I.B. Tauris

I.B.Tauris is an independent publishing house that has pioneered a distinctive approach to the publication of both general non-fiction and new scholarly writing in the humanities and social sciences. I.B. Tauris aims to publish books that appeal to academics, area specialists, students and researchers as well as to a broad cross-section of general readers. Founded in London in 1983, they now publish 300 new books internationally every year and keep approximately 3,000 books available in print either in hardcover or paperback editions – or both. A large and growing proportion of our publishing output is also now available in electronic format through libraries and collections worldwide.

Introducing selected titles:

What It Means To Be What It Means To Be Palestinian, IB TaurisPalestinian: Stories Of Palestinian Peoplehood by Dina Matar published by I.B. Tauris in 2011. This book isa narrative of narratives, a collection of personal stories,remembered feelings and reconstructed experiences by Palestinians. It is a small effort amongs many others to address the problems.This composite authobiography is based on in-depth interviews and conversations with a diverse group. It sets out to tell a personal history of the Palestinians, in their own words, to provide a more humanist understanding of what it means to be Palestinians in the 21-st century, Palestinians whose lives were changed and shaped by history. Dina Matar is author and co-author. She is the former foreign correspondent and editor. In present time, she is lecturer in Arab Media and International Political Communication at the Center for Film and Media Studies, the School of Oriental and African Studies.


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