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Hammond is a brand of Langenscheidt Publishing Group.
"After 100 years, Hammond has got it down," writes the Philadelphia Inquirer. Hammond published the first digital atlas, the bestselling Hammond Atlas of the World, now in its 4th edition. Today, they offers a full range of digital and political maps. WCBS-TV, CNN, educators and students, all rely on Hammond as their map and atlas source.

Introducing selected titles:

Evil: Spine-Tingling True Stories of Murder And Mayhem by leading true-crime researcher and writer Colin Wilson and his son Damon Wilson published by Hammond in 2009. This breathtaking book covers 60 individual cases of the real-life murder and features facts and callouts for each murderer. This groundbreaking volume of blood-curdling investigations takes reader back in time, revealing key details and forensic evidence with rich full-color and black-and-white photography. Divided into 5 sections, this book explores the most horrific crimes in history. This title, the first of its kind, maps out the locales of murders as well as the crimes themselves, placing them in a geographical and cultural perspective.
Colin Wilson was born in Leicester, England, in 1931. He is a well-known lecturer and radio/TV personality and recognized authority on criminology and occult, and has written over 50 books. Damon Wilson was born in 1965. He inherited his father’s interest in the subject of human potentiality and spent years researching the paranormal. Damon with his father, Colin, wrote The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries.

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