through several text books. To that effect, I have created 300 worked examples covering a broad spectrum of probability. Following the adage that one figure is worth more than a thousand words, I have created 400 illustrations most of which are drawn to scale. Additionally, I have also included many accurate probability tables, and Fourier transform tables and figures. I have tried to make the book as user-friendly as possible.”
Venkatarama Krishnan, PhD, is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. In 1974-1976, he worked as a senior systems analyst for Dynamics Research Corporation on estimation problems associated with navigation and guidance and continued as consultant for more than a decade.

Ethics in Psychotherapy And Counseling: A Practical Guide, 3rd Edition by Kenneth S. Pope, Melba J. T. Vasquez
Jossey-Bass - NeoPopRealism Journal
published by Jossey-Bass in 2007. This book’s fundamental approach to ethics remains unchanged from the first edition. The Jossey-Bass - NeoPopRealism Journalapproach is grounded in seven basic assumptions: 1. Ethical awareness is a continuous, active process, and fatigue, stress, and routine can dull our awareness, lull us into ethical sleep. It is crucial that we practice continued alertness. 2. Awareness of the ethical standards and codes is crucial to competence in area of ethics. But codes and standards cannot take the place of an active, creative approach to fulfilling our ethical responsibilities. Standards and codes cannot tell us what form these values and concerns will take. They cannot tell the best way to accomplish those tasks with a unique client facing unique problems.
3. Awareness of the scientific and professional literature and evolving research and theory is crucial to competence in the area of ethics, but the claims and conclusions emerging in the literature can never be passively accepted and reflexively applied… And so on. Many people contributed directly and indirectly to this book What they do can make a difference in where a client loses hope and commits suicide or chooses to live, whether a battered spouse finds shelter or returns to someone who may kill, and whether an anorexic teenager gets help or starves to death. The purpose of this title is to provide therapists with ideas, resources , and information that will help think through these responsibilitie

New Directions For Youth Development, Jossey-BassNew Directions For Youth Development: Defining and Measuring Quality in Youth Programs and Classrooms by Nicole Yohalem, Robert C. Granger, Karen J. Pittman, and Gil G. Noam, Editor-in-Chief, published by Jossey-Bass in 2009. This title presents an important knowledge about what is important to measure in youth-serving settings and the pros and cons of different approaches to measurement. The authors hope this book will help practitioners and policymakers to use scarce evaluation resources, link data and program improvement strategies to make services more effective. They focus on quality of specific practices, processes, and interactions that occur among youth and adults and offer practical advice about manageable ways that practitioners can incorporate assessment into their work to improve quality. The authors ask scholars who study 3 different settings - youth programs and classrooms - to reflect on what constitutes quality in their setting and how to think about measuring it. Focusing on youth program settings, this title describes the advantages of using qualitative research methods to understand practitioner expertise, or how staff respond to specific events, dilemmas on the job, and people.


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