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Asia Make It Tougher For Coronavirus to Spread

Asia is preparing new measures to fight the new wave of coronavirus cases because its natives flee the Europe, North America and the Middle East virus' "hot sports". China, Singapore,Hong Kong,and Taiwan were relatively successful in curbing the coronavirus. However, in recent days,a surge in imported cases raised suspicions that everything can change.In China, the original epicenter of the coronavirus, there were 21 new confirmed cases on March 16, of which 20 involved infected travelers (mostly Chinese nationals) arriving from abroad. Hong Kong also said that in the past two weeks the most of the recent confirmed cases were imported, same in Singapore and Taiwan.In Hong Kong, four of157 confirmed coronavirus patients have died. In China, more than 3,200 people have died from the disease.According to the recent rules, all non-transit travelers to Beijing have to be isolated for 14 days at quarantine venues in the city.The world's biggest casino Macau banned the entry of all non-residents. InTaiwan, those who do not follow quarantine or home isolation rules could be fined between US$ 3,300- US$33,000. The people were advised not to travel abroad.The coronavirus has already badly affected the economic toll in China and Hong Kong. It means that any rise in new cases would be devastating.

Clorox, Purell, Lysol Kill Coronavirus

Coronaviruces are the easiest types of viruses to kill with the particular disinfectants that include household bleach solutions, the alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol, more.The CDC also mentioned another list.Preventing and reducing the spread of illnesses can be done with the correct disinfectant and the regular hand washing.

WHO (World Health Organization) official daily updates on COVID-19:

On March 5th, California too, additionally to Florida, Texas and Washington state declared the state of emergency. According to Johns Hopkins University, the coronavirus outbreak now has more than 96,000 cases globally and over 160 in the U.S.

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