Iconografix is a publishing company specializing in books for transportation enthusiasts.
Iconografix publishes in a number of different areas, including Automobiles, Auto Racing, Buses, Construction Equipment, Emergency Equipment, Farming Equipment, Railroads & Trucks. The Iconografix imprint is constantly growing and expanding into new subject areas.

Iconografix retail book website is located at www.enthusiastbooks.com. There you will find all titles plus hundreds of books from other publishers, many are exclusive to Iconografix website.

In addition, Iconografix has formed a new division —The Transportation Book Service— to wholesale transportation related books from publishers world wide. The Transportation Book Service wholesales transportation titles from 217 different publishers. The list of offerings currently comprises over 4,800 different titles and continues to grow monthly.
Iconografix - NeoPopRealism Journal Ab & Marvin: The Studebaker Connection and the Mormon Meteors by Gordon Eliot White first published in 2006 by Iconografix. This title is a story about two men - father & son. It is a book about racing cars. Ab Jenkins was sponsored by the Studebaker Automobile Company, Anburn, Cord & Duesenberg,Goodrich& Firestone Tires, the Mobil Oil Company, General Oil & several accessory & insurance companies over his 33-year career.
Ab spent 9 years demonstrating Studebaker's superiority over the highways from coast to coast, & racing competitively on the board tracks of the 1920s...
Today 13 of Ab Jenkins & the Morton Meteor's records, at distances from 100 miles to 10,000 kilometers & from one hour to 24 hours, still stand.
Ab Jenkins popularized the vast Salt Flats as a place to run for speed records. His son, Marvin, set an unofficial speed record as a youngster, helped build the fascinating Novi Indianapolis cars, drove the Novi to class speed records at Bonneville...
This book distributed in the U.S. by www.motorbooks.com.

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