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Misia, a leading icon in Paris: She was one of the great muses of the XXth century. Misia Sert (1872-1950) carried the name of her third husband, painter José Maria Sert, whose work we just admired in a retrospective at the Petit Palais. But that is only one aspect of her sentimental life, as she was first married to Thadée Natanson, the mind and soul of the Revue blanche, and then to Alfred Edwards, a press tycoon who financed the Ballets russes and in particular the Sacre du printemps. This exhibition demonstrates that the musician born in Saint-Petersburg was a lot more. Indeed she was an icon for a great part of the avant-garde, inspired poems to Mallarmé, a character to Proust in his Search, portraits to Bonnard and posters to Toulouse-Lautrec. Hers was an adventure-filled life in which intrigues and mystery played a large part: before being replaced in Sert’s heart by beautiful Roussy Mdivani, it seems she played an important role in the death of Geneviève Lantelme, one of her second husband’s mistresses.
• Misia, reine de Paris at the musée d’Orsay, from 12 June to 9 September 2012.
Raffaello on the eve of his demise in Madrid: The Prado museum dedicates an exhibition to the last Raffaello: the last productions of an artist who died very young, including the famous portrait of Castiglione. From 12 June to 16 September 2012.
Evain: From Courbet to Pierre & Gilles and including Picasso, L’art d’aimer, at the palais Lumière, shows the representation of sentimental and carnal love throughout the last two centuries. From 16 June to 23 September 2012.

New Books from the NeoPopRealism PRESS

DECA-Dance & how swindlers, coxcombs, & sexists failed America and how to break through & to be happy, NeoPopRealism PRESSA book DECA-DaNCE: & how swindlers, coxcombs, & sexists failed America and how to break through & be happy by Nadia Russ is a nonfiction that tells you a story about the world we live in and about the real people's relationships. It explores in depth how and why the decadence of our society has happened and how it is related to our values and politics. Transparency could be a powerful tool against those who are putting profit before integrity. This account shed the light on many aspects of our lives, including corruption and explores through the prism of relationships such subjects as communism and capitalism, crime and sexism, government, much more. It offers the solutions to problems and teaches how to improve our lives and be happy. A book is illustrated with photographs.
MH HEINTZ: Black & White, pencil drawings, ISBN: 978-0615652740MH HEINTZ: Black & White by NeoPopRealism PRESS published in 2012. This book invites you to explore the world of artist MH HEINTZ. It presents a collection of the drawings that communicates at a powerful emotional level. Often, the thought-provoking work does not conceal darker strains of humor, interpreting the gross and depressing things in life. These drawings have been created in 2005-2012. Some of them promote the animal rights awareness; other explore the world of politics and the modern society in general. You will recognize such personalities and people as George Carlin, Samuel L. Jackson, Rosie O'Donnell, Donald Trump, Nancy Reagan, Kissinger, George W. Bush, Dalai Lama, Pop Benedict XVI, and others. The topics covered in his work are serious. The artist illuminates truth; he challenges the viewer to feel and connect to a common humanity.
NeoWhimsies: NeoPopRealism Ink Drawing Basics for Mannequins, ISBN:NeoWhimsies: NeoPopRealism Ink Drawing Basics for Mannequins by NeoPopRealism Press with illustrations by Nadia Russ published in 2012. Filled with visual instructions, this book will help you develop your artistic skills and unlock your imagination. You will learn step-by-step how to create with ink pen the fanciful NeoWhimsies - simplified NeoPopRealism ink drawings. This book is intended for those who would like to learn how to execute the line/pattern ink drawing. Impossible is nothing. This drawing is meditative; meditation is the brain-changing activity that helps increase your learning functions. And at the end you will achieve both wonderful artistic results and purity of your mind. NeoPopRealism art style and ink drawing concept created by Nadia Russ in 1989 and manifested internationally in 2003, when she created a term 'NeoPopRealism'. A word 'NeoWhimsies' created by Nadia Russ in 2012 as a term that characterizes the simplified NeoPopRealism ink drawing.

New from DOM Publishers

Architectural and Cultural Guide Pyongyang, DOM PublishingArchitectural and Cultural Guide Pyongyang by Philipp Meuser (editor)published by DOM Publishers in 2012. Pyongyang is the capital of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and its architecture provides a reflection of the social and political models upheld by party and state. Also, a carefully monitored group tour is almost the only way of exploring the city's architectural monuments. The two volumes of a book present text and photographs of the city and include urban planning, residential buildings and cultural venues, education and sport, hotels and department stores, transport and monuments. North Korea has one of the most repressive regimes, in which constant surveillance and state propaganda are part of everyday life, as it was in the ex-USSR before Perestroika. The people suffer from shortages and misinformation, while the leadership elite enjoys the luxury. The architecture is steeped in ideology. This account explores the buildings of the city in a historical and theoretical context, providing critical analysis from different perspectives.

New Books on Management and Innovation

Econovation, WileyEconovation: The Red, White, and Blue Pill for Arousing Innovation by Steve Factor published by Wiley in 2012. This book is a bold response to many questions and explores what next decade of the US economy will bring and the opportunities it will create. Today,it's become virtually impossible to see where government ends and business begins. This book is not how-to book. It is what-to. It helps entrepreneurs, CEOs, and academics think differently about building sustainable innovations for the next decade. This account offers a new perspective on a future we've taken for granted. Like it or not, we are on a trajectory, our future is digital, power shift to Droids, bloggers, doughy MIT brainiacs.This book is a fresh perspective on a future, it empowers readers to think big and dream big. Steve Factor is a popular keynote speaker on future growth opportunities, he leads innovation workshops,and more.
Management Rules, CapstoneManagement Rules: 50 New Rules for Managers by Jo Owen published by Capstone in 2011. times have changed, and management has changed. Management becoming harder. In past, managers made things happen through people they control. Now managers have to make things happen trough people they may not control and that changes everything. The old world was straightforward, in new world managers have lost their power. Command and control is over. Commitment, influence, and persuasion are the new skills that managers must master. This book includes50 essential lessons every manager needs to know. Management is about achieving your goals with the resources at your disposal. Written with sense of humour, this account shows you how to stay ahead and get the best results. Jo Owen is the bestselling author, he is a leader, entrepreneur, and speaker.
Eduardo Saverin, the Facebook Co-Founder Gave Up His U.S. Citizenship

Last year, Eduardo Saverin decided to renounce his U.S. citizenship. Reason: complicated rules on U.S. citizens holding money overseas. Now, he lives in Singapore. Singapore is a low-tax country. Thus he could save in the longer term. However, he will pay a hefty exit tax for renouncing his citizenship.

New Titles on Leadership from Triple Nickel Press

100 Days to Leadership Impact, Triple Nickel Press100 Days to Leadership Impact by Casey Reason published by Triple Nickel Press in 2012. Why 100 days? This title suggest that leaders must take their positions with the intention of making a significant impact from the very beginning, establishing the type of leadership culture that can continue to change during the first 100 days and beyond. Think of yourself as an artist, ready to unlock the greatness within the stone. The leaders are expected to make a powerful impact on results. This book shows how you can make a positive first impression' quickly ramp up your understanding of how your organization works;set 90-day goal that move the business forward; increase organizational learning power, much more. Casey Reason has worked with clients throughout the USA, Switzerland, and New Zeland. He is a President of Highpoint Learning, an Arizona-based consulting company.
Brainwork, Triple Nickel PressBrainwork: The Neuroscience Behind How We Lead Others by David A. Sousa published by Triple Nickel Press in 2012. If you consider yourself a multitasker or believe the old shibboleth that "knowledge is power", this book is for you. You are in for a few surprises. Every day, the success of your organization depends on your abilities to prioritize, focus, and act. In this book, author compiles the most progressive and provocative brain research to help build a better brain for business. You will learn to deal with information overload; manage the emotions of a crisis; ignore irrelevant information; work most effectively with colleagues; solve problems by thinking differently, more. DavidA Sousa is an author and international consultant. he is a member of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society and conducted hundreds of workshops on brain research across the US and abroad.

Jailed ex-Premier Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko Is On Hunger Strike

Around 1,000 chanting supporters of the 2004 Orange Revolution leader rallied outside the district court building in the Ukraine eastern city of Kharkiv where ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko, who is on hunger strike, on account of her failing health has been serving a seven-year prison term since last year.
A Ukrainian court adjourned until May 21 on Sunday April 27 the new tax evasion trial of the jailed ex-premier of Ukraine.

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